5 Possible Reasons Behind A Noisy Laptop

5 Possible Reasons Behind A Noisy Laptop
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A laptop is a mechanical device, and it’s natural to make noises. But what’s not natural is when your laptop makes noises like it’s screaming. Several reasons are involved behind a noisy laptop, such as dusty fans and software or hardware issues.

As a user, you wish your laptop to stay as quiet as possible. Just so you know, laptops making subtle noises is not a big deal. The problem starts when it gets noisy. And you should know, the laptop making loud noises means a part of your laptop is not functioning correctly.

Although, we all want our laptops to remain as they are for a long time. And it’s possible through proper maintenance, which we will discuss later on. But first, let’s find out the 5 primary reasons behind a noisy laptop.

Laptop Making Loud Noises-Is It A Bad Thing?

Where your laptop’s making subtle noises isn’t a bad thing, on the contrary, laptop making loud noises is a significant problem, and immediate actions are necessary.

Don’t get the wrong idea, as we keep saying a laptop is a machine, making noise means it’s working, but there is a difference between making subtle noise and loud noise, sure you get the point.

Let’s take a hp laptop, for instance. Most often, your hp laptop makes noise because the fans are firing up. It doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with your computer. But if it keeps making noises and getting louder by the minute, then you can say there’s a problem and should take immediate actions to fix it.

Five Reasons Behind A Noisy Laptop

Five Reasons Behind A Noisy Laptop

Undoubtedly, there are numerous reasons why your laptop is getting noisy. With considerable research, we’ve come up with 5 significant reasons behind a noisy laptop.

Let’s take a quick peek, shall we?

Laptop’s Dusty Cooling Fan

Many wide-ranging laptops make a buzzing noise because of dusty fans. Frankly, no amount of precautions can prevent your laptops from dust build-ups. As you know, you can’t control the dust particles, as it’s hard to locate with the naked eye.

Over time, it’s natural for your laptop to build up dust particles inside and out. When the dust clusters on your laptop fans, it’s hard to rotate correctly, thus making loud noises while functioning.

Laptop’s Software Issues

As previously mentioned, running software can be an issue behind your noisy laptop.

It can either be over-consumptions or an outdated BIOS, also it can be malware preventing your laptop From functioning properly. Let’s have a brief discussion over these issues.

Heavy Cpu Consuming Apps

Indeed software is present to help you with the laptop’s programing. But often, the software acts on its own, overusing your disk and CPU.

Take your OS update, for example. Once a month, it starts automatically and uses up all your laptop’s processing capacity. And as you know, heavy use makes your laptop work harder, thus making a loud noise.

Outdated Bios

Just to inform you, it’s only applicable for a laptop. It’s not a factor for PC users because BIOS programming differs between a laptop and a desktop.

The outdated BIOS of your laptop can be a reason why it’s overheating and making buzzing sounds. Because in a laptop, you can control the cooling system through BIOS programming. And if it’s not up to date, it can’t function with efficiency.


No matter how you put it, malware is harmful to your laptop. It has the potential to ruin your laptop’s entire system.

So when your laptop is affected by malware, the system can’t work at its best. Thus, making your computer work even harder to complete a simple task and continue to make loud sounds while running.

Laptop Overheating

The word laptop creates a deceiving concept. As you know, you can’t keep your laptop on your lap, and it’ll overheat for sure.

Let’s face it, you can’t really provide air from your legs, right? Not only that, keeping your laptop on a soft surface will make it heat up. Proper ventilation is also a cause for your laptop to heat up.

This causes your laptop’s CPU to be affected and can’t work properly. When it tries to backup the lost performance, it starts to make loud noises.

Outdated HHD/SSD

As time passes, your laptop’s HHD/SSD stars depreciate and lose performance quality. And like any other depreciated device, it starts to make noise.

You should know there’s a small disk in your laptop’s drive, which helps the laptop to read data. When it starts to lose its performance with time, it tries to cover up for lost performance. When it tries to back it up, it starts making buzzing sounds.

Faulty Cooling Fans

For a laptop, it’s essential to have actively working cooling fans. The laptop’s performance depends wholly on How well the laptop’s cooling fans are working.

A single faulty cooling fan can hinder your laptop’s performance. When you have a cooling fan that’s not working properly, not only does your laptop overheat; also, there’s creaking noise that starts to come out from your laptop. Which, over time, starts growing up making a loud noise.

How To Prevent Laptops From Getting Noisy

How To Prevent Laptops From Getting Noisy

Now that you’re aware of the reasons behind your noisy laptop. Don’t you want to learn how you can prevent it?

Sure you do. For your consideration, we’ve prepared solutions, and now we’ll go through each and every one of them.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

Regular Maintenance

First and foremost is regular maintenance. You should know proper maintenance can improve your laptop’s life sentence. And with regular maintenance, you can prevent the loud noise from building up in your laptop.

As we mentioned, the dust tends to build up in your laptop from inside and out. Regular cleaning after each use, dust particles won’t build up on your computer.

Using A Cooling Pad With A Stand

There’s an external cooling pad available in the market to prevent your laptop from overheating. Its purpose is to keep your laptop at an even temperature, no matter the outside condition.

As mentioned in the reason section, overheating is a cause behind your laptop getting noisy. A good thing about this cooling pad is that you can place it on any soft or hard surface.

Shut Down Unused Applications

Next up, remove the unused application from the system background. In doing so, you can free up your laptop’s disk and CPU usage.

To do that, just open the task manager from your laptop, go to the process section, and look for useless applications. While doing that, remember don’t remove any application from the windows system section. If you do that, your laptop won’t work unless you restart it.

Using Updated BIOS

A BIOS system is essential to keep up a smooth Laptop performance. So it’s crucial to keep the latest BIOS system for your laptop.

Clear Out The Malware

Every now and then, scan your laptop for viruses and malware. Thus, you can prevent the malware system from hindering your laptop’s performance.

Bottom Line

We hope you’ve gone through every segment by now and know overheating is the primary reason for your laptop’s loud noises.

We’ve also shown you how you can prevent your laptop from getting overheated. So now, applying these methods, you can use your laptop with any loud annoying sounds. Don’t forget to keep up the regular maintenance to keep your laptop’s performance intact.

Thank you for reading!