7 Best Tools for Working from Home in 2021

7 Best Tools For Working From Home In 2021
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Here you will find the 7 best tools for working from home.

It’s 2021 and most of us still need to stay home for work. Even though most of us are already vaccinated, it’s still safer to stay at home, after all. This lessens the spread of the virus and also protects those around you. But with working from home comes some challenges. You need to have the best tools to help you make work easier and more efficient. The ones who don’t have a job now, and are only looking for one, will greatly benefit from using resume writing services online.

There are thousands of tools you can find online, but which ones work the best? Well, we’re here to help you out! In this article, we’ve listed down seven tools for your work-from-home needs. Stick around and learn more.

Best Tools For Working From Home


Converting any raw file like Word, Excel, or PowerPoint to PDF is better for saving or sharing. This is because PDFs are the most versatile file format around. And since it can’t be edited, you’ll be sure that your file gets to your recipient the way it was saved. This also makes it great for printing because you won’t need to copy and paste the entire file to a new blank page. The problem with most raw file types is that they change their overall look or formatting, depending on the device and application version. But you have no worries with PDF because, as we have mentioned before, it will look the same way it was saved. So, if you want to make sure that your file won’t look odd when viewing it on a different device or printing it, then make sure it’s saved in PDF! With GogoPDF, you can convert Excel, PowerPoint, or Word to PDF easily. So this is an essential tool for your digital documents when working from home.

Google Drive

Saving files in a flash or hard drive is a great way to keep them safe. But there’s an inconvenience to them, too. But thanks to technology, we can now save files on the web, and safely, too! Google Drive is great for saving all your files and keeping them safe. The best part about it is that you can access it anytime and anywhere with an internet connection. You can even share file folders with your colleagues or collaborators easily with a click and a tap. So it’s very convenient for your file sharing and saving needs, whether you’re working from home or you just need extra memory space.


Working from home doesn’t mean you can’t have meetings, obviously. Thanks to the internet and technology, it’s easy to connect with your colleagues for meetings. The best video conference application or software is undoubtedly Zoom. You have clear audio and video calls so everything can go smoothly for meetings. Zoom offers a 40-minute time limit for calls for their free version. But if you need longer meetings with more people, then you can upgrade to their paid premium version. So, it’s not a hassle anymore to pitch ideas for a project or task. Except the Zoom there are much more apps on the market for video conferences.

Google Workspace

Remember when you needed to use office software installed on your computer? Well, now you can just access office applications online with Google Workspace! You can access Google Workspace on your computer or smartphone easily, so it’s fast and easy. When you need to edit a document when you’re not on your computer, Google Workspace makes things more convenient. And file sharing and saving are quick and easy, too. Just copy the file link and you can send it.

Google Workspace automatically saves your drafts, so even if you forget, you’re safe! So, whether it’s an Excel, PowerPoint, or Word document, you can do it easily with this online tool.


Working with a team or your colleagues for a project or task helps build camaraderie and teamwork. But working from home can be challenging for some for group projects. With the help of Trello, group projects can be much easier. It’s a web-based organizational tool specifically meant to create Kanban-inspired lists and boards that strongly emphasize teamwork. This tool can help you organize meetings, track project progress, and monitor the workflow.

It’s simple to use! Just set up a board and add cards, then you can invite your colleagues or team to use the board. The cards can serve as checklists and due date reminders. You can move around the cards using the drag-and-drop function to place them specifically where you want them. It even has a cool “Butler” feature for allowing task automation so you can skip manual processes.


While working from home may be more convenient, it can also be distracting. If you’re one of those people who easily get distracted or lose your focus, then you should try out Freedom. This tool is designed to improve productivity by eliminating bad habits and distractions. It gives its users the capability to block apps, websites, and even the internet, depending on which tasks need to be done.

You can schedule the blocks at certain times of the day to prevent you from visiting social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. It also allows you to prevent YouTube and other video entertainment websites. So, if you need to get a task done quickly and efficiently, get rid of the distractions with Freedom.


When you work from home, most of the time, you’re not reminded of tasks you need to finish. And with so many things we have to do, it’s easy to forget things. Even if you write down your tasks, sometimes you still forget. So, let technology help you out with this. Evernote can sync all your divides and invite others to share note inputs. It allows you to remind each other of things you need to finish through your computer or smartphone. So, make sure you get everything done with a little help from this nifty tool.

Work efficiently from home

Adjusting to a work-from-home set-up is quite tasking. But with the right tools and a good mindset, you can still be productive and efficient. These are the best tools for your remote or work-from-home needs. In this pandemic, we must adjust and keep on with keeping on.

We hope this article helps you out. Good luck!

Thank you for reading!