Best Place for a Miner That Has Cheap Electricity To Live And Mine

Best Place For A Miner That Has Cheap Electricity To Live And Mine
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Bitcoin mining is the utmost viable component of the bitcoin network as it aims at verifying the bitcoin transactions by assimilating computing resources and power capitals. The progression might sound profitable to you at the very first instance. However, the profitability of bitcoin mining is merely determined by the expense of bitcoin mining. The utmost mandatory paramount demonstrating the expense of bitcoin mining is electricity cost. 

The cost of electricity can either incline or decline the profitability of your bitcoin mining progression, as the cost of other equipment utilized in the bitcoin mining route, such as a bitcoin mining rig or hardware and a bitcoin mining software, is constant. However, the cost of electricity varies from region to region, and the only major expense of bitcoin mining progression that arrives on a daily basis is electricity or any power source. You can start bitcoin investments through The Crypto Genius App.

Bitcoin mining in regions where electricity is cheapest is exceedingly profitable. The cost of electricity varies drastically from region to region. Below mentioned are some of the best places that offer you the cheapest electricity source for both bitcoin mining and living; let’s dive in. 

Best Place for a Miner That Has Cheap Electricity To Live And Mine

Best Place To Mine And Live!

The fact might amaze you that there were few countries that allow you to mine bitcoin units for just $500. However, the expense of bitcoin mining has correspondingly inclined but is still less than several regions. There are few countries that offer you the cheapest electricity for bitcoin mining as well as living; however, the utmost promising country to mine bitcoin is Venezuela. 


Venezuela is claimed to offer you the cheapest electrical source for bitcoin mining now. However, the country is equipped with several other complications such as limited supply or short supply of food amid power cuts and inflation of fiat currencies. The fact might amaze you that the fiat currencies of Venezuela are subjected to a nominal value in the international marketplace. 

The prominent reason behind the fact is hyperinflation, hyperinflation is an exceeding supply of fiat currencies which leads to an increment in goods price, and the increment in goods and services prices autonomously leads to a short food supply. The estimated cost of bitcoin mining in Venezuela is almost $1600. In a nutshell, bitcoin mining is exceedingly prolific in Venezuela. 


Kuwait is considered as the utmost suitable region for living and mining bitcoin at the very same time. The natural source of energy in Kuwait, sunlight, is not limited. All the more, there are no hidden places where the cheap source of power is stored in the country. Miners can easily access the utmost cheap source of electricity in order to mine bitcoin. Mining a single bitcoin unit in Kuwait merely costs $1400, recently bitcoin halted the value of $65000, and you can estimate the profit in bitcoin mining if mined in Kuwait. 

Regions expect Kuwait and Venezuela.

There are few more regions except Kuwait and Venezuela; the cost of bitcoin mining in these regions is double as of the two mentioned above, but still the cost of bitcoin mining in these regions is still commendable. Let’s check out out. 


Myanmar is considered as the utmost exotic place to live and mine bitcoin. The cost of bitcoin mining in Myanmar is nearly $4000, which might not sound fascinating in contrast to Kuwait and Venezuela. However, the process is still exceedingly profitable as bitcoin is constantly floating over $35000, even subsequent to the cryptocurrency market crash. 


Mining a single bitcoin in Bahrain costs almost $3600. Bahrain is a part of a country named Manama and is the capital of this country. Manama is actually the neighboring country of Kuwait and is considered one of the appropriate choices for bitcoin mining. 

Bear in mind that all the regions mentioned above are exceedingly hot, and you will need a liquid cooler for cooling your bitcoin mining rig. The temperature of the bitcoin mining rig is correspondingly acknowledged by the bitcoin programmer you are about to utilize for mining bitcoin. 


Kazakhstan is correspondingly a viable option for relocating for the purpose of bitcoin mining. You might be familiar with the fact that Chinese authorities have blazed the trail of banning bitcoin and currencies; the cryptocurrency crackdown correspondingly included the banning of bitcoin mining. 

Prior to the bitcoin mining ban in China, the country was also one the cheapest country in terms of bitcoin mining as there were several bitcoin mining plants in china complexed on a renewable source of energy. 

The fact might amaze you that bitcoin mining in china is making bitcoin miners leave their own country if they want to sustain the progression in the future. Kazakhstan is the neighboring country of China, and it is one of the best options for bitcoin miners in China. Bitcoin mining pools in china have blazed eth trail of contacting the renewed firms in china in order to set up a bitcoin mining complex for them with a robust bitcoin mining rig. 


Texas is the cheapest bitcoin mining hub in the United States of America. All the more, it correspondingly appears in overall cheapest capitals in terms of bitcoin mining. Bitcoin miners of china are looking to set up their bitcoin mining complex in Texas as well. 

However, the rules of the United States when it comes to migration are not nimbus at all in contrast to these countries. All the more, arranging a stay for these stray bitcoin miners to an exceeding extent is extremely complicated as the stay will sustain more than nine months as per the robust sources. 

Regardless of all these facts, bitcoin mining in china is comparatively cheap as bitcoin mining in few regions is more than the value of bitcoin. The most expensive countries in terms of cryptocurrency mining are

  • South Korea
  • Cook Islands 
  • Solomon Islands 
  • Marshall
  • Denmark 
  • Belgium and a few more. 

These are the most expensive countries when it comes to bitcoin mining. The fact might amaze you that the expense of bitcoin mining in South Korea is more than $30000 at the instance, yes you read it right. 

These are some of the best regions when it comes to living and mine bitcoin. 


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