Top AngularJS Development Companies in the USA

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Hello, all readers! This article will talk with you about the best AngularJS development company in the United States. We will talk about those companies that have extensive experience and will be able to perform the project’s tasks at a high level accurately. Among them, you can definitely find the one that suits you, regardless of the size of the project and resources, because we will talk about companies with different customer bases. So let’s get started!

Did you know that AngularJS was supposed to work only in the Google system at the beginning of its creation? Yes, indeed, one of the company’s engineers was given the task of creating a project that would solve internal problems. But over time, management saw an incredible prospect in this project and decided to develop it further. So a whole team of developers started working on the first version of AngularJS, and in 2010 it was released.

AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. For 10 years now, this framework has existed in the tech market and is gaining momentum. During its period of existence, Angular changed significantly. With each new version, better and more useful features were added. AngularJS outperformed competitors easily, thanks to the loyalty of users because its software has made a name for itself as a leader.

So why is AngularJS so popular among developers? It’s effortless; it meets all the modern requirements of web development, it is easy to use, and it has incredible community support. These three factors are the driving force in the tech world. No matter how full and multifaceted the framework is, no one will want to work with it if it is difficult to use. So AngularJS set a goal to do it and efficiently, which bribed programmers of all generations and levels.

AngularJS does not stop today. Each time it surpasses its predecessor and enters a new web development level that we could not even imagine.

Top AngularJS Development Companies in the USA

Top AngularJS Development Companies in the USA

I want to share with you 8 companies that work with AngularJS and show you what peaks they have reached. In addition to them, of course, there are many other companies, but here I have collected the top 8 most striking examples of successful collaboration with AngularJS.

1. Art+Logic

It is one of the most famous companies in the United States with extensive experience and trust. Art + Logic specializes in technically complex products, and the more difficult the task before them, the more excited they feel by solving it. The company works with design and coding to order and other necessary components for web development.

Their personality is a subtle sense of what their customers need. They understand the customer’s wishes and, most importantly – have every opportunity to make it a reality. This is one of the components of professionalism because, in the end, the customer will get what he or she wanted or even much more.

Even after the completion of the project, Art + Logic offers its constant support and further cooperation. And it is not surprising that most deputies agree because the level of services provided is extremely high.

2. Tragic Media

Tragic Media is an agency based in San Diego that creates clear software for companies of all sizes.

It is a fairly small company, but all its employees know all the web development trends and do everything possible (and sometimes very possible) to make the customer happy. Tragic Media works so that customers come back to them again with new projects, so they build strong relationships with customers. During the creation of the project, Tragic Media is in constant contact with the customer to understand the developed project’s purpose and purpose to emphasize all the necessary aspects successfully.

Tragic Media will help both the new company with zero software and work with an experienced company to improve the workflow.

3. Pedrera

Pedrera is founded in 1997, which still specializes in web application development and websites with great functionality.

During its existence, the company has worked with many clients in various spheres of life. And they all saw in their own experience the great potential and skills of Pedrera. From the very beginning of Pedrera’s work, there were many customers who, for many, many years, did not find a better option for their software (it is not surprising!). For such trust and devotion, Pedrera, in turn, gives the best result of work performance.

4. Dayspring Partners

Dayspring Partners is a company with extensive experience, which began its work in 1997 and is working today. Dayspring Partners accepts all possible customer requests with dignity and easily implements them into reality. The company consists of professionals in their field, with a huge amount of knowledge and experience.

However, Dayspring Partners’ most important rule is good customer relations, so it is not surprising that some collaborations last more than 10 years. Dayspring Partners clarifies that it is a competitive company in a market with a strong customer base with its skills.

5. Chicago Software Solutions

Chicago Software Solutions has been working in the technical services market for over 15 years, including web and mobile applications. Their customer base includes companies throughout the United States and beyond. Thanks to the incredible work results, customers repeatedly turn to Chicago Software Solutions for services to support the project or create new software for another product. This company works for the result, and its result will exceed all the customer’s summaries. So it’s no surprise that Chicago Software Solutions has long-term contracts with world-renowned brands.

Top AngularJS Development Companies in the USA 2

6. Matellio

Matellio first appeared on the market in 2012 and has since become better and more advanced. Matellio is a software engineering studio for various startups and entrepreneurs who want to get a digital partnership. The customer base includes customers from all over the world. The company’s scheme of work is such as to provide round-the-clock support with the client. To do this, the project manager is selected directly in the United States, and under his leadership, works the team in India. So you can always stay in touch and avoid various mistakes in the development process.

7. MLSDev

MLSDev is one of the best web development companies in the world, which effectively uses AngularJS. It works with small, medium, and large corporations to carry out their tasks, and among the large companies, their clients are McDonald‘s, Panasonic, and ESPN. By choosing MLSDev you can be sure that your order will be fulfilled, taking into account the latest trends, support at all stages, and the result that will make your business more successful.

The main difference from other development companies is that MLSDev focuses immediately on the project’s mechanics and its solution, significantly saving product execution time. Its work is based on a fashionable principle to show in the form of a chain: solutions – tasks – management – implementation – constant improvement, support, and advice. So, you will always have new support after the end of the project in MLSDev.

8. Gorilla Logic

Gorilla Logic is a company that has been working since 2002 with software and consulting services for websites and web applications. This company has about 500 employees, and all of them are highly qualified professionals. Gorilla Logic works not only for the US market but also for others. Many large corporations and small startups trust them because of their extensive experience. Gorilla Logic will help any company, regardless of its size, to get decent software.


So, as we see in the United States, many worthy companies are developing with the help of AngularJS. You can see some of the best on my list because they have a lot of experience and trust in the market for many years.

Thank you for reading!