Best Data Room Providers: The Best Business Software

Best Data Room Providers The Best Business Software
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So, you have decided that your company needs a virtual data room. The next step is to find a reliable provider. Everything seems simple ― you drive the query “virtual data room provider” into the search engine, and that’s it! But there are so many of them that it’s easy to get lost. Many offers and all suppliers seem to be the same to you: “Quality service,” “affordable price,” “individual approach,” and the like. How to find the one among so many similar-looking offers?

Don’t worry, we did the hall analysis for you. In this article, you will find a brief description of the most relevant software in 2022. Among them are:

  • Citrix ShareFile
  • iDeals

In addition, at the end of the article, we will share practical tips that will help you figure out which provider is best for your company and Data Center Migration Services.

Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile is a secure enterprise file sync and share solution that supports hybrid architectures. As such, sync and use functionality is provided as a service, and corporate files can reside in the ShareFile storage, third-party clouds, or locally (using Citrix ShareFile StorageZone).

This is one of the online data rooms that have such key features:

  • Align with end-user goals for mobile data and collaboration while maintaining control and security.
  • Eliminate data security concerns with consumer-grade file sharing tools similar to Dropbox.
  • Manage and control file and data sharing services.
  • Storing business information in the cloud or in a user’s personal storage using StorageZones.
  • Audit and report on system activity and file sharing.
  • Remote wipe of files and data on lost or stolen employee mobile devices.
  • Integration with Microsoft Active Directory through Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML).
  • Securely share files and sync data across any device with failover features for enterprise customers.
  • Store and sync documents across your own devices, corporate devices, mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.
  • Easily and securely share files with anyone inside or outside the organization.
  • Integration into business systems, such as Microsoft Outlook.
  • Access to files and data offline.
  • Integrated connectivity to all data on existing network drives and the Microsoft SharePoint platform.
  • Transfer large files( up to 100 GB).

This data room M&A meets the needs of today’s mobile business and secures corporate file syncing and sharing. It integrates with major data leakage prevention (DLP) systems and secures data with an access rights management (IRM) system during data movement. ShareFile offers users a business-class data-sharing service for all corporate and personal mobile devices, supports local and cloud deployment, while IT retains full control over the data transferred and stored.



The iDeals electronic data room supplies safe data exchange and storage in a remote corporate cloud or within an organization’s perimeter. The primary option of the electronic data room is to furnish access to protected documents for authorized users through a specialized website or secure agent applications for workstations running on:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux
  • Android
  • iOS

The originality of this provider lies in the integration of the software with DRM document protection tools, which, like AD RMS and Oracle IRM, let you manage access to information even after they are uploaded from the virtual data room by third parties.

Key approaches to document protection:

  • The electronic data room has top DRM protection of business information for data dealing with external counterparties.
  • Document marking and confidentiality labeling to meet security requirements trade secret.
  • Secure data exchange between company employees, the possibility to create shared folders for joint work with documents.
  • Optional possibility of using world-certified encryption tools.

Unlike the FTP protocol, through which information is transmitted in an unprotected form, in VDR, data exchange occurs according to the E2E encryption principle using secure SSL or TLS transport protocols. It guarantees the highest protection of data trade between the server and the agent, saving them from MITM attacks.

How to Choose a Provider?

Sometimes, even established virtual data room providers in the market may not be suitable for some users. Therefore, you can approach the procedure for choosing a provider on your own using the following criteria:

  1. Work experience. Determined by the presence of finished projects so that your virtual data room project does not be the first, since this can lead to accompanying problems.
  2. Price. To get objective information, you need to compare offers from several companies, taking into account other factors.
  3. Technical support. It should be available round the clock, and users should be able to easily contact it to solve the problems that have arisen.
  4. The ability to get both a ready-made “boxed” product and a flexible “constructor” for your specific needs. Not every user is suitable for a standard product; so, it is worth checking the software where there is a development with flexible changing functionality.
  5. Simple and clear interface. An application that does not require special knowledge and skills will allow every user to work freely and quickly.
  6. Provision by the provider of the possibility of converting existing documentation into electronic format. It is vital with an initially large amount of paper documentation.
  7. Data placement. You need to decide where you prefer to store your confidential data ― on the provider’s equipment or your servers. Not all providers can provide data storage on your equipment. There will also be a question of the geography of placement ― in your or other countries.
  8. Hosted data security. The reliability of data centers consists of several factors: geographical location, degree of security, physical security, availability of the necessary sources of communication (uninterrupted power supply, air conditioning, etc.).

We hope that our short article about data room providers will simplify your choice in the field of this software. Remember that the right VDR will help you reach new heights in your organization!

Thank you for reading!