The 4 Most Read Books in 2021

The 4 Most Read Books In 2021
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Books are the best hobby of all time. Someone draws, someone reads books, all these are our hobbies. Both children and adults read books, but which specific books should you read? Let’s look into this article.

  1. “The One” – John Morris

I am pleased with the unusual book at the time of its appearance in terms of the idea, but not very unique in terms of implementation. Several storylines are developing in a world where a program has been created for the ideal matchmaking through DNA analysis. People of any gender, status, or origin can become a couple.

Don’t expect anything serious from “The One”, but it will make for easy reading. It was interesting, although some stories were liked less than others and seemed slightly banal. A kind of series is a book where at the end of the chapter they give a “bait” for the sake of an incentive to read the sequel.

  1. “The Master and Margarita” – Mikhail Bulgakov

A magnificent (although many will disagree with me) books, the plot of which is so twisted and extensive that I won’t even try to describe it. Personally, I liked the work very much, but I plan to reread it since there is a persistent feeling that I did not fully penetrate the whole essence from the first time.

And it is surprising that, despite the venerable age, “The Master and Margarita” is still actively read, including by young people. Bulgakov’s works on the LiveLib website have always been appreciated and have always been at the top of the ratings of Russian and Soviet classics.

  1. “Portrait of Dorian Gray” – Oscar Wilde

A very famous novel by Oscar Wilde, where the main character acquires immortality and eternal youth through the creation of a portrait that aged and changed instead of the main character.

A great piece, I won’t argue. But it is curious why it is so popular so far, and what is even more important, it is much more popular than other classical works. Although I have an assumption that everything scandalous, exotic, vicious still attracts people.

After the publication of the novel, a scandal broke out in society. All English criticism condemned it as an immoral work, some critics demanded that it be banned, and the author of the novel — judicial punishment. Wilde was accused of insulting public morality. However, the novel was enthusiastically received by ordinary readers.

  1. “The Second Life of Uwe” – Fredrik Bakman

A book that, one might say, made Bauman popular, although another (also good) one was published at the same time. A film was made based on “Uwe” (2015), which received good ratings and is in the Top 250.

The book itself describes the story of “at first glance the most gloomy man in the world,” but he had a kind heart. And one case will completely change his life.

A Good Book Must Have These Elements:

A Good Book Must Have These Elements

Potential readers may select a book based on a few factors when holding it in their hands. If you have never read the book titles page, the copyright statement, and the table of contents, you can quickly decide if the subject matter appeals to you. Other readers may scan the book’s body for evidence of good writing and an engaging story. Here are some elements that every good book should have, no matter if it is the next great American novel or a children’s book.

The Opening Pages

The opening of a great book should grab the reader right off the bat and keep them engaged until the end. Thus, book writing must begin with a strong opening. For both nonfiction and fiction writers, the beginning of their book presents an opportunity to establish their main character, showcase their narrative voice, and explain the story’s stakes. The first few pages of a great book can determine if someone reads the whole book or not.

Compelling Characters

A great work of literary fiction always has rich, compelling characters. Characters draw readers in, allowing them to identify with, hate, or love them. In real life, as they overcome obstacles and moral tests, these characters are flawed and multifaceted, giving us an insight into human nature. Plot and character development are often inextricably linked since readers experience events from the perspective of a character.

A Good Story

When a reader picks up a novel, a short story, or another creative writing piece, the story must capture their attention. A great story keeps the reader engaged from the first page on, from the inciting incident to the rising action to the climax. The ability to absorb stories doesn’t happen by accident. Good writers spend hours outlining their plots and highlighting certain events to know where they happen before beginning the writing process.

Excellent and Memorable Dialogue

A good book will have memorable, sharp dialogue. Dialogue in best-selling novels advances the plot, reveals your characters’ personalities, and gives the story more depth. It is often the author’s intention to restore relative equilibrium in later drafts if a first draft leans too heavily on either first- or third-person narration–and the author will often find ways to restore balance in future drafts if either is overused.

Unique Style of Writing

A style is how a writer conveys a story or expresses an idea in a distinct voice and tone. Whether it’s how you use words, what types of literary devices you like, how you structure your sentences, or even how you approach the craft of writing, each writer has their own style. As writers develop their craft over their entire careers, they learn how to express themselves in their own way. In the best cases, the result is a novel with a writing style that’s unlike any others.

The above is what would typically make a good book. However, there are exceptions to the rule for books like the Raunchy 50 Shades of Gray trilogy written by EL James. According to many book critics, the book was a bestseller, but the writing style was very amateurish.

Thank you for reading!