Social Media Selling Tools To Drive Your Sales

Social Media Selling Tools To Drive Your Sales
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Social media isn’t only to bring about brand awareness but also to improve sales of your business. You need to know that not all social media has the same audience. It’s essential to invest in the right channel that will meet your demands. It’s good to amplify your social media marketing strategy and get your sales rolling.

Here are some ways you can employ to boost your sales

1. Shopial

What’s unique about this platform is that it integrates with your Facebook page. It organizes your products and services so that users can purchase directly from social media. You can download and install the Shopial Facebook app on your page to make it easy for shoppers to view and order your brands.

The app can still handle your promotion campaign on Facebook. When you need to run the promotion, the platform will design and organize your Facebook ads for the products. You can as well receive custom reporting so that you can track your ad performance and campaigns.

2. Paid Ads

As you post daily in your social media channel is enough to drive your sales. To maximize the use of social accounts is making strategies to run paid ads. While organic reach on social media continues to decline, the sponsored press allows you to reach and grow your audience swiftly.

Every social media platform offers the ability to advertise. Facebook, for example, has a lot of targeting options. That makes it very simple for firms to create effective marketing.

Social Media Selling Tools To Drive Your Sales

3. Sales Engagement and Cadence

Suppose you employ Cadence tools to build your relationship with both new and existing clients. Most of these tools allow sellers to understand the needs of customers and respond mindfully. SalesLoft, Outreach, VanillaSoft, and Xant are tools you can consider using in your business to maximize your sales.

4. Chirpify

The platform mainly focuses on discussion about your business. You can track the conversion of your audience, which will give a clue on what clients need. Chirpify integrates many platforms and manages customer profiles to understand your buyers’ online habits better.

The platform allows you to handle the needs of many customers across many platforms. You can link with your YouTube account and issue discounts and incentives to customers who use a particular link that connects your product. If you have a budget in place, you can buy YouTube views for your post to help you engage with more clients.

5. Conversational Intelligence

The tool records the conversation you have with your clients. That will enable you to analyze and come with the best insights to promote your sales rate. Some of the questions asked leverage AI technology that breaks down what percentage of a conversation a seller spoke. Some of such tools used include; and

6. Olapic

The platform is unique in its way of driving your business. It allows you to curate your content to the users and then transition your feed into an e-commerce selling solution. You can use it to collect the videos and images customers share to choose the best that fits your products.

If the user agrees, you can now use the image in the news feed to order the product. You need to add store links on the bio and design your feed to draw the audience’s attention. The platform also offers you features like data and analytics, scheduled social media posts, and integration with your e-commerce site.

7. Rich Pins and Buyable Pins

You need to consider a visually-oriented site; Pinterest is an ideal venue for marketing your products. When utilizing Pinterest to sell your items, it’s a good idea to use Rich Pins and Buyable Pins to make the purchasing process more accessible. Rich Pins showcase crucial information about your product or service, making purchasing selections easier.

You can improve the performance of these pins by boosting them. It increases the pins’ visibility to relevant viewers, similar to advertising on other social media platforms. You can increase the visibility of your Rich Pins and Buyable Pins and increase your chances of driving conversions even more by advertising them.

8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM tools help entrepreneurs track the digital selling activities of sellers and come up with the best solution to improve the results. You can integrate this tool with your marketing platform to monitor your activities.

Another added advantage of the CRM tool is the ability to track the ROI of various sales tools. You can lay down the menu for sellers to select the tools they use to progress the deal. Every time the seller processes an agreement to the buyer, the entrepreneur can track down the tool mainly used. That will encourage the entrepreneur to determine which is the best perforating tool. Some of these essential tools include HubSpot, Salesforce, and Zoho.

9. Soldsie

Do you love using Instagram to post your products? You can now advance your Instagram feed into a shoppable list of products that your audience can direct or from your account. All you need is to integrate the Soldsie platform with your account. That will provide your business with a unique link feature in your bio called When any user clicks on the link, it opens your feed and makes your posts and comments clickable.

It’s ideal for digital marketing with a strong Instagram presence or a publisher looking to push more content on Instagram. Users need to be on your profile for them to click on the link. When you register with the platform, you get 30 days free trial before you can start paying for any package you need. You can also integrate Soldsie with Shopify.

Final Words

There are a lot of platforms that will complement your e-commerce performance. You can make buyers’ experiences more convenient for your customers and monitor their needs as you offer a solution.

These social media methods aim to lower friction and remove all extra procedures to deter potential buyers from purchasing. Please don’t be left behind, and you need to advance today and get the best answer on your sales rate.

Thank you for reading!