MacKeeper Antivirus Review 2021 – Is it worth?

Mackeeper Antivirus Review
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Based on recent research and reports, most Mac users have realized that their devices aren’t immune to malware attacks. Even though these attacks are lesser compared with windows because they make a tougher target than a Windows box, attacks still get through. So it is important to install a Mac antivirus as it is nice when your security product goes beyond malware protection. MacKeeper antivirus offers a wide range of features that are related to security, privacy, and performance in general.

In this article, we are going to be reviewing and giving answers to why MacKeeper antivirus is a powerful system optimization software. Because MacKeeper antivirus is regarded as one of the most popular cleaning systems with great built-in features.

Is MacKeeper legit?

Yes, MacKeeper is a legitimate app notarized by Apple. This is not a scam or malware in disguise.

What does MacKeeper antivirus do?

MacKeeper antivirus is a suite of tools for cleaning and optimizing the performance of your Mac, as well as protecting your security and privacy. Namely, it helps remove junk and unnecessary files, unload RAM, update apps, and regulate what launches on start-up.

In the security area, MacKeeper has an anti-virus program, an adware cleaner, and a Mac tracker. You can also secure your connection through VPN, monitor data breaches, and block ads and ad trackers.

Do I need a MacKeeper antivirus on my Mac?

It’s a matter of preference, but MacKeeper antivirus still won’t damage or overload your computer. Instead, you get useful tools that can help you clean up your Mac, protect it from malware, block ads, and improve your privacy.

The interface of MacKeeper

The users’ interface is pretty clean (for a cleaner app) with all utilities in the left sidebar. The symbols and the names of the functions themselves were easy to understand. In a different sense, you’ll notice the abundance of popups and dialogs that are constantly drawing your attention.

Before cleaning anything, you can choose between two main routes: follow an automated cleaning script or start manual cleaning. The latter option is suitable for experienced Mac users. The automated route is called the search and repair mode.

MacKeeper antivirus features

Mackeeper features

MacKeeper antivirus offers quite a number of security features that protect your device in real-time. The software protects your macOS device from malware, ransomware, and other viruses.

Let’s discuss the amazing features of the MacKeeper software:

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MacKeeper Safe Cleanup

System Cleanup is not a security concern unless it cleans up traces of your computer and internet usage, but it is a common addition to security suites for Windows. MacKeeper Antivirus provides a number of ways to rid your Mac of junk files.

Safe Cleanup handles all types of junk files on a Mac including logs, caches, recycle bin, app location files, and email attachments. While this can all be done manually, it’s handy to have a tool that does it all with a few clicks. As with many features of this product, it will run automatically during a full system scan. However, you can also launch it however you like.

MacKeeper Safe Cleanup

When using the Apple Mail app, a lot of attachments might clog your hard drive and over 1.4GB of junk files were found on my Mac in less than 2 minutes. A big chunk of those, however, was language files, and the files help you translate certain apps and programs into different languages. If you want to keep certain languages, you can remove them from the list of results and remove the others by clicking Clean Up Junk Files.

Safe Cleanup is ideal when multiple junk files clog your hard drive.

Adware Cleaner

We were able to run the adware cleaner scan. This process took less than 5 minutes and detected several adware threats, some of which had been on my device for years. This is because the previous owner was a gamer and several pieces of adware were associated with the game sites.

MacKeeper Adware Cleaner

Once the scan was complete, I was able to quickly remove the advertising files from my system. While most of the adware on my device is not malicious, it is good to know that I was able to remove it without any problems. This feature is pretty good. It’s quick and easy to use and it gave me peace of mind that I was in control of all of the adware on my system.

ID theft Guard

This feature protects against the risk of identity theft. Click Scan New Email to add your email address. Once the email has been added, MacKeeper Antivirus will detect whether or not your information was disclosed during a data breach. The ID Theft Guard feature can instantly detect that one of your email addresses has been exposed during a massive data breach.

MacKeeper ID theft Guard

The user is shown full details of the violation, including how it was affected, and the passwords to be changed. It will also ask you to fix the problem.

MacKeeper Antivirus prevented a lot of its users’ personal information from falling into the wrong hands. After the initial scan is complete, MacKeeper will continue to monitor your email regularly for signs of identity theft or for signs of identity theft. Your credentials have been disclosed in the event of a data breach.

Antivirus Scanner

To get to the antivirus scanner on MacKeeper, click the Internet Security tab. Then you will find MacKeepers’ integrated antivirus scanner. There you can perform a system scan to detect any malicious files or malware on your device. We were able to perform multiple scans and all of which were much quicker than many rivals. That works on macOS-based antivirus software e.g. Airo AV.

MacKeeper Antivirus Scanner

While the initial scan detected 7 threats and moved them into the “Antivirus Quarantine” where you will be to delete them. And of course, the scanner was quick taking just over 30 minutes which is more than average for most antivirus software in the market.

After running multiple scans, we found that they didn’t get any quicker, meaning the scans don’t use file caching to determine files that are known to be safe. With this, we prefer to use the MacKeeper antivirus scanner because it made subsequent scans a lot faster, much like how Norton skips over previously scanned files. This sort of feature gives MacKeeper an edge in the competitive market.

StopAd features

This is one of the many benefits of having to use the MacKeeper antivirus. The StopAd as you guessed it, is a feature that stops ads, and more specifically, it blocks both ads and trackers from following your online activity. The StopAd feature from MacKeeper antivirus is a browser extension that can easily be installed by clicking on the StopAd tab on your MacKeeper dashboard.

For Safari users, you can click on Enable and then follow the instruction to activate the StopAd feature. While for Google Chrome users, click on Install which redirects you to the Chrome Webstore where you can add the StopAd extension.

We love how MacKeeper software makes it easy to locate and install this extension and clear instructions are equally important too. This makes it simple, easy to use, and it also has a clean design which is much easier to navigate than other ad blockers such as uBlock Origin.

The StopAd from MacKeeper antivirus software blocked 5 ads and 4 trackers while I was watching only one YouTube video and as you continued surfing the web, the number of ads and trackers blocked was skyrocketed as it really shocked me how many websites want to track my every move on the internet and as a user, you will also be able to see exactly what websites were blocked from tracking you and showing the ads too.

VPN Private Connect

MacKeepers’ integrated VPN, named “Private Connect”, is a nice addition to the software package. Like most VPNs, Private Connect protects you against hackers by encrypting your sensitive information, this feature is important if you are always using public Wi-Fi connections.

MacKeeper VPN Private Connect

You can also switch Private Connect on and off manually, or you can select the option to automatically connect every time you start your macOS device. When you connect, you can connect to a server in one of many countries around the world, or you can let MacKeeper software automatically connect to the best server location for you.

All MacKeeper antivirus plans come with unlimited VPN data, so there’s no need to worry about running over data limits when using the VPN for data-intensive tasks, such as streaming movies.

This is a perfect match for users in the USA.

Duplicates Finder

This amazing feature from MacKeeper antivirus majorly scanned my entire Mac and found several 1,006 duplicate files which were nearly about 2 GB of unnecessary data. The scan took just around 10 minutes, even though the antivirus scanned the same number of files, so I can’t say for sure why this duplicate scan was so much quicker.

MacKeeper Duplicates Finder

Once found, you could easily remove duplicates by just clicking the “Remove Duplicates”. You can also sort the duplicate files by the size of the file and the number of duplicates and in cases where you would like to keep certain duplicates, you can always deselect them from the list before deciding to remove them.

The whole process was actually seamless, easy, and quick too as It is just a simple scan and then one clicks to remove unnecessary files.

Smart uninstaller

MacKeepers’ Smart Uninstaller feature often scans your Mac device for unnecessary or unused apps, widgets, plugins, and browser extensions.

As we all know that uninstalling apps from a macOS device can be tricky at times because moving them to the Trash doesn’t always completely uninstall them, it just removes certain components of the program.

MacKeeper Smart uninstaller

All of these issues can be easily fixed when using MacKeeper Antivirus as Smart Uninstaller fixes this problem. The first scan took less than 5 minutes and resulted in a total of 14 GB of apps, widgets, and other programs on my Mac.

Typically, apps that are not in use are highlighted so that users can select the ones they no longer need on their Mac and uninstall them. Although this feature makes it easier to uninstall apps you don’t use.

Memory cleaner

Memory Cleaner shows how your Mac’s Random-Access Memory (RAM) is being used and allows you to free up the used memory of your device by improving the overall performance. When I tested the function, over 7.5 GB of my 8 GB RAM was occupied with around 500 MB of free space.

You can also select Apps & Processes for a detailed breakdown of which apps are using the most storage. While MacKeeper hasn’t really affected my device’s performance, I don’t expect this from a program that claims to speed up my macOS device by helping me get the most out of my memory usage.

MacKeeper Memory cleaner

You can click Clear Storage to reduce the used storage. The process took about 10 seconds. Reduced my used memory to 5 GB, leaving me with 3 GB of free space. While I think this feature is a nice addition, I haven’t seen any significant performance improvements on my Mac.

Other Features

Other additional features on MacKeeper antivirus includes Update Tracker and Login Items:

Update Tracker

Update Tracker usually scans the applications on your device to see if any of them need updating. This feature is definitely useful because using out-dated software can be risky. As hackers will sometimes attempt to hack older versions of software to gain access to your device. This Update Tracker feature scan and found 5 programs on my device that needed updates.

Login Items

Login Items helps you review the applications that load when you start your device.

This feature is important if your Mac takes forever to start because you can easily select and remove the login items which significantly improving your start-up times.

The Login Items scan found 14 items that launch when I start my device and 7 of which were from MacKeeper. However, I chose to remove 3 of the suggested login items which include Dropbox then I opened on start-up and my start-up time improved by nearly 30 seconds

So, overall, I think this feature is another great addition to MacKeeper.

MacKeeper Plans & Pricing

The pricing plans range from one-month plans to one-year plans. The features offered by each plan are exactly the same. There are no missing features in the one-month plan compared to the one-year plan.

MacKeeper software may be more expensive than other macOS-based antivirus software compared to their annual plans provided by other antivirus programs like Airo AV, Total AV, and Intego. However, MacKeeper Antivirus offers a variety of additional features such as: For example, a built-in VPN and identity theft protection that most Mac-based competitors don’t offer.

You can also use MacKeeper for free, although functionality is limited. However, you will have access to the Find and Fix scan which will only check your system for performance and security issues. Without giving you access to advanced features such as a built-in VPN or storage cleaner.

MacKeeper offers a 14-day money-back guarantee on all plans. If your subscription is longer than 14 days, you can request a partial refund based on how long the software has been used.

  • Basic: 1-Month Plan at $14.95 a month
  • Standard: 6-Month Plan at $9.9 a month ($59.64 once you subscribe)
  • Premium: 12-Months Plan at $4.21 a month ($95.40 for the whole thing)
Mackeeper Pricing
Mackeeper Pricing in Euro

Users that are ready to commit would probably go with MacKeeper Premium. As it offers the best price and lasts for one full year. Plus, with it, you will get access to the Apple Support Professionals. That can help you fix whatever trouble you have with the Mac device. Please be advised that with Basic, you won’t get anti-theft tracking, 24/7 expert support, and security updates.

MacKeeper Customer Support

MacKeeper has a wide range of customer support options, including:

  • 24/7 live chat.
  • 24/7 phone support.
  • Email support.

It is said that MacKeeper offers its software program in 20 different languages. It currently only offers customer support in English. This is obviously a disadvantage for non-English speakers.

Easy to use, install, and configure MacKeeper antivirus.

MacKeeper software is very easy to install. Simply download the “PKG” installation file from the MacKeeper website (it will take less than 30 seconds). Open the file, and follow the instructions.

The installation takes no more than 5 minutes in total.

After installation, enter the activation key to activate all advanced functions. There are a few features that you need to configure manually including VPN, ID Theft Guard, and Antivirus, which are quite different from the competition. In that, I believe that the features of antivirus should be enabled automatically.

Overall, I found the software easy to navigate. And the tabs on the left show all of the security and performance optimization features.

On the right is the built-in live chat, which is useful if there are just a few questions to investigate about MacKeeper. Each function and its functions are shown in the middle of the software.

They are all very easy to use, with most of the functions requiring just two clicks; One-click to scan and one-click to act.

The MacKeeper antivirus virus scan is also easy with just one click of the Internet Security tab. Select Antivirus, and click Start Scan. You can also choose Custom Scan, where you can drag and drop specific files and folders to scan.

The way MacKeeper is easy to navigate and use is very good for any beginner.

How do I uninstall MacKeeper?

In the past, this software was extremely difficult to uninstall, which attracted a lot of negative attention. Fortunately, the latest version isn’t that difficult to get rid of. You can even find a step-by-step removal guide on the official website.

First, you need to quit the MacKeeper antivirus software.

Second, drag it to the trash on the desktop.

A window will automatically pop up on the screen: press “Uninstall” and the system will do the rest.

MacKeeper Pros

  • There are many security, performance, and privacy features on MacKeeper (i.e. 11 tools in one app)
  • There is an integrated VPN, data breach monitor, and ad blocker.
  • clear and friendly users’ interface.
  • The ID Theft Guard features reveal passwords exposed in a data breach.
  • Affordable starting price-tags which make it cost-effective.
  • Some optimization tools are worth your attention.
  • It has decent customer service and professional tech support.
  • easy to install and delete.

MacKeeper Cons

  • There is an obscure activation process.
  • Users cannot customize a regular scan.
  • It is important to know that some features have to be activated additionally.
  • Average results in third-party antivirus lab tests.

MacKeeper antivirus – FAQs

Can MacKeeper antivirus software be trusted?

Yes, MacKeeper antivirus software is 100% reliable. However, the company has done an excellent job over the past few years improving both MacKeeper software and marketing tactics.

Does MacKeeper antivirus protection against malware?

Yes, MacKeeper antivirus protects your Mac from viruses and malware attacks. And you can run virus scans that detect a wide variety of malware, including adware and Trojans. MacKeeper also protects your device in real-time by alerting you to malware that may have been downloaded onto your Mac.

Is there a MacKeeper antivirus free trial?

No, MacKeeper antivirus doesn’t offer a free trial currently. This means new users that want to try the software before committing will have to purchase a 1-month plan and request a refund before the 14-day money-back period expires.

Does MacKeeper antivirus offer a mobile app?

No, MacKeeper antivirus doesn’t currently offer a mobile version at the moment.

What is the data limit on the MacKeeper antivirus VPN?

MacKeepers’ VPN has unlimited data usage and this means that there’s no need to worry about a data limit. Users from various countries can enjoy this limit while they stream their favorite movies outside of the USA.

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