How to keep your team safe from online hazards

How To Keep Your Team Safe From Online Hazards
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With technology getting updated with every passing day, more and more businesses and companies depend on it. All the paperwork has changed into digital information. The internet has provided us many benefits, but it also has disadvantages. In 2018, the United States experienced 1244 data breaches, and there were 446.5 million data records of different companies and agencies exposed. Most of the employees use their personal smartphones or laptops in the workplace. These devices can increase the risk of cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks have increased with a prominent figure over the last few years. In 2019, cyberattacks were among the top five risks that affected global stability.

Even with the latest technology, preventing your data from cyber breaches has become more complicated. It has become essential that each member of the company—owner, manager, intern, employee—understands the importance of its security. However, you can keep your workplace safe from these data breaches and cyberattacks by following the given tips:

Educate the team

One of the safest and most effective ways to keep your workplace safe from cybercrimes is to educate your employees about it. You can do it in a few ways. You can make a tip sheet in the newsletter of the company. Try to add the most beneficial ways how your employees can keep themselves safe from online hazards. Another way to educate your team about online safety is the company’s cyber defense practice. You can train your team to deal with all the potential threats in the first place. There are many professional institutes for cybersecurity training as well. These institutes help you understand the importance of cybersecurity and provide ways to tackle the threats. There are many security awareness online programs that train all your company members regardless of the number of staff members.

Avoid unsecured and unknown software

Another way you can reduce the risk of data breaches is to avoid using any unknown or unsafe source. Software or programs have access to personal information, so try to be aware of the software programs that are not secured. Hackers can get into these weak links and have all the information they need. Try to teach your employees how they can avoid them and what these unsecured programs are.

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Try to use smarter passcodes and keywords

Many common and easy passwords have increased hacking rates. These predictable passwords that most of us use have enabled cybercriminals to access resourceful information on a large scale. Make sure you and your team know the importance of setting up smarter passcodes. The Telegraph has published the top common passwords, and some of them are:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 12345678
  • qwerty
  • 12345
  • 123456789
  • football

So, make sure your passwords are not the same as above. Anyway, here are some tips that you could follow while creating passwords. You can also share these tips with your employees so that the workplace stays safe for them.

  • Try to create longer passwords. Your password should be at least twelve characters long.
  • Add personal details or numbers in your passwords. Do not use birthdays, house addresses, or any other number that can be searched (easy to access) in the passwords.
  • Do not save the password. You may find it convenient to save your account details to the browser, but it is the easiest way for cybercriminals to get the information.
  • Do not use the same passwords for various accounts. If you have multiple accounts, it is better to use different codes for each. Having the same passwords increase the risk of cyber theft.

Watch out for fake emails and URLs

You never know which email holds a destructive virus or which URL will lead you to an unsecured site. Your employees may receive emails that could ask for their personal or company’s credentials. So, make sure you warn them before anyone encounters a threat. These emails could use their login by offering unrealistic deals. One way to recognize these emails is to look for errors. However, the best way is to ignore such spam emails and delete them.

In the same way, particular websites can catch your email and password and then use them for illegal purposes. These URLs contain symbols and misplaced typos. You can look for such typos to identify these fake sites.

Use monitoring apps

The most reliable way to keep your company and employees safe is to use monitoring apps. You can use monitoring apps like XNSPY to keep an eye on your employee’s online activities. This app will help you ensure that they are not surfing any inappropriate or unsecured websites. Monitoring your employees does not only assure their safety but increases their productivity at work as well.

Suppose you want to see the daily activity log of a particular employee. XNSPY will let you monitor all their activities. You can check their conversations; you can track their web history, and to ensure that they are not planning to visit a hazardous webpage, you can check their bookmarked pages as well.

XNSPY has a remarkable reputation among other monitoring apps in the market. It offers two subscription models that marks it as an affordable yet beneficial investment. The two packages are:

The basic version costs USD 4.99 per month and is too basic for in-office smartphone surveillance.

However, the premium version is more capable and comes at USD 7.49 each month. It offers full availability of features.

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XNSPY offers more than 30 features that can help you monitor your employees. These features not only ensure your workplaces’ security but also help in increasing overall productivity. Some of the features that XNSPY offers are:

Internet activity monitoring

You can monitor all of your employee’s activities online. This feature allows you to keep an eye on their internet history. You can check if they are using an unsecured website. It also allows you to check the bookmarked pages as well. XNSPY also shows you all the exchanged emails, so you know which one of your employees interact with the outsiders. This app helps you ensure that they are not wasting their workhours on something unproductive.

Social media apps and instant messaging apps

You can use this feature to ensure your employees’ engagement as well. You can monitor all the social media apps that are used by your employees. It can be a great way to point out which one of your team members are wasting their time and which one deserves a raise. You can also track all of the instant messaging apps. It will help keep an eye on any suspicious move.

These apps include Facebook Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Viber, and many more.

Phone Log monitoring

XNSPY lets you track all the call data of the targeted device as well. This means that you can check all of the calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed calls) along with the date and time. You can even check the call duration and record any particular call as well. You can then use these recordings in many situations.

GPS Location tracking

The GPS location tracking feature can help you track your employees’ real-time location. It lets you know that they do not visit any non-work-related places. It allows you to check the location history as well. One of the benefits that this feature provides is that you can mark an area, and if the device leaves that region, you will get instant notification of your phone. It can be helpful for the owners if they have remote employees working in their team.


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