Destiny 2 Kingfall how to complete a raid with a minimum number of participants

Destiny 2 Kingfall how to complete a raid with a minimum number of participants
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Destiny 2 Kingfall how to complete a raid with a minimum number of participants

At the end of the summer, Banjie released another update for their multiplayer game, Destiny 2. Players are waiting for a new, well-forgotten old King Fall Raid.

In most cases, even though these raids can be very difficult and epic, they can still be completed with a minimum number of participants. Many things must be done for a raid to be successful, and we will talk about it today.

Class selection

A flexible and confident passage can be achieved with any composition, but for a three-player composition, the following is recommended:

Class selection


At the start, for a quick and painless passage, you will need two mobile characters as possible to collect relics quickly and quickly pass barriers.

As you can see, on the left side of the screen, the character is using the platforms to get to the relic on the left.

There are also platforms on the right side, but they are invisible. It may take a few attempts, but the objects are static, and remembering the exact location is not difficult.

This process will need to be repeated until every one of the six relics has been collected.

There is an important clarification: to complete this stage with the three of you, you need the rest of the players to leave the game. For a while until you or your main character in the raid takes the elevator, then all participants will be able to return to the game and continue the raid.


One player will have to sustain the totem’s damage for 7 minutes while resisting the poison debuff and exiting the room to reset stacks.

To do this, we choose a Warlock with Icarus’ dash in the raid – our task is to maneuver from damage for a long time without fear of death, even without a buff. Remember that if you do not return to the zone as soon as possible, your squad will die, and the raid will fail. Trust this business to be a reliable and dexterous player.

In essence, the task comes down to constant maneuvering, between blocking the totem and moving to a safe area so as not to die from the effects of the poison.


The first boss is easy to catch bullets and will not be too difficult, but you need to use heavy weapons to win. Here the very two warlocks in the detachment will come to the rescue.

While the Warlocks are busy on the left and right sides, the Titan will take over the central platform at this time and deal with all the opponents in the central area.



GolGroth is one of the most chaotic parts of the raid, and it’s quite difficult to predict the strategy of the passage, but there are some tips for success.

The two-Warlock strategy works again – we use one player as the max damage dealer whose job is to continuously deal damage, while the other two players will be busy holding points and protecting the third player until the job is done.


The strategy is quite simple – you attack the platforms and destroy the monsters object by object while simultaneously shooting snipers. When the zone is cleared – inflict maximum damage on the boss, and the task will be completed.

Make sure you have long-range weapons – snipers need to be neutralized as quickly as possible.


The strategy for killing Oryx is very similar to killing the War Priest. Your task is to distribute the forces and destroy all the Nightcrawlers and Knights before Onyx uses his attack. Players first clear the area, then approach the boss and destroy it.

Do not forget to destroy the ogres and move as fast as possible, otherwise, you risk not being able to cope with the hordes of enemies and their damage.

Pay close attention to the plateau. If you act too slowly, Oryx will hit them, and the raid will fail. Separation of roles will help each participant quickly destroy their type of enemy and take up spheres to kill Oryx.

Once everything is done, Oryx will be stunned, and it will only be a matter of time before he is destroyed.

The bomb explosion phases can be repeated, but in general, you should not have any problems with bombs in the future.

The main thing in the raid is a clear distribution of roles and the absence of chaotic actions, then, your team will not have any problems during the passage. The main advantage is that all experience and loot players are divided into three, not six.


What is a Destiny Raid?

The Raid mode of Destiny is one of the game modes. A raid is a cooperative assassination mission requiring 6 players to communicate to succeed. Each one involves specific quests for a group of fire teams. There are no specific objectives or waypoints provided.

Is it possible to do raids solo in Destiny 2?

Solo players can complete the raid while playing as solo characters, giving them access to the final rewards.

Is it possible to raid for free in Destiny 2?

Free-to-play raid content in Destiny 2 is a reprise of material from the original game. Vault of Glass and King’s Fall, the last two free raids, launched approximately six months after the last major expansion

What is the average time it takes to do raids in Destiny 2?

The entire raid process usually takes between 1-2 hours with a competent team. You need a better team if it takes you six hours.

Is there an easy raid in Destiny 2?

In terms of learning and executing, VoG is the simplest.

Which raid is the longest in Destiny 2?

In September of 2018, Last Wish was released along with Forsaken. You will defeat Riven of a Thousand Voices during this raid, the last known Ahamkara (a space-wish dragon). With six encounters, this is the longest raid in Destiny 2.

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