5 Reasons You Need a Real Estate CRM Tool

5 Reasons You Need A Real Estate Crm Tool
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If you want to grow your real estate brokerage, then you know the importance of hiring the right people to join your team. Indeed, without good real estate agents, it can be doubly difficult to reach your targets—let alone boost your brokerage’s growth. As such, it’s crucial to develop a good recruitment strategy to find the best talent.

We believe for modern problems we require modern solutions. Fortunately, there are many ways to up the ante of your real estate agent recruitment. One of these is to use technology, particularly candidate relationship management or CRM software. As its name implies, a CRM allows you to build and maintain your professional relationship with your clients and candidates.

If your brokerage doesn’t have one yet, you’re seriously missing out on a lot of benefits. Here are just a few compelling reasons for your brokerage to use a real estate CRM tool:

It Makes Candidate Engagement Simpler

Automation is one of the benchmarks of a good CRM. Brokerkit, for example, helps you customize multiple email drip campaigns that you can then schedule for sending to different candidate groups. You can also integrate SMS texting so you have more points of contact for seamless candidate engagement.

A CRM can also help you capture, import, and segment leads for more efficient communication. What’s more, you can also use features such as automated social media lookup. This is a great tool for sourcing, considering that millions of candidates have some sort of social media presence. You know you have such competitors who might have better plans to boost their client’s engagement. Hence, to stay on the top of the mind of your leads to convert them into clients, you need to be highly responsive to their emails.

In a nutshell, a CRM helps you establish more contacts, get in touch with them more efficiently, and ensure that you’re sending the correct message. Ultimately, with better candidate engagement, you’ll be able to improve your recruitment metrics.

It Simplifies Sourcing

In the previous section, we briefly touched upon the matter of sourcing through social media. It’s a great way for locating candidates, but it’s definitely not the only place where you can find talented real estate agents. What’s more, limiting your sourcing efforts to only a couple of platforms will also limit the number of your potential recruits. Nurturing relationships with your clients over social media is essential but you should also be well-informed of your choices. You have to approach the prospects who can be more beneficial to your business.

Through a CRM, you can capture leads from various data sources and thus diversify your candidate pool. A CRM also helps you sort through your sourcing and recruitment data, so you can easily figure out which avenue delivers the most top-notch candidates for your brokerage. This can help with overall efficiency since you can dedicate more time and money to the platform that delivers the best results.

It Reduces Paperwork

It Reduces Paperwork

Fact: the real estate industry deals with a lot of paperwork. The titles and contracts alone can generate pages upon pages or documents that can be a bother to print, sign, and file. It’s largely the same with real estate agent recruitment. Despite being used to this old-school method, it’s not so handy to tackle such endlessly growing piles of papers and documents. Hence, one should learn how to work smartly.

Thanks to technological solutions like CRMs, however, the amount of paperwork the recruiters have to deal with has been drastically reduced. This results in lower business costs, as well as in operational efficiency. Just imagine sorting through piles of binders and folders just to find a single candidate dossier. With a piece of CRM software, finding contact and their file is as easy as typing their name into a search box. Doesn’t it make real estate agent recruitment more manageable?

It Improves Hiring Results

As previously mentioned, growing your real estate brokerage means finding the right people—emphasis on “right.” This can be difficult to achieve if you’re relying on instinct and assumptions, instead of hard facts.

With a real estate recruitment CRM, you’ll have access to empirical data that can help you make better hiring decisions. This includes not only choosing the best real estate agents based on their skills, but also on how well they can potentially fit or add to the company culture. When your employees get along and feel like they belong to an inclusive environment, they’ll be able to maximize their potential.

It Helps Improve Overall Productivity

Using a real estate CRM can drastically improve your recruitment productivity by streamlining your operations and thus making them more efficient. By consolidating all the facets of candidate management onto one platform, a CRM makes it easier to cultivate professional relationships. This, in turn, gives your brokerage’s recruitment team more time to refine recruitment and retention strategies for maximum effectiveness.

In addition, while CRM software is mainly used by recruiters, its effects can actually extend to real estate agents themselves. Why? This circles back to the improvement in hiring results. When real estate agents are surrounded by others who can match or complement their skills and share their values, they become more productive. This benefits your organization overall, putting your real estate brokerage in a better position to achieve success.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, technology is an inevitable part of any job. There’s no escaping it, even in a largely unchanged industry like real estate recruitment. The only thing you can do is to take advantage of the tools available to you and maximize them to your brokerage’s benefit. If you don’t then you’ll be left in the dust by your competitors.

Does it make sense to you in any way not to leverage your real estate company with a CRM tool when you are having this brilliant opportunity? Turn a deaf ear to all rumors and get your hands immediately on CRM if you really want to accelerate your business growth effectively.

Thank you for reading!