Five Ways To Step Up Your Digital Agency

Five Ways To Step Up Your Digital Agency
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If you’re a digital agency owner, or in the process of trying to grow a digital agency, then you’ll know full well how tough it is. It takes up your life and soul and even hours of your time that probably should be spent on clients.

That’s right, you can’t go all out on growth if you can’t manage and maintain the clients you already have. However, there is hope and there are things you can do to expand in a much more efficient, and stress-free manner.

First Things First, Improve Your Initial Client Relations

The first thing you need to do is secure the clients you already have and keep them onside. This will maintain the clients you have, reduce client churn and ultimately give you a base to build upon.

There are several ways you can keep those clients onside and improve your relations with them. Naturally, you firstly need to be doing a good job. Alongside this, communication is key.

Tell them you’re doing a great job with regular updates, while it is also integral to give them a voice too. A good way to do this is by using NPS surveys. These are really simple surveys that ask clients to score you out of 10.

You can then assess their feelings towards your business and the vulnerability of the account. It’s generally considered:

  • 1-6: There’s a risk of losing the client and you should consider them a high priority to get back onside.
  • 7-8: A business is satisfied with its performance, but there’s certainly room for improvement.
  • 9-10: The business is completely happy with your service and they’re doing a great job.

Keeping clients at nines and 10s, not only means you can continue doing a great job and not have to worry about the client, but you can also use them for testimonials as well as potentially earn other business from their word of mouth. It also allows you to try and upsell…

Introducing New Strands To Business Through White Labelling

Introducing New Strands To Business Through White Labelling

White labeling is always a useful way to integrate new services into your business without the need of hiring a brand new team. For example, if you don’t have the work to hire a full-time member of staff, using white labeling companies is an excellent alternative.

Take website building, for example. Designers and developers in-house cost a large amount of money, but using white label website builder brands like Duda allow you to offer software as a service that is fully formed and works seamlessly.

Duda for SaaS platforms is one of the market leaders and allows agencies to build out their SaaS offering without the need for desk space, and even time and effort, allowing agency owners to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Other areas which can be outsourced or white-labeled include content writing, auditing, web design, and even PR, which is becoming an increasingly important service within digital agencies.

Improving Processes & Scalability

Certain aspects within an agency can be hugely time-consuming if you’re doing them manually. Think about how many hours are taken up by reporting each month. These are hours that could be spent working on the client and other areas of the business by simply automating reports.

Reporting to clients is a hugely important aspect of any business. It’s one of the biggest ways to maintain them, but the process can be sped up by using automated reporting systems. There are dozens out there, no matter what part of your agency you need to report on, whether it be PPC, SEO, PR, or social media.

It may come at a cost to set these systems up, but with the hours you’ll save they really will pay for themselves.

Recruiting quality candidates

With tough competition, it can be challenging for digital marketing companies to find quality talent. In some cases, better pay, work-life balance, or career growth may sway employees of one company to work for a rival agency. Trying to recruit new talent to fill in gaps or grow your agency is no different.

The third biggest challenge facing agencies is finding new hires and training them.

Despite the fast-paced environment, employers are taking measures to provide perks to employees, including mental-health programs and perks outside of work, to make their tenure at the company more comfortable.

Trust is the foundation of managing a remote team because you can rely on them to do their jobs on their own. Research shows that remote teams are more productive because employees are able to balance work and life on their own terms and make the most of their working hours.

Your Buyer Persona Needs to be Reevaluated

Firstly, a re-evaluation of your buyer persona could be necessary due to the new normal. During the pandemic, your clients’ priorities may have shifted, and their needs may be different than they were before COVID-19.

By reviewing your existing customers on a regular basis, you can easily update your buyer persona. Your team leads can also provide notes from meetings and briefs from recent campaigns regarding new trends they observe about your clients. They can provide insight into how their business has changed, which can indicate a larger trend.

Your updated buyer persona will help you identify new ways to deepen your relationship with existing clients, as well as identify new business opportunities with clients who fit your updated buyer persona.

Update your Buyer Persona by asking these questions

Are your clients offering new products or services as a result of the new normal?

How has the new normal affected their business operations, and how will that impact their customers?

How do their customers’ new habits and purchasing behaviors differ from the ones they used to have?

At this point in the new normal, what is the #1 priority of your clients?

It’s time to enhance how you work with the people you’re working with now you know who they are.

Thank you for reading!