SWTOR Classes: Beginners Guide to All Roles and Disciplines

Swtor Classes Beginners Guide To All Roles And Disciplines
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In the Old Republic, you take the lead in your own Star Wars saga, one of the few online games that can be played free of charge. Which class should you choose in SWTOR?

Choose among many Star Wars classic roles, including Jedi, Sith, Bounty Hunters, and discover a time that took place years before the classic saga. Play the role of the hero in your own Star Wars tale by choosing the light or dark path.

How Many Classes Are Present in SWTOR?

In SWTOR, there are eight classes to choose from. Each of the four characters represents a different angle to the conflict – the Republic and the Sith Empire. You choose two advanced class specializations from each of these classes during your journey.

As soon as you decide, you stick with it, as it will never change. As far as specs go, the classes and advanced classes on the Empire’s side are similar to those on the Republic’s side.

Although they have a different storyline, animation for abilities, and personal dilemmas, their mechanics and playability are identical. As part of the game’s main narrative, some of the stories seem to tie into each other in a few places.

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Which Class to Play First in SWTOR?

In SWTOR, you can pick one of the eight classes and start playing it, leveling it up, and progressing through the end game. The other option is to experience them all.

Choosing a class to play first isn’t required or limited. BioWare may consider that some classes are closer to the SWTOR Canon. The game plot revolves around the origin story of the Jedi Knight class.

As a class and character, the Knight is the central character from a narrative point of view, evident from marketing materials, screenshots, and gameplay designs.

What Are the Best Classes and Roles to Choose in SWTOR?

BioWare tweaks the balance of SWTOR classes frequently. The process usually occurs during the summer. The chances of your class being re-balanced soon are less if you recently had a change. However, there may be exceptions.

SWTOR has several classes, each with its strengths and weaknesses. The hardcore community should not bother you at the moment since you are a new player. There is no balance in PvP; players often complain of overpowered roles or specs that are “nerfed to the ground.”

It isn’t always the case. Player skills and experience sometimes prove beneficial when it comes to combat performance; however, they can also lead players to believe that their spec is inferior. A single class cannot excel in all areas all the time. There is a weakness in each class somewhere.

How Do Disciplines Work?

How Do Disciplines Work

In 2014, what are known as Disciplines replaced the classic Advanced Class Skill Trees. The following is a brief explanation of how these have come about.

With the Disciplines System, you will have a much wider array of useful utility choices and be able to reveal your character’s identity sooner in the leveling process. Each advanced class has three Disciplines.

Using the Discipline system is simple from the player’s perspective. The player can now choose their discipline right away. The previews let you see what each one is all about, and once you have chosen one you like, you can commit to it.

Classes in SWTOR

The following is a brief and straightforward description of each Republic Advanced Class. Detailed guides are available for some disciplines.


The Vanguards are unstoppable and fearless warriors who wear powerful heavy armor. In the Republic military, they serve as the first line of defense, disregarding their safety to protect innocents and allies. Due to their advanced protective tactics and technology, Specialists are uncannily able to survive the rigors of their tactical roles.


Commandos overwhelm their foes with brute force on the battlefield with highly specialized tactics and weapons. When it comes to destroying bunkers or taking out Imperial charges using a hail of concussive bolts, the Commando’s powerful equipment takes the lead on the battlefield, destroying everyone in his path.


Scoundrels have no time for politeness and don’t fight fairly. In addition to the Scoundrel’s trusty blaster, it carries a stealth belt and scattergun-everything he needs to sneak past the enemy and escape.


With his dual blasters, the Gunslinger is the perfect team for a trick shot, diving for cover at the right time and taking advantage of every opportunity. Each disagreement has a proper target, and the Gunslinger knows how to exploit the weak spots of his adversaries.

Jedi Shadow

Shadows are silent observers and discreet hands for the Jedi Order when action is needed. When necessary, Shadows disappear, obscuring enemy perception with Force techniques so that they can slip into hostile territory and kill enemies with deadly efficiency.

Jedi Sage

There are endless facets to the force. Jedi Sages devote themselves to the discovery of its esoteric secrets. Wisdom and empathy are credited to sages just as their abilities to heal and defend. A Sage can change the flow of galactic events when troubles arise by combining insight from the past with raw power.

Jedi Sentinel

The Jedi Sentinel is known for his focus and control. As a result of years of training, Sentinels have mastered the skill of simultaneously wielding two lightsabers, unleashing a devastating web of damage that is nearly impossible to dodge.

As Sentinels, they can see weaknesses in their technique and their enemy’s defenses by manipulating the force. A Jedi Sentinel can use two lightsabers in combat to strike the enemy’s weak spots quickly and precisely.

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