Huawei Watch 3 Review

Huawei Watch 3
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While the world has transpired into the modern age, technology has taken hold of everything. Therefore, with the invention of smartphones, smart TVs, and whatnot, we will showcase the sleek designed smartwatch Huawei Watch 3 UK and its debuted entre` along with its modified features.

This campaign is not about bragging about the pros. Instead, we have penned down some features that we have found useful compared to previous models. That being said, this flagship smartwatch is Huawei`s new operating system that shares most of the best features of Huawei`s GT2 watch.

This might be news to some of you, as the ergonomics of this brand goes back to the successful launch of GT traded smartwatch line by one of the top-most brands “Huawei.” The GT trade line was first launched in 2015 as the tradeoff wear set. In addition, it has become the top-rated and chart-topper watch series since then.

Huawei Watch 3 Reviews

The functionality and ergonomics of this watch depend upon the HarmonyOS that is known as the fully-featured platform for it. Furthermore, the emerging thread of this series composed of modesty and elegancy in its build material has encompassed multiple health-tracking abilities.

Until 2017, this series of Huawei smartwatches didn`t have a number. Later on, it was given the trademark of the GT2 series until now. This upgrade has brought about a new revolution, and oh boy! Did it outcast the competition? The fun fact is that it has a beautiful finish, and the premium design speaks for itself.

Key Features of GT3

Huawei Watch 3 Brown

Multiple features are assembled from the previous versions as well, with modification in this series. Furthermore, the combination and duo of ceramic and stainless steel have a sparkling and elegant vibe offering a sensorial reward to the user`s level of satisfaction.

Sleek Design and Classic Outlook

GT3 ensembles with a classic and smart outlook that will seamlessly fit your wrist. The dial has a circular notation with appalling nature. AMOLED 1.43-inches display brings a bright revolutionary future with its modestly and high-class features.

Smooth control Panel

An ergonomically designed display encompasses a high-response touch screen that has a fully rotatable crown. This crown is manufactured for the ease of access to scroll down to features with unlimited access. It also displays volume settings along with other features.


You can customize your animations with the photos in your gallery and turn them into entertaining videos. You can also make short videos for up to 5-10 seconds.

Smart Set

You can create a whole new system with this one. Set up your contact list, mark calendar, and you can also create a new connection system with GT3.

New Connection or Broadcast Streaming

With the built-in eSIM technology, you can make calls play music, and download apps you like. This won`t require any phone connection, and you can do this with GT3 smart technology.

Music Control

In addition to several other features, you can also control music with the play/pause button and synchronize it with the mobile playlist.

Notification Bar

With the drop-down menu bar, notifications for the updates or the missed calls or messages from different apps appear. This could also be bout the ongoing tasks, such as workout updates, music player, stopwatch, weather updates, and whatnot.


This feature is installed for ease of access to different tedious tasks. However, sometimes we also need rest now and then. Therefore Celia in Huawei acts as a personal assistant to help make calls, control different panels with an automated voice feature.

Continuous Health monitoring

This sensational smartwatch is designed with the continuous health monitoring feature that enables it to assess the anxiety and the saturation of oxygen levels in the blood. In addition, the truSeen 4.5+ enables the advanced light tech that monitors and visualizes the blood oxygen molecules of the user.

TruSeen Display

Need not worry about the screening tests for your health conditions anymore because this beauty is manufactured to perform such a purpose with the modern perspective. In addition, the TruSeen consumes a very low amount of power no matter the altitude change and temperature shaft.

In addition, you can easily access your current condition within a second by just looking at the watch. Besides, it also helps in assessing body temperature. The skin temperature detector keeps track of your situation so that you`ll be aware of your condition beforehand.

SOS Emergency

Sometimes, while traveling at some distant place or accidentally falling somewhere; it is wise to have a backup plan. This accidental fall will activate the emergency protocol. Therefore, the smartwatch will alert your designated contact.

For that to happen, you are going to set your watch accordingly. Whenever you fall, the system will automatically dial the number, and pressing 5 times alternatively on the Up button will direct the call to the emergency dial.

Fitness Tracker

This watch is accessorized with almost all types of features. To keep you in good shape, it has a built-in fitness tracker, which got 100+ workout modes and that 19+ pro modes. These modes are designed for both outdoor and indoor workouts.

Furthermore, the GT3 smartwatch will automatically detect your fitness jamming routine and displays the health data. You can watch this in the Huawei app installed on your smartphone. In addition to this, you can also enjoy and keep track of your outdoor routine while jogging with the GNSS location sensor system.

Power System

Having put them at rest to charge for several hours is a painful procedure. That is why this ergonomically designed watch comes with robust technology to avoid such tedious tasks. You can use your Huawei phone in order to reverse the battery into the smartwatch.

Moreover, the dual chipset feature allows it to achieve more balanced functioning. You can enjoy up to 3 days of its fully charged power system. Furthermore, it stays long for up to 14 days if you want to use it by switching to ultra-long battery mode.

Pros Vs. Cons


  • Classic round dial
  • HarmonyOS sleek build design
  • Fitness tracking
  • Long battery life


  • Unreliable heart rate accuracy


GT3 feels a lot like the GT2, though it has some modifications to the previous version. It sure does a better-balanced tracking system with the most powerful and long-hours of battery timing. This smartwatch is what you require to update your daily regime.



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