How to Import Apple Mail into MS Outlook with All Data Items?

How To Import Apple Mail Into Ms Outlook With All Data Items
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Are you looking for ways to migrate your data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook? We are here to help you. There are several ways to migrate your data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

In this post, we will help you to import Apple Mail data into MS Outlook manually and by using an MBOX to PST converter tool.

Methods to Migrate Data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook

The biggest problem many users face while migrating from Apple Mail to MS Outlook is that there is no innate feature in any of these platforms to directly export/import the data files. Apple Mail uses the MBOX format to save all the mailbox contents. On the other hand, MS Outlook supports PST format. Therefore, you need either a way around to manually migrate your data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook or use an MBOX to PST converter software.

Transfer Apple Mail Data to MS Outlook Manually

Migrating Apple Mail data to MS Outlook manually involves a multi-step process that will take time and effort. Ensure not to miss any step as it might lead to loss of data.

Prerequisites: You will need Eudora and Outlook Express for migrating data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook.

Step 1: Import MBOX File

The steps involved in the process are:

  • Start Apple Mail.
  • Click on the “File” tab.
  • Click on “Import Mailboxes”.
  • In the “Import Data From The List” prompt, choose files that are in .mbox format.
  • Next, click on “Continue.”
  • Search for the MBOX files on your Mac.
  • Choose MBOX.
  • Click on “Continue”.
  • When the process is completed, click on “Done.”

Step 2: Move the File Eudora

You must install Eudora for Windows to convert Apple Mail to Outlook file (PST) format. If you haven’t downloaded Eudora, click here.

  • Choose the MBOX file and change its extension to .mbx.
  • Move the .mbx file to Eudora’s directory. Copy the path given below to move the file to the Eudora directory.

“C:\Documents and SettingsApplication Data OualcommEudora”

  • Open Eudora.
  • Choose the .mbx file.
  • Close Eudora.

Step 3: Import the.MBX File into Outlook Express

You need to have a mail-migration add-on or Outlook Express for this step. If you don’t have the add-on for mail migration, click here.

  • Start Outlook Express on your system.
  • Press the “File” button.
  • Press “import.”
  • Click on “Messages.”
  • From the list of email clients, select Eudora.
  • Click on “Next.”
  • Browse to the .mbx file you created and select it.
  • Click on “OK”.
  • Click on “Next.”
  • Next click on “Next” again.
  • Click on “Finish”.

Step 4: Import Data from Outlook Express into MS Outlook

Step 4 Import Data From Outlook Express Into Ms Outlook

  • Start MS Outlook.
  • Press the “File” tab.
  • Click on “Open.”
  • Select the “Import & Export” tab.
  • Select the Import Internet Mail and Addresses.
  • Then click on Next.
  • Select the “Outlook Express 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, or Window Mail” from the options.
  • Click the “Import Mailbox” option.
  • Click on Next.

Limitations of Migrating Data using the Manual Method

  • The process is long and time-taking. If you have multiple files and too much data, this method becomes useless.
  • This method is not preferred for converting large data as success is not guaranteed.
  • It is not suitable for users with little technical knowledge.
  • Any error at the users’ end will result in data loss.

Professional Way to Migrate Data from Apple Mail to MS Outlook

To migrate Apple Mail data easily, quickly, and securely, you can use a professional MBOX to PST converter tool. Only three steps are needed in this process:

  • Export the mail data from Apple Mail
  • Convert the MBOX file into PST format
  • Import the PST file into MS Outlook

Step 1: Export Apple Mail Data

You need to export the files you want to migrate. Follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Log in to your Apple Mail.
  • Select the mailbox which you wish to export.
  • Right-click on the selected mailbox.
  • Choose the option “Export Mailbox.”
  • Select the location where you want to store the mailbox.
  • Select Desktop and click on the “Choose” tab to finish.

Step 2: Convert the MBOX File into PST Format

You need a tool to convert the MBOX file into PST format. This is where Stellar Converter for MBOX comes into the picture. The tool converts MBOX files into PST and other formats. Stellar Converter for MBOX is brimmed with features, like log reports, find files, etc.

Steps to convert your MBOX file into PST format:

  • Open Stellar Converter for MBOX.
  • The first prompt will ask to select the MBOX file.
  • From the Email, select the Client.
  • Select the file you wish to convert by marking the checkbox. You can browse to the file location or find the MBOX file using the “Find Files” feature.
  • Click on the “Convert” tab. It will take some moments to convert the selected file.
  • After the file is converted, you can preview the contents.
  • Save the converted file by clicking on the “Save Converted File” tab.
  • Select the “New PST” option prompted in the window.
  • Click on “Next.”
  • A prompt that reads “Choose Destination” will come up.
  • Select the location where you wish to save the file and click “Save.”
  • You will receive a message, “Selected items converted and saved successfully.” This text will contain a link, “Open Containing Folder” that will redirect you to the saved file.
  • Click “OK” and you are done converting the file.

Step 3: Import the PST File into MS Outlook

After the MBOX file is converted into PST format, all you need to do is import it into MS Outlook.

  • Start MS Outlook.
  • Click on File.
  • Select the “Open and Export” option.
  • Click on the “Import/Export” tab.
  • Click on the “Import from another program or file” option.
  • Next click on “Next”.
  • Click on “Browse” and select the PST file you have converted.
  • Click on “Finish.

The process of migration is complete.


Migrating from one email client to another is not easy. There is always a chance of data loss during such processes. This is where the tools like Stellar Converter for MBOX work like magic. Try out the tool by downloading it from its official website. It provides many features and allows you to convert MBOX files into PST format easily, without taking much time.

Thank you for reading!