Technology Advice Gamification Software Buyer’s Guide

Technology Advice Gamification Software Buyer's Guide
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By definition, gamification is the process of integrating games into anything that increases the participation of people. And it also enhances the engagement of the content. It makes the content more interesting and improves the user experience. The visitors retain to your website or app for a long time. It eventually translates into an increased customer base or fan base.

Gamification software uses endorphins in games to improve user experience, increase customer loyalty, or increase peer engagement. Our gamification company will give you answers to all your questions.

What is gamification software?

Gamification software is any tool or platform designed to bring game mechanics to a non-game context. This is required to increase engagement, achieve maximum results. Options that include are customer loyalty, employee engagement, performance management.

Recently, there has been a rapid increase in the use of gamification as well as elements among consumers of business software applications. While there are many platforms that provide complete and customizable gamification tools for marketers, consumer brands, and retailers, there are enough types of software that incorporate gamified elements into existing products. Elements include:

• icons;

• tables;

• points and rewards awarded for purchases;

• exchange and social interactions;

• plots of your choice of adventures.

Since software developers prefer to acquire gamification companies over making their own tools, the software market is characterized by ambiguity. To understand the implementation of gamification in business, you need to understand that there are different tools for this purpose. Normalization means that you can pick up a large number of different categories of software that include elements of gamification. This could be:

• Performance management, allows for personnel management, is intended for managers and teams to better understand the job responsibilities of employees, monitor goals and indicators, and measure how noticeable improvements are.

• Systems dedicated to training management is used to create and follow the improvement of training modules for employees and customers through the online portal.

• Employee engagement uses gamified elements to improve performance, increase company revenue but can be used to motivate salespeople, reduce turnover, provide meaningful feedback, improve learning efficiency and improve morale.

This guide focuses on both gamification software and individual elements.

Gamification software recommendations

In addition to talent management, Engagedly includes features to manage performance, including real-time feedback, 360-degree feedback, and goal management. Provides the ability to take advantage of additional modules to collaborate, track learning, conduct employee surveys, and engage in remuneration. It was based on best practices in HR management, which showed that Engaged can improve interactions with client organizations by 40%.


Allows you to manage and motivate the sales team. You can work collaboratively to achieve team goals, measure progress in real-time, see tasks realistically, engage with fun competitions to grab attention and increase productivity. You can use a personalized video to celebrate your accomplishments. There is an opportunity to connect offices all over the world, to celebrate success as the achievement of everyone. Change the corporate culture, create personal announcements, birthday notifications.


Enables sales executives to extract intelligent information from data, work on a culture of success on the sales floor, so that each salesperson can generate measurable income. The platform provides an opportunity for companies to obtain effective data that can be used to make informed strategic decisions, stimulate long-term changes in the behavior of sales teams. The platform is designed to increase productivity, productivity, and revenue growth.

For all questions, please contact the game development company, and our developers will help you resolve all game issues.


It offers a wide variety of functions that enables you to increase engagement. These functions include real-time feedback, 360-degree feedback, goals management, learning management, employees surveys, several types of rewards, and team collaboration spaces. It applies the impactful techniques of HR and therefore it can enhance the engagement for like 40%.

Agile CRM:

It offers many features that increase the engagement of the sales force, and you can treat the target of sales like a game. The real-time alerts, enhanced metrics of tracking sales, and leader boards are the key features that make it phenomenal. There is a coherent analysis that helps to track KPI (key performance indicator). And web activity, consumers profile, reports of conversation, social presence, and advanced analytics as well. It represents every tracking report in an organized timeline.


It is a most functional platform that has built-in CRM, and it also offers live chat. It has sales, marketing, and service automation platforms that are completely integrated. This marketing automation software saves your time and allows the users to streamline their tasks, routine works and grow their audience. You can compile all the emails and contacts and track your sales and deals effectively. It is the one-stop solution to help businesses grow, scale up their products or services and reach a wider audience.


It enhances the performance overall and offers you to have experience of phenomenal data visualization. By this service, the organization can track the performance and progress of the tasks on KPIs. These organizational facilities can elevate the sales goals exponentially.

It results in the increased productivity of the company overall, awareness of the goals that employees have to reach, and the footsteps that they have to follow for the ultimate growth of revenue.


LevelEleven is comprised of competitive games that motivate the employees to increase their productivity. And they remain motivated throughout the task. By LevelEleven, you can generate revenue by launching team-wide contests, enhancing your performance, and rewarding the winners or top performers.

It also consults the brands to identify how they increase their productivity and sales and give the knowledge to head different teams to do work.

Final Words:

As technology and entertainment are getting diverse, it is necessary to add an element of excitement gaming into the business to level up their growth. Every brand wants to surpass its sales goals and engage as many customers and visitors as possible. To do so, you will have to gamify your brand by using the latest software.

Thank you for reading!