Social Media Engagement in New York City

Social Media Engagement in New York City
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New York City is the land of dreams and opportunities- Hollywood might portray it as the haven for the fashion elites, Wall Street Moghuls, and the rich and the famous. But what is often missed is a bustling sports scene that is often the lifeblood of the New Yorkers.

Social Media Engagement in New York City

Sport is a unifying platform and now it has moved from the bleachers to your bedroom. Fandom was always maximum in sports but now fans can engage directly with the team and their favorite players through social media. Sports teams make use of social media to promote and interact with fans. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the preferred platforms.

In Instagram some of the biggest following is of sports teams like Barcelona (145 million followers), Manchester United (88.4 million), Los Angeles Lakers (29.4 million), New York Rangers (1 million), and so on.

What is social media engagement?

Without any engagement, social media is just as redundant as regular media. In layman’s terms, social media engagement is simply the measurement of likes, comments, saves, and shares.

An engaged audience is more important than a significant social media following. For instance, you may have thousands of followers, but it’s futile if there are only a few hundred likes and comments on your posts. As a brand in New York, you have to prioritize quality over quantity.

Social media activity and engagement are the holy grail for every social media platform. It helps you build your brand’s reputation and guarantee your customers a positive brand experience. This will allow you to make a name for yourself in the industry and foster lasting connections with your customer base.

Social media engagement can be measured by several metrics, including retweets and shares, likes, tags, comments, clickthroughs, branded hashtags, and followers growth. Social media platforms like Instagram keep on updating their metrics; thus, you need to stay updated too.

How to increase social media engagement?

There are many tried and tested ways to increase your social media engagement rate. Here are some social media marketing tips for New York City brands:

  1. Be social

This one sounds like a no-brainer, right? To be engaging on social media, you have to socialize. The easiest way of doing so is by interacting with your followers and audience. Try to stay active on DMs, reply to comments, hold interesting polls for your audience, go live, etc.

Platforms like Instagram have great tools that allow brands to capitalize on. Make sure you use these tools and be as social as possible. Even with COVID-19 protocols suspending sporting activities, fans could still stay in touch with their favorite players through the team or their personal accounts.

  1. Find your voice and message.


There are thousands of accounts on social media. It is a saturated platform, and to stay in the competition; you will have to find your page’s voice and sports teams are making use of this feature to the hilt. They give real-time updates of the action- draft picks, locker room scenes, and live sessions.

Consistency leads to clear communication- if you are on a sports page, then commenting on fashion might not set the right tone for your brand. Sports-related brands can collaborate with related pages and share and promote their content. This will allow your audience to engage with your content.

One of the leading sports teams in NYC is the Rangers, and they have 1 million followers on Instagram alone, and several related fan pages, so sports brands can collaborate with them or share their content, to set the tone!

  1. Know your audience.

Conduct an analytics evaluation and find out your target demographic. This will help you personalize your content based on the kind of people who follow your page. If you are a sports-related brand like a betting site or sports merchandise brand, then it is in your best interest to collaborate with a team or promote the content of the popular team in that geolocation. For instance, if any new sports-related brand wants to start a shop in NYC, then they should have content on New York Rangers, this will help tap the 1 million strong fans of the Rangers.

For instance, fan pages and sports bettors also use social media to keep tabs on their favorite team, and that with betting apps like BetRivers coming to New York next year, Rangers fans will also be able to place bets on them.

Social media of the Rangers is a fan’s paradise and you can get all the live updates by following them, betting on your favorite team is something fans like to engage in. If as the audience you get an insight on the live-action, then it will help place some good odds for your home team!

  1. Create and share quality content.

Once you know who is following you, it’s time to impress them with quality content. Content is crucial for the audience; it helps them learn more about your brand and interests them to buy from you.Find your voice and message.

Your content should be modeled according to what kind of brand you are. For instance, if you’re a clothing/apparel company, you can hire models to wear your designs and post pictures from photoshoots. Or, if you’re a cosmetics company, you can create content on the products your line has to offer. Similarly, if you are a sports brand then posting about your offerings and content about various games and their outcomes help in engagement.

No matter what content you produce, it must be high-quality and engaging. Try and experiment with different content formats. You can make Instagram Reels, TikTok videos, posts, stories, etc. With that being said, don’t hesitate to be creative.

Social media platforms offer creators enough opportunities to be creative. So make sure you utilize them well!

  1. Schedule your posts

The fool-proof way of increasing your social media engagement is by being consistent and scheduling your posts. Once you start delivering content, your audiences’ curiosity will peak, and they will expect to see more. In that case, it is important to post regularly.

Try to maintain an Excel sheet to keep track of your post content. Posting at the right time each day matters too, and this way, you will be able to guarantee maximum exposure. You can use scheduling tools such as Hootsuite to prep your posts in advance.

Social media engagement is no rocket science if you have content that the audience can connect and relate with.

Thank you for reading!

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