Top Smartphone Apps for Playing With Your Cat

Top Smartphone Apps For Playing With Your Cat
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Do you know that there are special apps designed for playing with cats? Well, if you are a proud cat owner, chances are you already have one or two of those apps. Why wouldn’t you? Special apps for cat owners can make their lives easier while also improving the cats’ lives, adding more activity and entertainment. You can use such apps for so many reasons, and the main one is because you adore your little furry friend.

You can play with your pets while also checking in with their mental and physical health. Yes, cat apps can do as much as ensure your kittens are growing healthy and active, and your older cats have no anxieties and stress. The only problem here is to find the applications that can actually fit all your needs and expectations. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got you covered. Here is the list of top smartphone apps for playing with your cat anytime you wish. Pick something to your liking!

Why download apps for your cat?

Before we begin, let’s first explore why to use smartphone apps to play with your cats. The thing is, our cats may not find enough activities inside your house. Of course, if you allow your cat to wander around the block or come and go whenever they please, they may not be so amused by phone games.

However, if your cat is fully domesticated, they may not have enough ways to fulfill their instincts and curiosity. That’s where games can come in handy. Sure, you can play with your cats in person. However, let’s not confuse dogs and cats. Not every cat will play fetch with you. Not every cat even likes to play with a ball in the first place.

However, smartphone apps come in a wide variety of great options. It is quite possible to find something that your cat will like and keep on playing. Besides, many of these games are designed with recommendations of vets, who know what animals need. So, without further ado, let’s see what games we have discovered.

Friskies CatFishing 2

This game is pretty basic, though; it doesn’t mean it is not entertaining for your cat. Show it to any feline, and they will spend hours playing it. The purpose of the game is more than simple. You have a fish swimming on a screen, and your cat needs to catch. Depending on a level, you can have one, two, or three fishes. All your pet needs to do is tap the fish with their paw. It sounds effortless, and it is. However, we promise you that your cat can spend a ridiculous amount of time doing this same action over and over again.

Paint For Cats

Do you want to discover your cat’s special talents? Have you ever wondered if cats are good at painting? Well, it’s time you find that out. Paint For Cats gives a ten colors pallet for your cats. The rest is up to their paws and aesthetic taste.

Top Smarthpone Apps For Playing With Your Cat 1

Cat Playground

This is another catch game for your cats. However, this time your cat gets to earn points for every catch they make. You can pick what objects of living things your cat will hunt. The game has lasers, fish, a mouse, and bugs. You can even see which of them is more entertaining to your cat by the points they earn throughout the game.

Cat Clicker Training

The point of the game is straightforward. Your cat needs to tap a screen when they see a paw on it. Once they do it, they hear a click. You can choose a color for the paw on a screen and the sound effects. This app can be great training before trying out actual games.

PetCube App

This cool app is free for all users of Android and IOS. To start using it, you’ll have to buy a special camera with a special laser. Whenever you wish to have some fun with your four-legged darling, grab a smartphone and start dragging the finger across the screen! Not only will your cat have much fun, but you’ll also be pleased to see your furry friend jumping and hunting for the dot.


Even if your cat has never seen real mice, it will be completely sucked into playing with the virtual mouse running across the screen of your gadget, whether it is a smartphone or a tablet. This is a fun and easy game all felines will appreciate! Just download it and give it a try!

Cat Alone 2

This up-to-date app allows your kitty to play with a definite set of objects. The most popular ones are a mouse, a spider and a feather. The application is absolutely free to download and is known for its simplistic gameplay. A feature of vibration will especially excite your friend with four paws.

Final tips

Our advice is to download at least a bunch of apps for cats for a start. The success of the game can’t depend solely on the rating of the game. It’s not like you can read top unbiased cat product reviews and pick the best thing for your pet. Whether your cat likes the apps or not will depend solely on their personality, as well as age and curiosity level. Some cats may not react to activities on the screen. In comparison, others love watching your favorite series and never miss watching a new TV show cuddling with you on the sofa. Knowing your cat’s character should help you find the best app game to work perfectly for them.

Also, be careful not to replace your in-person games with smartphones. Although these apps have some great advantages, they can’t replace a bond you two form while playing. It is especially true with kittens who still need a lot of you in their lives. Apps are great when you don’t have enough time for games or when you have hyperactive and curious cats ready to make a mess anytime, day or night.


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