Security apps that will help you protect your phone from any threats

Security apps that will help you protect your phone from any threats
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The issue of protecting your smartphone is particularly crucial for avid users all over the world. As smartphones today are frequently checked, looked into for news, assisted for payments, and delivering the surfing – the probability of getting certain malware types is particularly high. Apart from the lack of security updates, up to 87% of Android devices are proved to be insecure, a University of Cambridge study finds. What is more, the system failures increase due to the rapidly rising hacking and the tendency of your smartphone’s interconnection with all your domestic digital environment. To avoid these threats, the current material aims to help you protect your smartphone with the best-trusted software you can find.

The Most Common Threats

So, what possible issues you may have to tackle due to the increasing danger of keeping your phone open for unprotected Wi-Fi or avoiding other computer literacy tricks? Observe the following:

1. Your phone is unlocked. This might be a no-brainer that your phone should be protected against the accidental press of certain buttons or keeping certain background processes closed. Still, most smartphone users prefer keeping their phones unlocked and even avoiding the credible fingerprint lock though it proved to be highly efficient. Therefore, you need to reconsider such carelessness if you face frequent trips, traveling, or merely certain stays in public places like the cafeteria, railway station, shopping mall, or an airport. The open Wi-Fi is very harmful to the sensitive data you apparently keep on your phone or provide your payments with it. Therefore, consider creating a good automated password or download the ready-made password manager to secure your data.

2. Spyware, malware, and viruses. In particular, the recent study from Norton Laboratories found that malware is persistent on the unprotected devices that collect your data and inform the commercial providers on your preferences to bombard you with spam. Though the very application might be harmless for your system, it violates your privacy and makes your banners recurring and distracting. This is to say nothing of malware that actively ruins your system and spyware that collects your data for hackers. Lastly, such viruses as AndroidOsFakePlayer.a. or HummingBad destroyed millions of Androids, stealing their user’s data and selling in DarkNet.

3. Third-party downloads. Where do you download your software? If it is outside the Google Play Market or Apple AppStore, you might be in trouble. Though the official developer’s software sites are rather credible, keep in mind that the third-party applications might contain all kinds of threats within their installation package. Try to avoid using only the sites, particularly providing the software of your interest or accumulating them.

What Applications will Save My Smart?

1. Install antivirus software. Your safety, in this case, is fully in your hands. You are free to choose any software you like on the market, but be careful with its reputation and read into the customer’s satisfaction rate. What is more, a single antivirus might be insufficient for contemporary smartphones that do many functions working simultaneously and protecting your system all-at-time. Therefore, prioritize your software search with 360-protection soft that offers a firewall, or VPN, or browsing helper altogether. Here is the list of reliable tools of this type you may find interesting. Please pay attention to the malware protection, especially as they are likely to bring with them all kinds of harmful threats that might cause your Android to be hard-reset.

2. Backup and update tools. This is a thing you may not do very often. Really, it can be highly problematic, and it takes so much time away from the regular user highly unwilling to lose an hour to back up their phones. Still, it is highly recommended to avoid system errors and keep your data from being accidentally lost during the antivirus cleaning. Remember that system updates are created to save it from vulnerabilities within your phone. Thus, using the Cloud services or backup apps like Autosync might be a good idea to make sure you have all your data at hand in case of emergency.

3. Password managers. This might be a matter of choice, but either create the password you will unlikely forget or let the pro managers take care of it. Think about the possibility of finding a 360-antivirus protection utility that will include lock-ups for your applications with sensitive data.

Do I need a VPN?

This might be a common thing, yet still, many users look sideways at the proposition of installing the VPN. You may say that you are not hacking anything and are not planning to observe illegal content elsewhere. Still, VPN is much more a safety precaution than a hacking tool opening the forbidden data for you. For example, think about your local internet provider and your browsing activities they have access to. This should already make you consider this credible software to avoid the possibility of tracking you on the map of your GPS or providing your IP address to the third-party. Therefore, consider VPN as another safety possibility to keep your smartphone, especially Android, fully safe and hidden from the prying eyes. Lastly, think about data sharing and the possibility of creating your virtual private server (VPS) to gain more from this comparatively small and easy app.


Therefore, there are plenty of possibilities to protect your phone without spending way too much time and money. Your phone is like your apartment that frequently needs cleaning, disinfecting, and renovation to keep you comfortable and safe. Think about your phone similarly, and you will see how your privacy boosts along with your productivity. It does not matter what particular data you have access to or where you surf – malware can be found on the most trusted sites and communities. Thus, it is much easier to seek your 360-protection tool to your liking rather than restoring your locked or totally wiped out Android or iOS.

Thank you for reading!