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How To Create Easy Cartoons Top Tools For Beginners
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Animation is mostly created with sophisticated PC programs, like After Effects or Maya. They produce the highest quality videos, but they require a lot of practice and knowledge to work with them.

But what if you need to create something simple? Fortunately, there are many apps that will allow you to draw videos without resorting to sophisticated software. Of course, it’s impossible to create professional graphics for cyber games. However, they are amazing for beginners.

Stop Motion Studio

It’s a perfect choice for the absolute beginner in video production. The program is obscenely easy to learn, even a fifth grader can figure it out. With its help, you can create funny videos in the style of stop motion, when the animation and movement of objects are constructed from consecutive frames. You can use it on your computer, phone, or tablet. It can create videos not only from photos but also from drawings.

DigiCel FlipBook

It’s the winner in the “simple and tasteful” category. This program gives an idea of how they created 2D frame-by-frame animation in the days of Walt Disney. The interface is reminiscent of classic Paint, the only difference is that the drawn images can be “brought to life”. A find for those who love the cartoon animation of their childhood.


It’s an open-source program for creating 3D animation with a wide range of tools. It’s suitable for animators, game makers, model makers, and renderers. You may find Blender’s capabilities limited for professionals, but for beginner animators, it’s a great place to go.


An online animation tool that’s great for animation enthusiasts and commercial animators alike. With Wideo, you can create simple animations for any type of video: expletives, infographics, presentations, classic ads, etc.

The program works like a constructor. Select an object from the library, specify the motion path by dragging the object with the mouse and watch as the picture “comes to life”. Add sounds, music, and text as you like.

Adobe Animate

The successor to the legendary Flash and the most popular animation program. Includes all the features you need to create cartoons, animated games, and even websites.

It’s great with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Premiere. If you’ve worked in one of these programs, you’ll quickly get used to the interface. All the same panels, the same buttons, and some new ones.

Moho Anime Studio Debut

Moho Anime Studio Debut

When Moho Anime Studio Debut was first released, it was positioned as a revolutionary program that would allow even children to create cool animations. A symbiosis of advanced functionality and a simple, intuitive interface. And in general, the developers have kept their promise.


Animaker works like a constructor. You choose from over 120 templates conveniently grouped by “education,” “business,” “travel,” etc. Then you load it into the intuitive “ribbon” editor and make the necessary adjustments. You add text, music, simple effects. You can even pull up pictures from the Internet. The result can be exported from the service to YouTube or Facebook.

To add more character templates, effects, and other options, you have to connect to paid plans. The Business rate allows you to create videos up to 30 minutes long in Full HD.

Easy GIF animator

As the name suggests, this is a utility that allows you to quickly and easily create animated gifs, from pictures. With its help, you can make simple banners, buttons, and other little projects.

Getting into the interface of the program to create animation Easy GIF animator isn’t more complicated than in Windows Paint. Even schoolchildren will be enough to take a quick look to understand the basic principles of operation.

In this case, the functionality of the program can not be called lumpy. It has a good arsenal of special effects, the ability to add text and music, adjust the time intervals of changing the picture and make nice smooth transitions. The result of Easy GIF animator saves in AVI, GIF, or Flash.

Cartoon Animator 4

With Cartoon Animator 4, you can create engaging, high-quality animations for designers of all levels – from beginners to experts.

2D characters can be created, characters can be selected from the large database, and PSD character templates can be imported. Using the templates in the library, you can easily move any static image, even in 3D.

In addition to bone rigging, the software supports lip-synching, facial feature detection, and a myriad of other features, depending on which edition is used. Cartoon Animator 4 facilitates the creation of professional animation using 2D characters and has complete control over them.

Toon Boom Harmony

Beginners and experts alike use this animation software. This product allows for creating any kind of animation, from traditional drawn animation to cutting-out animation to particle effects and a combination of 2D and 3D animation. This popular program offers advanced tools and features for drawing, rigging, animation, and pretty much all of what you’d expect from a program like this.

Synfig Studio

We recommend it to anyone who has used Flash and is searching for a similar animation software instead of a frame-by-frame animation program. As Synfig is based on vector graphics, you have complete control over how the animation edited the artwork. Additionally, you can also create character puppets and have advanced control over your characters.

Because Synfig is free and available for Windows, Linux, and Mac, everyone can benefit from it. The open-source software can also be viewed in its source code since it is open-source.

Pencil 2D

You may want to start your animation project with Pencil 2D if you’re into traditional hand-drawn animation. Both raster and vector graphics can be used in this free software, and you can switch between the two easily. Animating on the go is easy with Pencil 2D, which is cross-platform and lets you focus on animating anywhere. Users can access the source code and add features since the software is free and open-source.

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