What awaits the player in the Sanctum of Domination WoW Shadowlands and what rewards

Sanctum Of Domination Wow Shadowlands
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Sanctum of Domination WoW Shadowlands

Are you ready for having an adrenalin rush that the new raid is going to give you? The Sanctum of Domination came out in its entirety at the end of August. Brace yourself to get into this new raid. Muster up all your wild energy to enter into the raid. It has become fully available for passing: all the wings of the “Sanctum of Domination”, Mythic mode. What awaits players in the raid? Let’s take a closer look and break down the raid bosses and rewards.

Description of the raid and rewards

The Sanctum of Domination, which is located in the open spaces of the Maw, is ready to meet travelers and heroes with its trials and battles. The most daring and skillful will receive the promised rewards and trophies for passing. In the raid, players will have to defeat 10 bosses, the last of which is Sylvanas herself. There is a loot item level specified for bosses. The first eight have a level of 226. The last two of them have a level of 233. The raid includes acquiring some valuably powerful items.

You have to be at the 50th level. Heroic and Mythic difficulty levels may want you to have exciting combat with all the skills needed in the game. You can earn gear along with a lot of other items. Four new pets and three new mounts are also acquired if you can play well.


These “pets” and “mounts” can be acquired in two ways. They are acquired if you can complete an achievement. In another way, they can be achieved through item drop level.

The new raid is located in the Maw and the players need to invest a lot of time. To complete it, they have to get to Desmotaeron. From here, they will be able to get into the raid.

The storyline in the raid is naturally present. Players will be able to learn more about the history of Azeroth. A lot of references and additional micro-moments for expanding the lore will be presented: in the battle with the Eye of the Jailer, there will be some interesting info, and the Inner Sanctuary will be inhabited by special souls.

Thanks to the new “Great Vault” drop system, you will not receive 1 item from a weekly chest, but you will be able to choose a reward based on the number of bosses you killed in the previous week.

Among the items that you can get are the following:

Among The Items That You Can Get Are The Following

  • Pets. There will be 4 of them – the Eye of All-seeing, the Eye of Extermination, the Irongrasp, them a sworn Minion. Some you will knock out on the first playthrough, and some on the epic;
  •  Mounts. Only 3 mounts can be gained for victories over bosses in the raid, and for obtaining the achievement “Glory of the Dominant Raider”: Vengeance, Sanctum Gloomcharger, Hand of Hrestimorak.

Get shards of Domination and boost your gear. Shards differ in the type of magic: blood, unholy, and ice. All shards are inserted into the “sockets of Dominance” and enhance the effects of spells. By placing all types of shards in one piece of equipment, you will receive a “super buff” – Runic inscription. It will further enhance your combat potential.

In the process of passing, each class can knock out 5 different objects with sockets. When fighting bosses, there is a chance to knock out Stygian Coal. With them, you can boost over the fragments of domination and increase the power of their buffs. How to improve the shards of WoW domination? It’s simple. Complete the Gaze Focus building and travel to Croatia. There, look for the chiropractor Geyrmir and talk to him.

Sanctum of Domination Bosses

The names of all ten bosses from the raid have become known. There will be a lot of interesting and important characters for the plot:

  • The Tarragrue – has been in the tower since the start of its construction;
  • The Eye of the Jailer – Odin’s eye that was turned into an obedient tool;
  • The Nine – 9 Valkyries, summoned by Sylvanas to protect the sanctuary from intruders;
  • Remnant of Ner’zhul – the first Lich King, by the way;
  • SoulrenderDormazain – only one soul he could not conquer and find its weak point. And he is a master at this because for centuries he has been extracting anima;
  • PainsmithRaznal – blacksmith, sadist, and master of deadly traps/mechanisms;
  •  Guardian of the First Ones – the guardian captured by the Jailers, has long been out of order and keeps the secret of the “Cipher”;
  • FatescribeRoh-Kalo – ascribe with a sad destiny, which you can learn in the process of passing;
  • Kel’Thuzad is a famous lich. Everyone who is familiar with the universe has heard his name at least once. He will challenge you again.
  • SylvanasWindrunner is the final boss at the top of the shrine. She doesn’t really need an introduction.

Boosting and helping players

Raid has prepared a lot of sweet trophies and unique rewards for players, including temporary trophies and achievements. But what should beginners do in such a situation? The rewards are not easy to get. This is within the power of experienced players who have gone through more than a dozen dungeons and bosses. And new pets and mounts are made so cool that everyone wants to get them. If you are not so experienced, have not played 1000+ hours in WoW, or simply do not have enough time / there is no opportunity to be in time to receive awards, do not worry.

Whether it is normal or difficulty level, you can have a strategy guide to playing like a pro. You might not know all the tactics when you start off.

Our service Sanctum of Domination carry offers you assistance and boosting services in passing the Sanctum of Domination raid. What does it mean?

  • Boosting the WoW raid will help newbies go through it and get the desired rewards;
  • You can choose a mode: go by yourself or trust an experienced player;
  • An experienced player will log into your account and go through everything on their own, earning the desired trophies;

If you are worried about your account and the safety of your inventory, then choose an independent passage. An experienced player will go through a raid with you in the party, telling you what and how to do to achieve the goal;

But keep in mind that you must meet the minimum indicators in order to complete the raid without problems:

  • The required level of the character;
  • The minimum level of equipment allowed.

In PVP mode, you may not prepare yourself to win against the players which are pros in this game. Spell grinding and researching items are the activities that are constantly carried out. Exploration of maps is another vital part of the game that those with the best skills spend more time doing. If you want to ace others out, constant practice is needed. You can get more skills if you spend more time. It is not everyone’s cup of tea to complete raids. It is hard for difficulty levels. Your time, effort and the team can play a pivotal role in making you reach the level of completing the difficulty level raids.

The raid is scheduled. You cannot complete it in a single attempt. Especially if you are not an experienced player you are very less likely to complete the raid. Get an overview of the storyline and the procedure beforehand. This can help because you may lose if you are unfamiliar with the technicalities.

Thank you for reading!