How to Deal with Different Perspectives on Your Board

How To Deal With Different Perspectives On Your Board
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Deal with Different Perspectives on Your Board

The board of directors sits at the top of the chain of decision-making. Board members are actually responsible for steering the ship through storms and getting the company to its destination. However, whenever decision-making is divided in multiple hands, there are always chances of perspective differences.

Dealing with differences in board members is surely not an easy thing to do. But, different perspectives in your board can be a blessing in disguise because diversity brings more creativity as well.

Traditional board practices, such as board meetings, make it difficult for board members to collaborate smoothly. That is because board meetings take place annually or in emergencies. The good thing is, this is the age of technology, and board portal software has simply made things easier.

Board portal software: Technology makes things easier

The board meeting software is a secure, highly centralized platform that allows seamless collaboration between board members. The question is, what is board room software? And how does it help corporations? Or, more specifically, how can board portal software make things smoother when it comes to dealing with different perspectives on the company board?

What is board meeting software?

A board meeting software, aka the board of directors portal, is a highly secure cloud-based platform where board members and administrators can easily collaborate with each other.

The board room software allows board members to safely communicate, share documents, access board files, hold virtual board meetings, initiate discussions, and whatnot. In a nutshell, a virtual boardroom helps board members in fulfilling governance responsibilities efficiently.

5 practices to deal with different board perspectives

5 Practices To Deal With Different Board Perspectives

Coming back to the main point, here are some practical ways to deal with different board perspectives and what role can virtual boardroom software play in that.

  1. Diverse voices produce new ideas

Diversity is simply not about numbers but is more about the ability to contribute and participate in the process of decision-making. It is quite a cumbersome task to cater to all the possible opinions and perspectives, but a certain formula can help which may address possible grievances. Board meetings are a great platform to initiate board motions and express different ideas.

For that matter, the board room software has a specialized voting tool, where board members can cast their votes anonymously. In addition to it, the use of the board portal makes it quite convenient for board members to initiate a discussion and share new ideas.

  1. Honest feedback is critical

Honest feedback is important regardless of the hierarchical structure. The board president or chairman must promote a culture of open and constructive feedback where everyone can express their concerns and feedback without any fear.

With board room software, board members can easily share their opinions and feedback without waiting for board meetings.

  1. Different experiences propose different solutions

Since any corporation is an amalgamation of multiple members having expertise in different fields, the importance of listening to them can’t be ruled out. Diversity of the experiences not only helps you see things from different perspectives, but it also keeps unwanted things at bay.

Board needs a platform, such as a virtual boardroom, where board members can keep sharing their experiences and ideas without any hesitation. Ideas lead to new ideas, and a board portal can help in creating a chain of them.

  1. Director access to board documents is essential

It is needless to say that directors’ primary responsibility is to ensure good governance. For that matter, it is within their rights to have constant access to governance documents such as board meeting minutes, articles of incorporation, board packets, etc.

The board of directors’ portal makes board document management smoother. Board members can access board documents from anywhere globally (depending on their access level).

  1. Equality is of the essence

While conducting a board meeting, each board member must be given an equal opportunity to speak. If you are chairing a meeting, make sure that you do not speak too much. Not being able to do so can generate grievances which can worsen and affect the team effort.

How can board portal software help?

The role of the board portal in better governance has been constantly explained throughout the text. Still, here is a roundup of important things.

  • Boardroom software allows the board management to upload and share board documents, financial records, legal documents, and management reports.
  • The management can add consultants and create committees on the board of directors portal.
  • Directors can review, sign, and submit annual reports on the board portal.
  • The board secretary can circulate the meeting agenda and ask for recommendations from board members.
  • Board meeting minutes can be shared with all the board members easily.
  • Board meeting software is a great platform to conduct board meetings virtually. Members can start a motion, cast votes, see each other through videoconferencing, record their opinions, and much more.
  • The board administrator can monitor board activities. When everyone is being monitored, it increases transparency.

It goes without saying that choosing the right portal software that caters to your needs is crucial. Not all virtual boardroom vendors may give you the features you want. Therefore, it is better to look for multiple options, ask for free trials, and read online reviews from credible internet resources such as

Final words

A board of directors is a group of people with diverse backgrounds, opinions, expertise, and personalities which can be challenging for board leaders. However, providing a secure place, such as board portal software, where board members can communicate, brainstorm, and collaborate regularly will bring better outcomes for a business.

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