10 Best Blockchain Explorers

10 Best Blockchain Explorers
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Here you will find the best Blockchain explorers in the world. Use it smartly and you will become a great specialist. You should know that every person who is dealing with bitcoin requires an appropriate blockchain explorer. The thing is that using bitcoin without having a suitable blockchain explorer will be like you are using the internet without having a decent search engine.

There is no doubt that it is possible to deal with bitcoin without blockchain explorers, but you will miss a lot of information required for trading bitcoins efficiently. The blockchain is the network in which there is a lot of public databases available. You will be glad to know that the blockchain arranges all these databases to make it easier to explore the data in it.

In the beginning, there were not so many blockchain explorers, and they were only providing the basic features. But now, they have become an essential thing for bitcoin users. Blockchain explorers are the essential tools that a person uses for looking up the transactions on the blockchain.

Today, there are various blockchain explorers available on the internet, making it challenging to choose the best one. Listed below are some of the best blockchain explorers which you should know.


It is one of the best bitcoin blockchain explorers. It is the most popular bitcoin explorer, which is very solid and widespread. Although you should know that its features are basic if we see today’s standard, it still enables you to do your basic searches of transactions, addresses, and blocks. The user interface of this blockchain explorer is also straightforward and convenient. You will be glad to know that it is a reliable and trusted explorer, so you don’t need to worry about security.

You might not be aware that the best thing about blockchain.com is that it has a mountain of statistics available for the bitcoin activities of the last 24 hours. It includes all the bitcoin activities like price, difficulty, average fees, hash rate, etc. if you want to gather more extensive data, you should check out their charts sections. If you want to know more about bitcoin trading, then you can visit here wealth matrix.



Bitcoin chain is another amazing blockchain explorer which gives its users a real-time view of the blockchain as soon as they reach its homepage. You can find a lot of information on this bitcoin blockchain explorer. However, the best thing about this site is that it is well-organized, and you can quickly locate it. This site is also helpful in tracking the bitcoin market and the nodes of the network. The free wallet service of this blockchain explorer is like a cherry on top of the cake.

Block explorer

It is an open-source project which makes it very easy for the user to explore the transaction, addresses, and blocks. You can get information about all the blocks and addresses of the blockchain. You can also find the bitcoin cash and the cash blockchain explorer on this platform. In addition to the English language, this blockchain explorer also supports Spanish, German, and Japanese.


It is the most recent blockchain explorer which is performing great in the market. You should know that the Chinese team initially created this blockchain explorer for the Chinese markets, and you might also face some issues while translating the site into English. However, the fantastic thing about this blockchain explorer is that it is one of the broadest multi-chain explorers existing on the internet. Furthermore, it is a blockchain explorer for bitcoin, and the 70 additional altcoins, truly remarkable. There is no denying that the token coin is a robust and reliable bitcoin explorer, which you should try.


You need to know that the block cypher is a free open source project that you can use for exploring the transactions, addresses, and blocks on the blockchain. The user interface is cleanest, and you will not face even a single issue in using this blockchain explorer. The real-time feed of this platform is pretty cool, and it comprises some unique features which make it a fantastic blockchain explorer. Some of these features are a suggestion for transaction fees, prediction of confirmation, and the public address notification for the cold crypt wallets.


BTC.com is an older blockchain explorer, and many users like to use it for the real-time block feed. This real-time block feed is available on the homepage of this platform. It is a well-known blockchain explorer for its easy user interface. If you want to get more and more information, then using this site is the right option. You can also view the transactions of historical wallets. It has all the stats relating to the network hash rates, difficulty, transaction fees, and poo distribution, etc.,


It is a well-known blockchain explorer among digital currency enthusiasts. The black background of this platform is unique. It provides the user all the essential information and cleanly formatted data. The best thing about this blockchain explorer is that it keeps a record of the confirmation of every transaction. If you love raw data, then you are going to love this platform. You can also use a trade block for keeping a check on the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.


It is an open-source bitcoin blockchain explorer that provides users with a robust, convenient, and easy way to read the data from the blockchain. This platform provides a comprehensive array of blockchain data, which includes double-spend attempts, advanced details of transactions, and inputs or outputs.


If you need to find something on the blockchain, then you should use the block chair. A tremendous amount of information is available on this platform, including current difficulty, transaction fees, mempool size, number of nodes, hashrates, etc. A blockchain explorer keeps making improvements, and you will indeed get satisfied from using this platform. Furthermore, the compare tool of this site is handy as it allows you to compare the statistics of blockchain, mining, and network for all the digital coins for which they are keeping the data.


It is a clean and straightforward design blockchain explorer, which makes this platform very easy for beginners. You should know that this platform features both bitcoin as well as bitcoin cash. A blockchain explorer is a tool from which you will have access to all the information you need. It would be best if you tried it once for a fantastic experience.

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