10 Tips to Help You Master Your Mac

10 Tips To Help You Master Your Mac
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Master Your Mac

Users switching to Mac for the first time often feel super excited about the various benefits of the macOS and its smooth performance. However, to get the hang of your Mac, you might need to master some tips that help you operate it quickly and efficiently.

This article will share 10 beginner tips that will help you become proficient in using Mac.

  1. Learn how to do quick searches in Spotlight:

Spotlight is a search feature for users that allows them to directly search any folder, document, media file, or app without opening the specific folder where it’s originally located. So, this feature is a big help if you’re super busy and can’t wait to navigate through the screen to find folders. It also allows you to do simple arithmetic sums directly, and if you search some topic, it shows web suggestions that again play a part in saving time. Let’s see the easiest way of using this feature.

  1. Press Command (Cmd) + Space key on your keyboard, and a search bar should pop on the screen.
  2. Type anything you want to search. For instance, type the name of the app you want to open or get a calculation done in the blink of an eye.
  1. Master taking screenshots:

A screenshot is another beneficial feature that users utilize frequently. It allows easy sharing of images, conversation or anything you like, right as it is from our screens. If you want to share a specific part of a private conversation with a friend, no worries. You can take a screenshot of that particular piece without covering the whole screen. Mac provides you with easy shortcuts that get the job done instantly.

  1. Press Command + Shift + 4. You will be prompted to take a screenshot by dragging the cursor over the portion to capture it.
  2. The step is to release the cursor. The image will be saved automatically on the desktop.

Note: In case you want to cover the whole screen, press Command + Shift + 3.

  1. Easy check on Notifications:

The notification center shows you all the notifications. To check them, you can instantly go to the notification center by clicking the Day and Time section on the right corner of your Mac screen. The notification center will open, showing you the notifications at the top, a mini calendar, and the edit option to add or remove widgets.

Note: For closing the notification center, tap again on the Day and Time section or tap freely on your screen.

  1. Stop apps from running in the background:

When you’re done using the app, you might want to close it by clicking on the close button. However, even if you do that, some apps still run in the background, occupying RAM and utilizing the battery power. So, to shut down a particular app properly, you have to either select it from the menu bar and choose the Quit option or simply press Command + Q key.

  1. Force stop an app:

It is not unusual for an app to get stuck or hang a lot, giving you a headache. If this happens on your Mac, you can forcefully quit the app. The instant way to do it is by pressing the keyboard’s Command + Option + Escape keys. Or you could also go to the Apple icon and select the Force Quit option.

Both methods will open a pop-up window, showing a list of running apps. You can choose the app that’s troubling you and tap on the Force Quit button.

  1. Learn to record your screen:

Learn To Record Your Screen

Sometimes when there isn’t an option to download a certain video or short clip, you can directly record your screen using QuickTime player (a built-in app) and get its copy saved up on your Mac.

  1. Open your Applications folder and select QuickTime player.
  2. After the player boots, go to File and choose the New Screen Recording.
  3. You can either record the whole screen or select a specific portion. Moreover, you can also record the sound along with the video part.
  1. Learn switching between many tabs:

You can open multiple programs at the same time and switch between them by pressing Command + Tab. On the other hand, if you want to switch between several tabs of the same application like PowerPoint, word document, or any other program, you can do so by pressing Command + ~ on your keyboard.

  1. Search the meaning of any word from anywhere quickly:

One of the many excellent features of the Mac includes its integrated reference tool system. This means you can instantly select any word in a document or an online webpage and press Command + Ctrl + D to find its meaning from the dictionary.

  1. Always choose a reputable laptop repair service

When it comes to choosing a MacBook repair service other than the Apple store to get your MacBook repaired or sell old apple products, you must select a reputable service provider. You must do your homework before you select a repair shop, like reading reviews, ensuring the technician is an expert and comparing pricing, etc.

For instance, Geekscall Out in the UK is a pretty reliable PC/laptop repair shop that provides top-quality Mac repairs. From battery replacement, virus removal, and complete configuration to screen repairs and replacement, you can get repairs for any type of major or minor issue.

  1. Learn how to do an electronic signature on Mac:

When it comes to your office work, there are times when you have to type and send in digital documents with a signature. Mac makes the process of signing digital documents pretty easy with its Preview application. You can go to the Preview application using Spotlight and open the PDF document in it.

  1. Tap on the Pen icon in the Preview application.
  2. When the menu expands, tap on the signature icon.
  3. You could either use the trackpad to do your sign or use the camera to take a picture of the signature and include it in the document.
  4. When you take the image from the Mac webcam, Mac will store it. Then go to the signature icon again and click it.
  5. Select your signature when it appears to add it to the document.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to Mac, the tips are never-ending, and there’s a lot to learn. You can master our easy beginners’ tips in no time and proceed to become well-versed in complete Mac usage step-by-step down the road.

Thank you for reading!