What is DeFi, and why DeFi is trending in 2021?

What is defi
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Decentralized finance is claimed to revolutionize the financial aspects in an enormous amount. The basic concept of decentralized finance was introduced by bitcoin. Bitcoin is the foremost digitalized and political independent cash system which is complexed on a peer-to-peer network. Bitcoin is subjected to the aspects of decentralization which means no superior power can control bitcoin at all.

Conferring bitcoin, there are now several cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance models in the industry, and every almost every decentralized model alongside cryptocurrency is inspired by bitcoin. The year 2020 was underlined as decentralized finance as these models were acquiring an exceeding extent of attention. However, bitcoin’s sudden surge shadowed the essence of decentralized finance.

In 2021, decentralized finance is again trending, and almost every industry has adopted some decentralized finance model to embrace its productivity. Here is everything you should know about decentralized finance and why it is trending in 2021, so let’s have a look without wasting any further ado.

What is Decentralized Finance?

The financial sector has been utilizing the latest technology for a long time as every transaction in the traditional banking system is accomplished with robust technologies and machinery. Decentralized finance, on the other hand, is a complete ecosystem where the financial services are publicized.

Decentralized finance ensures that anyone can utilize these services and mitigate the involvement of third parties and centric parties. In contrast to the centralized financial system, a decentralized is equipped with much lesser restriction.

Decentralized finance (through Web3) is subjected to a public blockchain domain that embraces communication and transparency between every industry entity. The political independence of this ecosystem is achieved by a peer-to-peer network alongside a completely computerized third party rather than any humanized entity.

Rather than just peer to peer network, there are several other technical aspects that assist it in achieving decentralized features. The ecosystem consists of open-based software, a public distributed ledger, and smart contracts. DeFi industry is minimal in contrast to the centralized finance system at the instance, but in upcoming months, the industry is expected to blow up as the contract value of DeFi is constantly inclining.

The ecosystem of decentralized finance utilizes technical aspects to mitigate the domination of centric parties and to eradicate the restrictions offered by centralized finance. Decentralized finance majorly uses distributed ledger technology which means the database is not stored merely by a centric party.

Stable Coins And Decentralized Finance!

Traditional cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and Ethereum are exceedingly volatile by nature, and almost everyone witnessed the volatility of bitcoin and other digitized traditional currencies in the recent cryptocurrency market crash.

There is a massive misconception amongst crypto enthusiasts that every digital currency is volatile in nature as stable coins completely contradict the statement. Stable coins are an essential component of the decentralized finance industry, and these coins are currently one of the hottest topics in the cryptocurrency industry.

The entities involved in stable coin businesses have availed a total revenue of almost $26 billion in just one year. There are ample stable coins in the marketplace. However, tether and USDT are the two leading digitalized coinage with immense stability. To understand trading more, click the image below.

Gaming with Decentralized Finance

The blockchain gaming industry correspondingly underlies the decentralized finance ecosystem gaming. There are several online games that are complexed on a blockchain and a peer-to-peer network.

Blockchain gaming allows players to migrate in-game assets from one game to another just hassle-free with the assistance of NFTs. These NFTs are an acronym for nonfungible tokens; these crypto-assets are underlined as a virtualized ownership of a real-life asset.

You cannot convert these tokens to other crypto-assets, but you can quickly sell these tokens in fiat currencies. The blockchain gaming industry has capped a market value of half a billion in just a year, and the play-to-earn model of this industry is monetizing the gaming industry up to an extent.

Actual State of Decentralized Finance!

Summer DeFi Boom of 2020 has assisted tech heads to acknowledge the actual potential of decentralized finance up to an extent. In a nominal range of time, the evolution of decentralized finance is commendable as the total contract value of DeFi is more than $40 billion, and the value is constantly inclining.

The mere drawback of decentralized finance is that Nonfungible tokens are stable coins rendered by the ecosystem that is devoid of large volume alongside liquidity. The system might sound appealing at the instance due to its total contract value, but there are still a few flaws and bumps in the decentralized finance ecosystem as circumstances were comprehended where decentralized finances were hacked.

A decentralized finance ecosystem is currently trending in 2021, but why. You might be familiar that on the 19th of May, the cryptocurrency market crashed. At the instance of a cryptocurrency market crash, the centralized exchange suffered to an exceeding extent to offer a smooth user interface to the customers. All the more, the transaction fees centralized trustable exchange were correspondingly hiked.

You might be stunned by the fact that the portal of several trustable exchanges crashed. However, decentralized finance offered fascinating services as the transaction fees were absolute and fixed; all the more, there were no server issues while operating this decentralized finance.

The market crash highlighted the potential of decentralized finance. Blockchain gaming is correspondingly one of the prominent reasons why decentralized finance is trending in 2021 as earn-to-play models rendered by blockchain gaming assist players in earning up to $1000 in a month. Yes, you read it right, which is a gigantic earning, especially in developing countries. The all-embracing application of decentralized finance is making it enormously popular across the globe.


Decentralized finance is one of the prominent technologies introduced subsequent to the arrival of bitcoin. There are several decentralized exchanges that promote decentralized finance, and all the more, crypto banks are correspondingly getting exceedingly popular. This is everything you should know about decentralized finance and why is it trending in 2021


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