How Do You Know If Your Child is Lying to You?

How Do You Know If Your Child is Lying to You?
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Well, how do you know if your child is lying to you? TeenSafe is the solution to your problem. Lying is part of normal human behavior, even to those who hold high regard for always telling the truth. It can be difficult for parents to know whether their kiddie is lying or telling the truth.

Most lying signs include unusual eye contact, inconsistencies, defensive reactions, rambling, fidgeting, heavy breathing, change of tone, and more.

As a parent knowing the truth helps you address problems of treacherous behavior. Whether it’s sex, drug use, risky activities, or even minor crimes. Most children these days own a smartphone, and you can use various monitoring apps if you think your child is lying.

If you are hunting for such tracking apps, then TeenSafe is best for you.

Part 1: Why Children Lie About Their Whereabouts?

Children can learn to tell lies from a tender age and gets worse by the time adolescence kicks in. The lies get even more complicated because minors are better at understanding how other people think.

Teens tend to lie to:

  • Cover up mistakes and breach of rules
  • Protect their privacy, freedom, and friends
  • See your response
  • Avoid hurting someone’s feelings.
  • Get attention
  • Make a story more interesting
  • Obtain something they want

What is TeenSafe?

TeenSafe is one of the best monitoring apps for Android and iOS users. It is used by millions of parents across the globe to keep kids in check so that they don’t misuse their devices.

What is TeenSafe?

Numerous esteemed tech news outlets have given their fair share of accolades to this app owing to its luxurious features. It’s completely legal and will work without tampering with the security of the target device. Meaning you don’t need to root or jailbreak your kid’s phone.

All the surveillance activities using TeenSafe happen discreetly. There’s no app installation on Apple devices. Instead, it uses the iCloud backup to track phones eliminating the likelihood of your monitoring activities coming out.

Although Android devices need installation on the Kid’s phone, the app disguises itself. By activating stealth mode, the app icon will disappear from the app drawer. The operations go on in the background to ensure it doesn’t interfere with the child device performance.

TeenSafe is not only virtually undetectable but also safe to use. It guarantees complete protection of your data and the children. To track who your child is texting with, you can try to access demo mode by visiting the TeenSafe official website.

Part 2: How to Set up TeenSafe

Before you can enjoy what TeenSafe has installed for you, you’ll need to configure it. Here are the steps involved:

Step 1: Sign up for the TeenSafe account on its homepage. Choose the OS of your target device, i.e. Android or iOS. Also, subscribe to a plan that suits your needs.

How To Set Up Teensafe Step 1

Step 2: Configure the target device.

  1. For Android, access your kid phone, download and install the app. Then, activate the stealth mode as the installation winds up.
  2. For iOS, provide your kid’s phone Apple ID and password and verify for synchronization to start.

How To Set Up Teensafe Step 2

Step 3: Now, you can view all the activity on your child’s phone by simply logging into your TeenSafe account. Once on the dashboard, use the scroll panel to the left to access all the features

How To Set Up Teensafe Step 3

Part 3: What Can TeenSafe Do for You?

To find out when your kid is lying, TeenSafe offers over 30 phone surveillance features. Here we outline some of them:

Live Location Tracking

Tracking a phone’s location is a common feature in most surveillance apps. TeenSafe is much more. It allows you to track the device’s real-time and last movement by giving GPS coordinates, date, time, and addresses.

The geofence feature helps define a virtual perimeter for your kids. In case the set limit is exceeded, you’ll automatically get a notification.

Social Media Monitoring

TeenSafe can scan all social apps on the child’s device like Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. You get to view all chats and posts made. It completely backup all conversations ensuring nothing is left out.

Social Media Monitoring

Internet Surfing Patrol

Your children are a quick Google search away from learning about sex, violence, racism, drugs, and alcohol. With this feature, you can clearly understand what your son/daughter does on the internet.

It provides a history of all the sites visited and their timestamp, even if they delete their search history. The good thing is you can block access to specific inappropriate and adult content.

Text Messages Tracker

TeenSafe keeps records of all incoming and outgoing messages without your kid’s knowledge. Each message contains details including the time, date, frequency, contact number, and name. You can also download any shared multimedia files.

Text Messages Tracker

Call History Monitor

If you want to find who your daughter is hiding when a call rings, TeenSafe is the answer. The app backs up calls made on the target’s phone. All calls log are stamped with date and time. Along with the timestamp, there’s a frequent contact number and duration of the call.

TeenSafe has some unique capabilities besides its incredible features. In fact, cutting-edge design is the primary factor in making it an advanced tracking app.

  • TeenSafe is compatible with Android version 4.0 and up, and iOS 7.0 or higher.
  • Root access is unnecessary, rendering it jailbreak and root free hence there’s no void of warranty.
  • It offers 30+ features that are accessible via a very user-friendly dashboard for all your remote monitoring needs.
  • The Android 2MB app uses stealth mode operation. It doesn’t drain much power and only occupies a small fraction of storage space.
  • Installing the app is pretty quick. Configuring the iOS iCloud details is no different.
  • Uninstallation is quick, with just a click of a button on your dashboard.
  • You don’t need to be technically savvy to use TeenSafe.
  • TeenSafe app syncs real-time updates to your dashboard to protect it from unauthorized access.
  • With millions of users, the app is fully trusted and secured without viruses or malware.
  • TeenSafe offers a budget-friendly subscription plan and deals.
  • You’ll get 24/7 professional support in case of any queries or challenges.

How do you know if your child is lying to you: Wrap Up

If you suspect your kid of lying, the odds of finding out are now high. Use TeenSafe to keep an eye on your kids’ phone usage remotely on Android and iOS devices. Having a massive number of features and its secretive nature make it a powerful tool even for non-technical users.

Child is Lying to You Bonus video:

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How Do You Know If Your Child is Lying to You? FAQs

Is lying hereditary?

No, it’s not. But in the world, there is a very rare type of extreme lying that can be a strong genetic component

Can a liar stop lying?

Yes, liars can stop lying, but this is difficult. Need to learn how to stop it

How does an angry parent affect a child?

It has a bad affect on your child. Try to be very nice and then your child will be happy with you

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