Powerful remote access with a Cloud VPN gateway

Powerful Remote Access With A Cloud Vpn Gateway
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The business world is shaken up and forced to change practices such as transitioning to the remote work model because of the COVID-19 pandemic. It seems like the changes may be permanent, and companies need ways to make sure new methods are just as productive, powerful, and secure. Well, we have some good news; a cloud VPN gateway is an excellent tool for powerful remote access. Let’s see why.

How does a cloud VPN work?

We all heard about the benefits of virtual private networks (VPN); they allow people to transfer data and communicate without being exposed to potential spies and cybercriminals. They mask your local IP address and encrypt all the information.

But what is a “cloud” VPN, and how does it work? Well, normally, companies set up hardware to implement VPN solutions to their networks. They run their servers with a VPN to ensure encrypted data transfer, which is one way they keep their corporate network secure. However, this operation is mainly done by relatively bigger companies since they have a dedicated IT team and the budget to buy all that hardware.

Cloud VPN solutions bring the same security level as hardware-based VPNs, but they are hosted in the cloud, so they don’t require any hardware. Since a vendor provides them as a service, companies also don’t need to take care of their maintenance.

Cloud-based VPNs allow employees to have secure and fast remote access to company resources. They create a private tunnel called cloud VPN gateway that encrypts your corporate data and doesn’t let anyone but your staff see or use it. By using a cloud VPN, companies can provide their staff worldwide accessibility to any resource without any connection delay.

These solutions act just like when employees are directly connected to the corporate data center; the only difference is they are free from geographical limitations.

Five reasons why cloud VPN gateway is essential for powerful remote access

Five Reasons Why Cloud Vpn Gateway Is Essential For Powerful Remote Access

Now you know how cloud VPN gateways work, but if you want to implement one into your company, you should also see some of its real-life benefits. Let us tell you upfront; if you have remote employees, having a cloud-based VPN solution will make your corporate network safer and your remote team grateful.

  1. Complete protection of the corporate network

If you have remote employees, this means that they can be working from any connection you know or don’t know about. What’s worse is that they probably work from their own devices that you don’t monitor or restrict.

Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Cloud VPN gateways offer complete corporate network protection when providing remote access. These services have great verification methods that can verify the user and not only the device. So it becomes irrelevant whether the device is protected or not.

Additionally, since they create a private gateway for your data to be transferred, the safety of Wi-Fi sources is not significant. You’ll always have a secure connection no matter what.

  1. Seamless integration to company infrastructure & cloud services

Companies transit their infrastructure to cloud-based services and applications every passing day. It is not surprising for an average enterprise to use 10 SaaS applications just to run their daily business.

Cloud services also need protection from cyber threats. It may not be a big deal to route in-office employees to a hardware-based VPN located in company headquarters and then to the cloud applications. But if you try to do that to remote employees, there is a significant network latency waiting for you. Plus, there may be serious security gaps if you cannot completely integrate your VPN into your network structure.

Cloud VPN solutions are perfectly capable of instantly integrating with other cloud applications. They provide direct cloud access regardless of the end user’s location. That’s why it is essential for convenient and satisfactory remote access; a perfect company structure free from network latency and complicated routing processes.

  1. Fast, affordable & scalable transition to remote work

A cloud VPN is a must if your company had an in-office work model until recently but is looking for ways to transit to the remote work model. Besides its security and practicality benefits, cloud VPN solutions are easily scalable, fast to implement, and affordable to acquire.

You need to provide powerful remote access for your company’s security and employee satisfaction. Cloud VPN solutions bring a powerful structure for about $10/mo per employee. Since your remote team will be growing over the years as it is the new normal, you can always add new users without dealing with its maintenance.

  1. Preventing potential internal data breaches

Your company may be giving off login information to employees and granting access to the whole corporate network. If your team members are seeing and using more than they really need to, you might be facing serious internal data breach risks.

In order to make your corporate network more robust and remote access more secure, cloud VPN solutions offer network segmentation. Now, you can specify access levels for every user and prevent any possible data breaches. It is highly suggested that you don’t grant more access than your team actually needs.

  1. No software needed & excellent remote access UX

When you choose a cloud VPN solution, your company will not have to install software on employee or corporate devices. As cloud VPN is provided as a service, the vendor takes care of all install or upgrade processes. The only thing you need to do is pay your monthly or yearly fee, and the provider will do the rest.

If your IT team has an enormous workload, they will be more than pleased to know that upgrading or installing software for VPN is not their responsibility. Furthermore, no software or upgrade means that your team members can focus on their work instead of dealing with tech issues. Overall, cloud VPN delivers a great user experience regarding the remote work model.

Conclusion: Get a cloud VPN solution for powerful remote access

The business world is changing its work environment at an unprecedented speed; more and more companies adopt the remote work model every day. It is crucial to provide powerful remote access to the employees for an equally productive, secure, and satisfactory model.

Cloud VPN solutions offer perfectly secure and easy-to-use remote access to the employees by creating a private gateway between their devices and your corporate network. Check out cloud VPN vendors for flawless remote work security and global access to corporate resources.

Thank you for reading!