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Sucuri Security Review 2020: Is it worthy enough for $200?

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If it is a big concern for you to keep your website safe from online hackers, then the Sucuri security for WordPress would be an excellent solution for you.

There are lots of differences between an offline business and an online business. In traditional businesses the whole environment is different; you need more workforce, more resources. But on the other hand, online businesses are quite different from that. Online ventures can work in a minimal workforce and work remotely from a place.

Now, so many companies are online who are making billions of dollars. Besides that, lots of offline businesses have changed their business model and came online.

This has given a lot of flexibility and more significant customer outreach. However, online business is, of course, can be operated from anywhere and can be expanded rapidly, but there is a big concern where we need to put our thinking.

What is Sucuri’s security?

Sucuri Security is a well-reputed website security company that specializes in WordPress security. The company provides a cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) to protect your website from hackers, malware, DDoS, and blacklists. As well as, it also offers different products and services such as CDN, malware scanning, DNS monitoring, brute force protection, file change detection, and much more. This security firewall is specially designed to stop website hacks, attacks, and bad traffic.

Sucuri Security is an Us-based company founded in 2010, and it maintains a global presence with its professional team in over 23 countries across the major continents. It remediates over 700 infected websites a day. As well as, it monitors over 2 million sites and handles over 30 billion unique page views a month.

Their dedicated team takes a defense-in-depth approach to website security with multiple layers and provides the most comprehensive solution on every matter.

Sucuri security has a cloud proxy firewall that bypasses all your traffic before coming to your hosting server. So, if you enable the Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin on your site. It blocks any form of malware attacks or perhaps different kinds of hacker’s attempts to put your website at risk, and you will get only genuine visitors. As well as, it can help you to improve the speed and performance of your website, which can be helpful in your overall SEO.

Why is Website Security important?

If we are running any one business, we need to seriously put our effort into the security of our online activities. Why we are saying so, below, have a look at why you should give focus on your online business security.

Firstly, when you are running any business, you have lots of clients, and it is essential for you to make yourself trustworthy to them. After starting your business, if any security flaw happens, your business will get stuck. On your platform, there would be lots of data or transaction-related information that is at risk under the attack of hackers. It will create panic among your customers. They will lose trust in you.

Secondly, once your site is under attack, you need to shut your business for a time till it does not get fixed. Once your website is under any attack, you need to stop your business from running. You need to stop giving the service to your customers, stop receiving payments. So, in that duration, you lose revenue. You need to fix that issue as soon as possible otherwise; your clients might get angry that they have made the payment but not receiving the service quickly.

Thirdly, an online business reputation is everything. If your site once gets attacked by spammers or hackers, put some wrong information on your website, it will be a massive humiliation for you and your business. It will impact your reputation severely. After putting the effort if you could be able to gain access to your site again, it is hard to say that you could be able to do business with that same name same website. Clients would think that once your platform was under attack, it may be risky to deal with you. They will skip you and will be looking for another option.

Why Use a WordPress Security Plugin?

Keeping your WordPress site secure can be a little bit tricky especially when you are not a WordPress expert. With the right WordPress security plugin, you don’t have to go into the technical details of securing your website.

A good WordPress security plugin should come with the following features:

Firewall: It monitors all traffic on your website and filters out vulnerable bots before they reach your website’s server.

Scanning: It is recommended that you regularly scan your website for malware or other potential threats.

Fixes: A good security plugin should ensure that malware and patches are removed from the site in the event of an attack.

Why do you need to use Sucuri security as a WordPress Security Solution?

Sucuri security is one of the reliable companies that offer a wide range of website security features to all sizes of businesses around the world. Their useful tools make your site clean and secure for every moment. You can easily set up this plugin on your WordPress website. Now we are going to discuss some of the main features and benefits of the Sucuri WordPress security plugin.

Sucuri security Website Malware clean-up

Malware refers to any software created for malicious purposes. Hackers regularly download malware from a legitimate website. They introduce malware into your website in a number of ways, such as camouflaged plugins, source code manipulation, malicious redirects, downloads while driving, phishing, or through backdoors, etc. So, using the Sucuri security plugin you can easily remove and repair malicious code in your website’s file system and database.

You can restore your hacked websites before they damage your reputation. Its powerful malware scanner scans your website remotely for user data and malware. If the remote scanner cannot find the payload, you can also access its manual review. In addition, the WAF (Web Application Firewall) system ensures that future attacks on your website are prevented.

WordPress site and its vulnerabilities.

With the increase in malware, brute force attacks, and hacking attempts, online businesses are facing significant threats. It will be difficult to do a safe online business for it. As a result of these activities, you could lose your web access and hackers could steal your data or your customer’s data. These incidents can seriously damage your business. Because of this, as a website owner, you must take serious steps to protect your website from security breaches.

WordPress as we all know is the most popular CMS in the world, therefore hackers are primarily interested in hacking WordPress-based websites. based on research and reports, millions of websites are infected with malware at the same time. while the average website is attacked about 44 times a day, it is explained that around 90,000 websites are usually hacked every day, and 83% of the affected websites are basically WordPress.

WordPress usually brings constant updates for more security, but sometimes third-party themes and plugins weaken the WordPress site. Sometimes hackers find these security flaws in your WordPress that help them hack the entire server. If you are a WordPress user and want to keep your website safe from hackers, you can use the Sucuri security WordPress plugin. It’s one of the best and most popular WordPress security plugins on the web. They offer advanced security solutions to protect their users from hackers. Before we get into the details, let’s take a look at what the Sucuri WordPress Security Plugin is.

DDoS protection and mitigation

A distributed denial-of-service (DDOS) is any type of attack where hackers try to prevent legitimate users from accessing your website. Sometimes attackers demand ransom from web owners to stop DDoS attacks. So, to solve this problem, Sucuri security provides a powerful plugin that can detect and block all types of DDoS attacks very easily. Its machine learning technology automatically prevents fake traffic and request from malicious bots. Their cloud-based network can mitigate massive network attacks with different layers.

Advanced Brute Force attack protection

A brute force attack is a popular cracking method in the virtual world. It is regarded as an extensive search that relies on guessing the possible combination of targeted passwords until the correct password is discovered. Every website has the potential to be targeted by automated bots. Once attackers gain unauthorized access to your website, they will destroy your business.

The Sucuri security plugin has excellent functionality that can prevent your brute force attacks automatically and keep your site always safe. To stop brute force attacks, this plugin uses different methods such as; Signature detection, 2FA, Captcha, or passcodes, Limit login attempts, Country or geo-blocking, Whitelisting, etc.

Monitor your Domain Name Server with Sucuri security

The Domain Name Server (DNS) is the most important aspect of the Internet, while the main function of the Domain Name Server is usually to translate domain names into an IP address that the computer can understand. Domain Name Servers (DNS) transmission the visitors to the correct places on the internet when they enter a website address or click a link. Moreover, it is an essential part of your website security. The Sucuri Security plugin provides a DNS monitoring tool for its users. This useful tool can help you check the reliability of the servers and changes in the DNS configuration.

Get free SSL Certificates for your website

SSL stands for the (Secure Socket Layer) and having an SSL certificate on the website ensures you protect your data from being misused. These certificates provide a specific method of encryption connection between an individual computer and your website.

SSL certificates are playing an essential role when a user doing a secure data transfer, credit/debit card transactions, individual logins, and other important information. These certificates provide a sense of security to customers and make visitors more likely to stay on a website for longer periods of time. In addition, it also affects your SEO rankings.

So, as a web owner, you should always use an SSL certificate to protect the user data. If you use the Sucuri WordPress plugin, then you can get a free SSL certificate for your site. Sucuri WordPress Security has several free SSL certificate options available on the web today.

Improve your website performance and speed with Sucuri security CDN

As a blogger or a WordPress user, we know what Content Delivery Network (CDN) and its benefits are, so often times we spend lots of money on buying our Content Delivery Network. But if you use the Sucuri Security plugin, you can get their CDN service for free. This is one of the attractive features of Sucuri.

The Sucuri security’s global content delivery network helps you to improve your website speed up to 70% on average by caching your website content automatically. Their multiple data centers situated around the world, such as; USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Brazil. So, you can quickly improve your website performance no matter where you are.

Security Alerts system

Sucuri Security has an event monitor tool that detects all actions performed by WordPress. This plugin is very useful if they found any suspicious activity on your website; they will inform you quickly through their mail. The email alerts are enabled by default settings. Customization of the email and recipients for any alerts generated by this plugin can be achieved by the user. Additionally, it monitors global setting changes and core WordPress updates.

Secure and reliable backups

The main reason for backing up data is in the event of a system crash or hard drive failure so that important files can be saved very easily. Most websites more often should have additional backups if the original backups resulted in data corruption or hard drive failure. The Sucuri Security Plugin offers you a safe and reliable website backup that you can cover in the event of a critical data error.

The Sucuri Backup Service usually allows users to back up websites remotely through FTP or SFTP. You can also configure your backup system on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You can view all backups on your dashboard. Recovering the file is very easy. All you have to do is click on the backup date you want and your data will be downloaded to your device very easily. Sucuri security only charges its users $ 5 per month for this backup service.

The excellent support team

Sucuri security’s dedicated team always (24/7/365) ready to help their customer. So, you never have to worry about dealing with a hacked site. You can contact with Sucuri by e-mail, live chat, call, or submit a ticket.

Affordable Pricing and Plans of Sucuri security

Sucuri security and its complete website security solution provide reasonable pricing and plans for its users. You will be surprised to hear that they start their Basic plan at $199.99 for a year, which is cheaper than other security plugins. They have two more popular plans that are available at very reasonable prices. Besides that, you can also use their free option for your need. Now we are going to discuss them in detail. Let’s check out it.

Basic plan (This plan cost $199.99/year)Pro plan (This plan cost $299.99/year)Business plan (This plan cost $499.99/year)
Malware removal and blacklist monitoring.Malware removal and hack clean-up.Malware removal and hack clean-up.
Advanced DDoS Mitigation.Brand reputation and backlist monitoring.Brand reputation and backlist monitoring.
CDN performance.Advanced DDoS Mitigation.Advanced DDoS Mitigation.
Firewall-HTTP and PCI Compliant.CDN performance.CDN performance.
Customer support.SSL Certificate Support.SSL Certificate Support.
30-day money-back guarantee.Firewall-HTTP and PCI compliant.

Customer support.

Firewall-HTTP and PCI compliant.

Customer support.

30-day money-back guarantee.30-day money-back guarantee.

iThemes Security Pro vs Sucuri security which is better?

Today we are going to compare iThemes Security Pro with Sucuri to finally help you decide which solution is best for you. The following information is based on real data from our research and reports, which allows you to make a truly unbiased comparison.

Sucuri security leads with an overall rating of 4.3/5 stars for users/editors with 2 ratings and a user/editor rating of iThemes Security Pro of 3.3 / 5 stars with 3 ratings. This data is calculated in real-time from verified user ratings or editor ratings when there is insufficient data for the user rating.

iThemes Security Pro.Sucuri security.

Why is iThemes security Pro better than Sucuri security?Why is Sucuri security better than iThemes Security Pro?
iThemes Security Pro is cheaperIt has a great list of features with 10 highlight features.
It offers a free-plan with multiple advanced features.The quality of support has been rated to be better than iThemes Security Pro.
They are categorized as a leader in WordPress security Plugins.The majority of users are experiencing positive experiences with Sucuri.
It has zero highlight features.It is a great contender in WordPress Security Plugins.
It is best for low-cost software.It removes website malware.
It has a Brute Force.
It has smart caching support.
It is best for low-cost software.
It is very easy to use.


Which is the Best WordPress Security Plugin?

After comparing the best WordPress security plugins, we found that Sucuri Security is the best WordPress security solution for your website. It has all the features you need for a website security solution, including website analysis, DNS-level firewalls, and a content delivery network (CDN). A tool like a website security scanner is very helpful in determining the current security status of your website.

Should I Choose a Free or Paid Plugin?

Many people will choose a free plug-in; after all, it’s likely that you would have had to pay hosting fees or buy a web address. So, should you save money by using a free security plug-in? The problem with free plug-ins is that they provide very basic functions that won’t totally protect your WordPress site. Most free plug-ins only offer minimal protection, or they only protect certain aspects of your website.

A free plug-in will likely offer you a free malware scanning and detection service. However, if any problems are detected, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version to remove the malware. Therefore, it’s a good idea to pay for a security plug-in in the first place as you’re likely to have to make a payment at some point in the future anyway. It’s also not a good idea to compromise your website’s security for the sake of saving a few dollars.

How do know if my website has been hacked?

A hacked website often sees a dramatic increase in traffic as your website becomes the “arena of infections” for most of the visitors. You may also discover strange links on your website, content that you haven’t written, or receive messages from your WordPress hosting website and possibly even from the Google Search Console. If you are experiencing strange things on your website, or significant performance degradation, or other issues that you cannot bet your number on, it is a good idea to speak to a security professional.

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