What is affiliate CPA marketing

What Is Affiliate Cpa Marketing
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What is CPA marketing?

This is one of the online advertising models. It is also called affiliate marketing. CPA stands for “cost per action”. That is, in this model, payment is made for the target action of the user whom the partner brought to the site. An affiliate is an agent from whose site traffic is redirected to the landing page of the advertiser’s company.

Affiliate marketing is now very popular and has become in fact a multi-billion dollar industry. With it, you can easily start monetizing your website or blog. By the way, display advertising, like Google AdSense, is a form of CPA marketing. CPA networks allow companies to earn money without directly selling their products.

How does affiliate CPA marketing work?

To begin with, let us figure out what a CPA network is. This is a special platform that is an intermediary between affiliates (those who know how to drive traffic and own the site) and advertisers. When a company wants to promote its product, they turn to this platform to meet with an affiliate. Usually, the organizers of CPA platforms make a deal in advance with affiliates who own resources: YouTube channels, websites, blogs, social networks, and email newsletters. And of course, CPA networks do not work for free, but they take a certain commission from each mediation. CPA marketing is often used by companies that have a simple and understandable product with a wide audience.

CPA advertising does not visually differ from regular advertising. These are all the same banners, pop-ups embeds in blog content, or retargeting. But the main difference between working with CPA marketing is that the advertiser pays for the result, that is, the target action, and not for impressions or clicks. Moreover, it is difficult to measure the effectiveness of paying for clicks and impressions, because the transition to the site does not mean 100% purchase or registration. And the CPA model allows you to find out how much you pay for a real customer.

The company chooses the type of target action to pay for:

  • filling out the feedback form (per lead);
  • buying products or placing an order;
  • installation of a program, or application;
  • callback order;
  • calling the company.

What are the benefits of affiliate CPA marketing?

The main advantage of CPA marketing is high efficiency. The company pays only after the user takes an action and receives real leads. The affiliate is interested in this because they receive a reward for each action of the lead. This is a good choice for beginner affiliates. CPA affiliate programs offer a fixed rate of payment or a percentage of the sale. It all depends on the type of product, business, and price range. By the way, CPA marketing allows you to advertise not only physical but also intellectual products. For example, workshops, courses, hostings, and mailing services.

Affiliate CPA marketing

What Are The Benefits Of Affiliate Cpa Marketing

CPA affiliate network cooperates with different types of businesses: online stores, financial institutions, travel agencies, real estate agencies, and online games. B2B companies choose it least often because it takes a long time to negotiate a purchase. Affiliate networks are not suitable for narrowly targeted products due to a limited audience. New online stores should also wait with CPA, as their priority will be to work on recognition and customer trust. Before using the CPA model, it is worth assessing the capabilities of production – whether the company will be able to cope with the flow of customers, so as not to refuse later due to the fact that the products have run out.

Those for whom affiliate networks are a good fit receive a profitable offer, where there are no financial risks. Some CPA networks offer generous payouts, so if you choose this model, you can make some decent money. CPA marketing works very well with the B2C market. It will be a plus if the price of the product is competitive, and the company offers customers a loyalty program: promotions, bonuses, and discounts. If you use contextual advertising, SEO, or other promotion methods, you risk wasting your budget. In the CPA network, payment occurs upon completion of actions, which means that advertising brings the desired result. But do not forget that there is high competition and the more popular the product, the more you have to pay for the target action.

How to get started with affiliate CPA marketing

  1. Find a CPA network. This is important for both the advertiser and the affiliate. If you want to be sure of a good result, contact popular networks as they not only own a large database of agents, but also have additional opportunities for the development of affiliates: workshops, contests, and bonus programs. When analyzing and choosing affiliate programs, pay attention to ratings, reviews, the number of working agents, and the number of offers.
  2. Create your site. Before you start looking for an offer and a vertical, you need to create your own website. Some CPA networks have certain requirements in order to work, so you need to make sure that your site has visitors. If you have a website, but affiliate programs refuse you, do not be discouraged, work on the resource, analyze the errors and everything will work out.
  3. Choose a niche and an offer to promote. Affiliate networks provide offers from different niches. We advise you to work in one direction first, so as not to jump from niche to niche. Such jumps will not give you a clear picture of the work. As soon as you decide where it is more comfortable for you to work, proceed to offer a selection. Ask your network manager what products are currently showing good conversion rates.
  4. Choose a traffic generation method. Naturally, without traffic flowing through your offer, you will not be able to earn money. There are several options for attracting traffic: advertising on YouTube or paid traffic. Keep in mind that there are offers that work with a specific lead generation method. CPA marketing works for the long term, so it is in your best interest to analyze and not quit at the first mistake.
  5. Boost the number of conversions when promoting. You can run campaigns with a direct link to the offer and earn commissions. Or you can create an intermediate landing (pre-landing) page, thereby increasing the number of conversions and getting a better result. In some cases, a pre-landing page is required, for example, if you work in parallel with several offers of the same topic.

Where there are people, there is fraud. And CPA networks are no exception. There are affiliates who, through fraud, attract low-quality traffic in order to receive a reward. They can “stuff” bots that will leave fake applications, attract freelancers who are not interested in the product, change links and cookies, and use prohibited methods of promotion. Usually, CPA networks monitor such fake activity and block unfortunate affiliates. But companies also need to be especially vigilant.


Affiliate CPA marketing is an easy way for affiliates to start making some decent money. Now there are a lot of offers that bring generous payouts. But it is very important to create your website and generate traffic before starting cooperation. Choose an affiliate network, an offer, a way to attract traffic, and when the user completes the target action, get your payment. To succeed in this business, constantly analyze and test networks, offers, traffic sources, and geos. Today, CPA networks are a reliable model of online advertising because they bring guaranteed results. Therefore, they will be popular for many more years and you should be well versed in this.

Thank you for reading!