Does ScreenKlean Really Work?

Does Screenklean Really Work
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Most of our everyday use technology devices have gorgeous HD displays. It is annoying that these displays are prone to dust particles, smudges, and fingerprints. Most of the time, we choose to use cheap sprays and rags to clean them; unfortunately, they end up smearing oil and leave smudges behind. ScreenKlean is among the best and most commonly used screen cleaners that do a perfect job.

So, Does ScreenKlean really work? Yes. ScreenKlean attracts oil and dirt particles on the screen, holds the grimy particles, and removes the oil, fingerprints, and dirt from your screen. It will restore your device’s HD clarity and make it look new.

ScreenKlean is an innovative cleaning device that makes cleaning with liquids and rags look so ridiculous. With just a single swipe, your screen looks gorgeous again. This article focuses on this fantastic device, how it works, its features, and a few of your frequently asked questions.

What is ScreenKlean?

ScreenKlean is a small cleaning gadget that lets you clean your gadgets’ display using NASA-approved carbon-based molecular technology. It is made of a cleaning carbon pad that comes in a small plastic case. This case electronically recharges the cleaning pad after every cleaning. This type of carbon cleaning is used in the aerospace field. It is safe and works on all screens.

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With this effective screen cleaning technology, ScreenKlean makes screen cleaning easy. When you swipe the carbon pad on your screen, it attracts and grabs dust particles, oil, and fingerprints, and then lifts them off your screen, leaving it clean and crystal clear. One swipe does the magic. Amazingly, other than cleaning, this device helps in fighting bacteria too.

Does ScreenKlean Really Work?

The key objective of a ScreenKlean device is to keep your screen clean. This device has delivered exceptionally beyond users’ expectations with its carbon molecule technology. The carbon pad does a great job attracting and removing dirt particles, oil smudges, and fingerprints without leaving blemishes on your screen.

Unlike other cleaning products that require multiple rubs, ScreenKlean delivers a crystal-clear clean screen on a single wipe. It also has an antibacterial feature, and it’s non-hazardous. Based on this cleaning technology, ScreenKlean works better and has more benefits than the traditional spray-cleaning liquids and microfiber cloths.

Features of ScreenKlean

ScreenKlean contains carbon compounds suitable for cleaning electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, TV screens, computer monitors, etc. Its advanced technology has lots of features beneficial to its users. Below are some features of ScreenKlean:

  1. Carbon Molecular Technology:

    ScreenKlean’s carbon technology is unrivaled. There is no other cleaning product that employs this level of tech. You will notice a significant difference on first use. This device effectively wipes out smudges, dirt particles, and fingerprints.

  2. Safe for Your Screen:

    If you want to clean your screen without worrying that you may leave behind tiny scratches, ScreenKlean is the way to go. Its molecular carbon pad is smooth and tender on your precious screen.

  3. Convenient: ScreenKlean comes in a small plastic case.

    It’s tiny that it can easily fit in any pocket or purse, making it suitable to move around with it. The plastic case keeps your carbon pad clean and protected.

  4. Non-toxic:

    The carbon pad found on ScreenKlean does not contain any harmful or toxic substance. It is therefore safe for your screen and yourself.

  5. Versatile:

    ScreenKlean is a multipurpose screen cleaner. It is compatible with all screens. You can easily use it to clean your tablets, smartphones, computers, digital cameras, watches, car screens, TVs, windows, gaming consoles, picture frames, mirrors, etc.

  6. Antibacterial:

    The carbon molecules on ScreenClean helps in fighting bacteria present on the surface you clean.

  7. Rechargeable and replaceable pads:

    A single ScreenKlean’s carbon pad gives you approximately 150 cleans before replacement. Each time you clean your screen and put it back in the case, it automatically recharges itself. These carbon pads can be easily replaced too.

  8. Eco-friendly:

    ScreenKlean guarantees environmental friendliness. Its case absorbs the dirt particles from the carbon pad automatically.

Here are the pros and cons of ScreenKlean:


  • Its affordable Carbon pad falls off sometimes after opening.
  • It’s portable Available in online stores only
  • It has antibacterial protection
  • It has replaceable pads
  • It’s non-abrasive

ScreenKlean Comparison to Other Cleaning Products

Several ScreenKlean reviews have shown that this device is better than other alternative cleaners available. Most of them, such as chemical sprays and a microfiber cloth, smudge and smear oil and dirt on the screen. You need to rub your screen several times, increasing the chances of leaving scratches.

However, ScreenKlean attracts and lifts dirt off your screen. So, one wipe is enough to leave it sparkling. Here is a summary comparison chart of ScreenKlean and other available alternatives:

Property ScreenKlean Micro Fiber Cloth Cleaning Sprays
Attracts and Removes Oils, Dirt, and Fingerprints Yes No No
Leaves no Smears or Smudges Yes No No
Needs Repeated wipes No Yes Yes
Risk for Damaging Devices NO (100% Safe) High (Can leave Micro-Scratches) High Potential

(Requires specific cleaning solvent to avoid damage)

Fights Bacteria Yes No Varies (Some sprays have Antibacterial)
Has expiry No No Yes

Frequently Asked Questions

With such a level of technology and its benefits, ScreenKlean has left many questions among users. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding this excellent piece of tech:

Where do the dirt and oil smudges go after cleaning my screen?

ScreenKlean has been designed with smart carbon molecules which attract and remove oil smudges and dirt particles from your screen. The magic happens when you reinsert the used carbon pad into its charging case. The dirty carbon molecules move back, paving the way for clean molecules to move to the front, ready for subsequent use.

How many times can I use one pad before replacing it?

The number of cleanings per single pad greatly depends on the size of the screen and recharging volume. Averagely, a single carbon pad should give you approximately 150 cleanings. Pad replacement also depends on how dirty the screen is. Piled-up dirt means frequent recharging.

Can I use ScreenKlean on my TV and computer screen?

Yes. ScreenKlean is versatile. It works on any screen regardless of size. It helps keep TV screens and computer monitors crystal clear for better viewing. However, you will need to recharge it more often to obtain a thorough clean, unlike small screens that require a single charge.

Final Word

Does ScreenKlean really work? The answer is yes. If you have read through this article, you will agree with us that ScreenKlean offers the best possible screen cleaning experience. It is worth every penny you spend on it. The molecular carbon pad does not scratch the screen and also does not include toxic or harmful chemicals.

Most of these gadgets we buy are very expensive and valuable; therefore, it is crucial to respect them by cleaning them with a top-notch cleaning product. If you are looking for one, we hope this article has given you an answer. It has unique features that let your screen maintain its colorful and vibrant HD quality.

Thank you for reading!