Is Safari better than Chrome

Is Safari Better Than Chrome
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So are you going with Safari or choosing Chrome? Let’s weigh both options with various aspects for an authoritative conclusion.

Safari vs. Chrome – Which one is better for your devices:

Mac users are always confronted with a confusing question, “Is Safari better than Chrome.”  On one side, the users want to access, store and transmit data at high speed, and on the other side, they need to access the world of 3-D graphics and animation.

While Safari is the default option in Mac and provides you with ultimate privacy features, chrome is popular for its powerful features and flexibility.

People spend most of their time on laptops, desktops, and other computers that run on different browsers. Mac users have to choose between Safari and Chrome. In this article, we are going to compare the merits and demerits of both browsers.

How to choose a Browser?

Several factors help you access and evaluate a browser. Some people prefer downloading all options and testing them to check which one makes them more comfortable.

You need to compare the browsers for their interface, features, performance, privacy, and extensions. By analyzing them, one can easily decide which browser is more convenient and user-friendly for you. Then you can retain it as a default browser for your Mac computer.

1. Interface:

Both Safari and Chrome have a good user-friendly interface. Safari provides an exclusive facility of semi-transparency of the top bar. It integrates with Mac Operating System in a better way. Safari is more appealing for those who don’t like clutter and prefer keeping the browsing elements minimal.

Chrome Operating System uses Google Chrome as default and is powerful in running more tasks. You can open a large number of tabs while efficiently managing the bookmarks. If you want to switch from your current work to home profiles, Chrome will automatically adjust them with all other preferences. Chrome is much easier to manage for power users.

Empty Chrome

In Safari, there is a grid layout that helps find any tab quickly on a desktop, but on a mobile, these tabs look like a deck of cards that help you swipe and provide uncountable options.

What Is Safari

2. Performance:

Definitely, no one likes to wait for the browser to load websites. High speed is the crux of good performance. Whenever a new version of the Mac operating system is released, Safari is also updated to improve performance.

Chrome is less efficient because it consumes the RAM of a computer. Therefore it lacks the integration benefits and is less efficient. A powerful task manager feature is available in Chrome which enables monitoring and ending RAM-consuming processes.

To compare the performance of Mac vs. Chrome, you can simply use your Utility Folder which helps you monitor and analyze their performance.

3. Features:


Safari outweighs Chrome in features as it is naturally integrated with Apple’s ecosystem. Safari is not available for Windows OS, and Chrome is best suited for systems using Windows-like Android. By using Chrome-cast, you can stream any information from a computer on television.

Safari features a Reader mode that enhances your User Experience by preventing unnecessary ads from showing on the website. This feature allows you to customize the fonts, font sizes, text sizes, and custom backgrounds.

Mac accommodates of “iCloud” feature. Therefore same tabs can be opened on Mac and iPhone both. In this way, Mac’s Face ID and Touch ID features support purchases made online on Safari.

On the other hand, Chrome comes with an advantage. It can translate a webpage to any other language with the help of its “Google Translate” feature.

WindowsOS and Android users are using Chrome, whereas Apple users in America are more inclined towards Safari. However, people are also using Chrome on their Mac computers with success.


Almost all the browsers provide much functionality to cater to the needs of their users. However, the additional extensions make it simpler and easier for the users to complete their desired tasks.

For example, you can add more extensions to your browser depending on the user’s convenience. Most commonly, people prefer to install grammar checking and password remembering extensions.

Chrome is considered more powerful because it supports extensions. Safari is a lot more restricted than Chrome when it comes to adding extensions. We can say that if you are an extension lover, you should not think before choosing Chrome over Safari.

Mac has a very powerful optimization software called “CleanMyMac X,” which is used to clean RAM, speed up processes and handle all the extensions at a time. It also helps to manage, update and delete extensions. For this purpose, the “Extensions” tab is provided.

5. Security and Privacy Measures:

The feeling of safety while you are online, is your basic right. How much you value the privacy and security of your screen time will determine your choice of Safari vs. Chrome.

Luckily, both browsers utilize Google’s Safe Browsing Database to prevent you from phishing schemes and various malware. Chrome displays a warning when you step onto a shady website.

On the other hand, Safari has a range of tools that block data trackers. However, Google Chrome features an Incognito mode that allows browsing the websites privately without transferring user’s personal information. But it is far from the real Private Browsing that Safari users can enjoy.

Safari vs. Chrome: The Best Browser in 2021

Safari comes with greater advantages when it comes to browsing. Either you choose to browse normally or privately, the difference in data is evident from the difference in their private labels. And when you have Safari as the stock browser on your Apple device, there is no reason for you to use Chrome. The two most prominent advantages of Safari are;

  1. Less Power Consumption In Safari:

Safari is developed with the intent of reducing power consumption on Apple devices. Replacing Chrome with Safari will help you avail an additional hour which you can utilize to complete your work on your Laptop.

  1. More Privacy in Safari:

Google helps businesses and companies find their target markets by providing or sharing users’ information and search history. Obviously, it is profitable for them but at the user’s end, it is absolutely annoying. Though protected by anonym zing techniques, it may turn out dangerous in some instances.

  1. Easy to block websites on Safari:

Are you a conscious parent who always wants to provide their children with selective access to the internet? Using iPhone and iPad users

Parents are often concerned with the type of content their children are trying to access through their iPhones or iPads. Apple has the solution to this problem and provides various features to parents that allow them to control their child’s screen time by;

  1. Automatically block all adult content to prevent unintended access to adult websites.
  2. Add specific websites to the blocklist.
  3. Sort the whitelist websites from all other websites

You just need to customize the ‘Settings and Restrictions’ according to your preference.

You can implement parental controls for web content on safari with a few simple steps.

To limit adult content in Safari for iPhone and iPad:

Most of the parents are not comfortable with the thought that their children may hit the links leading them to adult content. In that case, you can conveniently utilize the black list feature from the automatic settings. But before you land into settings, don’t forget to set up the Screen Time on your device.

To Block Specific Websites on Safari:

Do you think that restricting just the adult content does not work for you? Or you fear that your kids may access some unwanted URLs, then this option is a real-life saver. Safari enables you to block undesirable URLs, but you have to repeat this process for each unwanted URL.

If a website appears even after blocking its URL, you may reattempt blocking by copying and pasting the address from the Safari Address bar to the restrictions.

Block everything and Whitelist the sites of your choice in Safari:

It is an amazing parental control feature that ensures that your kids access the websites you approve of. For this purpose, you have to disable everything and then turn on the URLs of the permissible websites.

Apple introduced macOS“Big Sur” to take the privacy features of Safari to the next level. We can say that these features have successfully made Apple’s built-in browser one of the safest web browsers.

Conclusion – Safari vs. Chrome:

Safari vs. Chrome – which one is better for normal users:

People using the browser for daily activities such as email, social networking, business promotion, research, and development will find Safari better than Chrome. The privacy and safety features of Safari make it the first choice for all professional and home users.

Safari vs. Chrome – Which one is better for developers:

Some of the outstanding features offered by Chrome make it the first choice for development projects. Most developers find Chrome much more efficient and convenient than Safari. However, Chrome does drain the battery of your device much faster than Safari.

Thank you for reading!