Ten Tips on How to Improve Sales Engagement

Ten Tips On How To Improve Sales Engagement
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So many times in sales we get caught up in the numbers game; we forget about the most important thing, and that is our clients. Our clients keep our companies alive, they keep us alive, and they are the ones who we need to be focused on. As business professionals, it is our job to make sure that each client feels involved in the process of doing business with our company, whether it’s opening up communication channels or involving them in projects that you are working on.

Sales engagement is essential for any business that is focused on sales and growing its clientele. Here are a few tips to improve your sales engagement, and ensure that you are staying in touch with your clients:

  1. Set up weekly calls:

Weekly client calls are a high-impact step that can have an immediate impact on sales engagement. They provide accountability to clients that can be very convincing for high-value leads. Setting up regular calls for each of your clients will help them feel like they are still an important part of the process, and that they aren’t just a number on your client list. In order to retain brand loyalty with current and future customers, you must be accessible and keep the lines of communication open. Establishing weekly client calls will give your customers a chance to discuss various topics related to your company with you, as well as establish more curiosity about your service or product.

  1. Be active in the industry:

To be an effective sales representative, it is important to be plugged into your client’s industry. It is even more vital to be following your client’s social media. Keeping up with your client online will allow them to know more about you and what you do. Some companies are achieving upwards of 70% sales engagement based on clients learning more about their rep through social media. Make sure that you find out what is going on currently in your client’s respective industries and ask them questions about their business. This will help you connect with each client much more easily and make it easier for them to trust you and your advice.

  1. Deliver on time:

There are a variety of methods for improving sales engagement, but getting their project completed on time is the surest way to generate the results you want from your customers. When you begin, make sure that all of your work can be delivered and understood by your clients. The last thing that you want to do is promise somebody something, and never deliver. Make sure that whatever you are promising, you can actually fulfill on the agreed-upon time frame. This way, your clients will know what to expect from you in the future, and it will make you seem like more of an expert.

  1. Have good presentation skills:

Make sure that you communicate what you need to clearly and concisely, and that your follow-up is on time. This shows how organized you are and also shows the client what to expect in a genuine way. A few things you need in order to engage any audience include being able to speak well, dress professionally, and make eye contact with your subject. Potential clients are looking for natural speakers that can use their experience properly as opposed to having somebody read off a script. Presenting yourself professionally will help them keep you as a business partner.

  1. Write good proposals:

Write Good Proposals

When working on written contracts, make sure that your wording is clear and not misleading to the client. If they feel they were promised something that you did not deliver, then this could affect future engagements with other companies or individuals negatively. There are lots of templates online to use if you aren’t sure how to format your proposal. Reviewing the contract before sending it out will help ensure that no errors are in the proposal.

  1. Follow up with clients:

If a company or individual says that they will email you by Tuesday, then make sure that an email is sent on Tuesday. If they say that they will call you on Wednesday, then return their call by Wednesday.

  1. Reach out to the client’s peers:

If a company has lots of clients who need your service, it might be worth reaching out to some of them directly rather than having the current client handle all of the referrals.

  1. Mentor/train new reps:

Introducing new employees to the sales process and providing them with assistance whenever they need it can lead to increased employee satisfaction, which will ultimately lead to more engaged workers.

  1. Make every customer feel special:

Every client is different, so it’s important to treat each person as an individual and not just a number. By focusing on client needs and finding ways to help them, sales reps will be more likely to form meaningful relationships.

  1. Provide visibility:

Partnering with other departments in the same company to provide visibility for all clients/job prospects means that there’s one centralized source where managers can find all their important information, just like the sales department.

This will eliminate the run-around and make it easier for sales reps to provide better service.


Sales engagement is about being involved in your client’s business needs. It is about making sure that they are okay with what you are doing, and if there is anything else they need from you to ensure their success. Without engaging the client, our sales teams will lose out on opportunities presented to them daily.

Clients have so many options when it comes to working with a company, and it is hard to compete with other companies when all our sales reps do is present the client with a solution. The client wants to feel important, and if you’re not engaged in their business needs, then they won’t see any reason why they should work with you rather than another company.

Hopefully, this article sheds some light on how to improve sales engagement and why it is important to do so. Thanks for reading!

Thank you for reading!