How to Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger

How To Find Someone's Location On Facebook Messenger
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Find Someone’s Location on Facebook Messenger

Almost everything in our lives is connected in the digital age. In addition to sharing photos, sharing contacts, playing games, transferring files, etc., social media websites, such as Facebook Messenger, include plenty of features.

Plus, Facebook Messenger now allows you to track someone’s location. In the past, that would have seemed to be impossible. With Facebook Messenger, you can easily do that.

Parents may find this particularly useful since they may want to keep an eye on their kids to make sure they are safe. Suppose you were picking up someone from a friend or meeting up with someone – this feature could prove to be invaluable. You may even want to see if your wife may be cheating on you –

Here are simple steps to help you do that.

Using Facebook Messenger, you can find out someone’s location

Facebook Messenger is a simple tool for finding someone’s location. If you’re looking for your husband, wife, or whoever, you can see where they are.

To use Facebook Messenger, you simply need to download the app. The next step in tracking someone’s location is to use Facebook Messenger. To find someone’s location, follow the steps below. You can easily share your location with your friends using the location sharing feature.

Location Sharing

Launch Facebook Messenger. Send the recipient a message with your location. At the top left corner of your screen, click on the four dots icon.

A plus sign should appear in place of the four dots on iOS.

Tap on the location arrow.

Choose the option to share your live location.

On the Messenger chat screen, you will see the current location of your contact. Just tap ‘Stop Sharing’ to stop sharing your live location.

As a bonus tip: Sharing a static point can be helpful for meetings. You may be able to come over to your friend’s location if they share their location with you.

Friends in the area

When your friends are nearby, you can share their locations with them. You must turn on the location history to use this feature.

You will need the Facebook app to track your location using this method.

Follow these steps to track someone’s location once it is installed on your phone:

Launch the Facebook app. Make sure Location Services and Background Location are enabled.

On your phone, tap the three-line menu. This is located at the top right of the screen. If you’re using an iPhone, it’s at the bottom right.

You can tap nearby friends. Click ‘Get Started’.

The privacy settings will appear in a pop-up window. Here you can select whether you want to share your location with your friends or not. Once you’ve finished setting this up, tap the next button.

Turn on Nearby Friends by tapping the sliding switch. It can be turned off by tapping the same icon again.

If you activate this location feature, you will be able to see your friends who are also using it. Starting from the nearest friend, your friend’s list will be displayed according to their location.

If you click the Facebook Messenger button beside their name, you will be able to chat with them or call them, as well as share your location.

Click the ‘More’ or ‘Location’ icon in this case. Simply click the arrow and drag it to the place you wish to share. You can share it on Messenger by tapping the ‘Send’ button.

If your wife is one of those who always lose things, this is the perfect solution for tracking her phone.

Location tags and hashtags

Location Tags And Hashtags

Using Facebook’s location tags or hashtags is an indirect way to determine someone’s location.

You can do this two ways: check their Stories, or look at a video or photo they have posted to Facebook.

Also, you can use Facebook on your phone or desktop for the latter option.

The first option is to check Facebook Stories

Launch Facebook Messenger. To access ‘Stories’, tap on ‘People’ at the bottom right.

Your friends’ stories will be displayed. To view a story, tap on the name.

You can tap on a location tag in a story if it appears. Tap ‘Show Location’.

The location of their current location will be displayed on Google Maps.

In the upper part of the home page, you will find the option to view Stories on Facebook instead.

Options 2 and 3: Uploaded Photos and Videos

Open the Facebook application. Go to the top of the page and tap the search bar.

Click on your friend’s profile after searching for their name.

Find out what they’ve recently uploaded, whether it’s video or photo.

Tap on the location tag if there is one. On the Facebook page, you will find more details about the place.

Repeat the process above for #hashtags. However, this time be on the lookout for hashtags. While location tags pinpoint a person’s exact location, hashtags won’t reveal their exact location.

You might get some hints from this, but it is not 100% accurate. This is why some additional research using Google is necessary for this step.

In the end, both options are less effective and reliable than the first. There might have been an error in the location, or the person may have moved. You should also keep in mind that Facebook Stories last 24 hours only.

Use third-party spy apps to track someone’s location

Facebook Messenger allows users to track someone’s location without spending a penny. However, it does require that the individual you want to track take direct action. They must, for example, share their live location or enable additional features.

Furthermore, location tracking hasn’t always been reliable. In Facebook Stories, location tags or hashtags are set to expire after 24 hours. The information on uploaded photos and videos may be outdated or incorrect.

A third-party application comes in handy at that point. UMobix is my favorite Facebook spy app. In addition to allowing you to READ their Facebook Messenger messages, it will also track the phone’s location 24 hours a day.

Thank you for reading!