How to Merge Fleets in Stellaris?

How To Merge Fleets In Stellaris
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Stellaris is a game about managing your fleets of ships as you travel through space. Managing so many distinct fleets might be difficult at times. You spend the majority of your time managing your empire’s economy. However, you may find yourself in a state of conflict at some point, either on your initiative or through one of your allies. Therefore, you must always be war-ready, increasing the limit of your fleet and making improvements in it on a regular basis.

Expanding your fleet’s limits is quite costly in terms of maintenance. You must give up some of your profits on your ships in order to maintain a huge fleet. Keep in mind that the maximum number of units grows with each planet. When you develop the Cosmo port to higher levels, the restriction increases as well.

One of the most effective solutions is to combine your fleets. Do you want to be acquainted with how to merge fleets in Stellaris and tackle any issues you might run into?

What are Stellaris Fleets?

If you want to develop your empire and ensure that you can protect your borders, merging your fleets will make them function faster and more efficiently. This is especially crucial when mediations between armies do not yield beneficial outcomes.

Stellaris Merge Fleets

  • Learning about Stellaris merge fleets is one of the easiest parts of the game; all you have to do is choose the fleets you want to merge while holding down the Shift key.
  • once the fleets are selected, merge them using the merge option. “G” is often used as a shortcut key to make the process quick.
  • Merging of fleets is only possible when they meet.
  • While you can command ships in several systems to combine, they will take some time to do so. In most cases, this will suffice to merge your fleets, but if this doesn’t work, you’ll need to take a few more steps to figure out what’s wrong.

Tooltips Red Flags

Although looking at the tooltips hurts their pride for some RTS players since they want to figure out the game on their own. However, if your fleets aren’t merging, you’ll need to look at the tooltips for an answer. Certain fleets, for example, may be unable to join with specific ships. In addition, it is impossible to unite your spacecraft if they have various types of driving systems.

Furthermore, fleets that are undergoing upgrades will not be able to unite. You also can’t combine if doing so will exceed your Command Limit. The tooltip may also alert you to a user error. It is shocking to see how many times gamers press the combine button with only one fleet chosen.

You can’t expect the tooltip to warn you about a whole lot of errors. For example, if you offer the incorrect command, the game will stanchly execute the given command; the game will not realize that you wished to merge instead. Furthermore, if you want to merge fleets with empires, you may be unable to do so if those empires do not have open borders agreements with you.

Restricting the Command Limit

The Command Points Limit restricts the number of ships that can be in a fleet. However, the maximum number of ships does not correspond to the actual number of ships. This is due to the fact that certain types of ships contribute more to the limit than others.

Optimizing your fleets involves learning the art of transferring ships and separating the fleets since merging fleets may push you beyond the command Limit, and that may stop you from merging fleets.

Relocation of Power

Players sometimes press “transfer” instead of “merge” and then wonder why their fleets aren’t merging.

To transfer ships, begin by selecting a specific fleet and pressing the transfer button. You can then choose a ship from the current fleet and transfer it to a new one. You can do this with many ships from a single fleet, then merge the new fleet with one of your current fleets.

Splitting Fleets

If you wish to break up a fleet that has grown too large, you can split a fleet by selecting it and clicking the Split Fleet icon. The computer will then attempt to divide the single huge fleet by breaking them into two smaller fleets of roughly similar size.

This is the quickest way to disband a large fleet that couldn’t be merged with another. When the fleet you’re splitting is made up of the same ships, this strategy works well. You can, for example, divide a huge destroyer fleet into two smaller destroyer fleets that can be merged whenever it is needed.


How do you merge ships in Stellaris ps4?

In order to merge ships in Stellaris ps4, go to the right menu and click with the square on each fleet you wish to combine. Then hit x, and choose to combine your fleet in the second tab, and you are good to go.

Can juggernauts join Stellaris fleets?

The Juggernaut can also follow fleets, but it is not suitable for escorting because it is significantly slower.

How many juggernauts can you have, Stellaris?

Only one Juggernaut can be activated at any given moment. However, single entities can expire quickly in Stellaris; thus, it’s best to use it as support.

In Stellaris, why can’t I combine fleets?

A fleet that is being upgraded and the one that is being repaired will not merge. Additionally, they won’t combine if it would result in a fleet that exceeds your Command Limit.

Final Verdict

Merging fleets is similar to most other Stellaris activities. It’s simple enough to learn, and after reading this guide, you’ll be able to merge fleets in Stellaris like a pro. However, mastering the art of transferring, merging, and optimizing your fleets could take years.

We hope that our instruction on how to merge fleets in Stellaris was as helpful as possible. You might be able to get a lot more performance out of your fleets now that you can merge them into one.




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