Top 8 apps to use when you are in Dubai

Top 8 Apps To Use When You Are In Dubai
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Dubai is the epicenter of digital advancements. Locals, as well as tourists, business visitors, ex-pats, and exhibitors, have all contributed to Dubai’s dynamic environment. And what’s leading this dynamic environment and technological transformation in the region?

Mobile apps are at the forefront of the change and impacting millions of lives. There are many website design companies in NJ that provide various app and web development services. You can use their apps or through inspiration, get built for yourself as well.

So if you’re in Dubai or planning to do so, here is our pick of the 8 best apps that you definitely should download for the finest user experience in the region.


LuLu is one of the most popular online shopping apps offering the fastest delivery rates with its roots in the MENA region. It has more than 30,000 products from 1500+ local and international brands.

It is one of the finest examples of e-commerce app development with filters, search options, nearest Lulu hypermarket updates, order tracking, hassle-free online payment, and deals and discounts.

With filters like fruits and vegetables, meat and seafood, baby and pet care, beauty and wellness, fashion, and apparel, the LuLu has enough for every hour of need.

LuLu has over 2 million downloads, with a 3.4 rating on Google Play and 4.5 on the App store.

The Dubai Mall

Dubai Mall is one of the biggest shopping malls in the world. With 1200 stores, it is a part of a 20-billion-dollar downtown complex situated right next to The Burj Khalifa.

Considering it attracts almost 54 million visitors every year, this app significantly boosts the shopping experience.

The Dubai Mall app has in-mall navigation, filters like clothing and apparel, dine-in, and everything else a decent mobile app development company in Dubai will add for the finest user interface and experience.

It helps keep the pulse of the hottest Dubai Mall trends, deals, and events whether a visitor is right inside the mall or planning a visit. Currently, it has a 4.4 rating on Google Play and 4.8 on the App store.


Dubizzle is one of the biggest classified ads apps popular around the UAE and MENA region. It has listings for rental rooms to cars for sale, buying and selling used furniture to vehicles.

All users have to do is search for their needs and set search alerts. The app sends in push notifications to remind users of similar listings.

Visitors new to Dubai can use the app to search for part-time or full-time jobs while existing locals use the app to make some extra cash by selling or renting their extra stuff.

It has different filter options and categories, including property, motors, furniture, home appliances, and electronics.

With more than 5 million downloads, the app has 4.3 ratings on Google Play and 4.5 on the App store.

Dubai Health Authority

As the name suggests, DHA (Dubai Health Authority) app is one of the best healthcare reforms in UAE. If you’re new here or planning to visit, downloading this app will help you book schedules and emergency visits to doctors.

This app lets you find the right information about different medical clinics, blood donation avenues, vaccinations, and boosters. In fact, you can check lab results, add your insurance information, and so on.

If you’re on an official business or governmental visit, you can even check the requirements and status of medical fitness examinations. The app currently has a 3.3 rating on the App store and 4 on Google Play.



Talabat is a food delivery app quite similar to Uber Eats and Doordash. From breakfast to midnight snacks, smoothies, drinks, and desserts, Talabat has a lot to offer with its user-friendly interface.

The app is dedicated to the MENA region, but you can still find thousands of brands in different cuisines – from Chinese to Turkish to Italian.

It allows users to live to track their food orders. Plus, they can pay in cash or online. The app shows daily deals and discounts with vouchers and promotions from high-end brands to emerging restaurants. It has a 4.4 rating on the App store and 2.9 on Google Play.


As the world goes through serious Uberization, you can break the clutter by downloading Careem, Dubai’s dedicated ride-booking app. It’s inherently from Dubai and does support rides for other regions in the UAE.

While Careem provides a similar user interface and experience to Uber, downloading Careem is one ideal way to support a local business. Its drivers are called ‘Captains.’ The app has a 2-way rating system and comes with multiple digital payment options.

Currently, the Careem app has a 4.1 rating on Google Play and 4.6 on the App Store, crossing around 10 million downloads.

Dubai Metro2

If you’d want to go around the city in public transport rather than a private car, skip Careem and download Dubai Metro2. As the name suggests, the app suggests users of the local metro, pickup and drop-off times and locations, stations and so much more.

More importantly, it keeps the users cautious about different fines and penalties they could potentially be charged while traveling through public transport.

It has in-app navigation maps, and journey planners and works offline. Users can even favorite locations and quickly check the next pickup station and time. Metro currently has a 3.9 rating on Google Play and a 4 on the App store.

Dubai Calendar

Dubai Calendar app is visitors’ go-to choice for local events, trade shows, holidays, and recreational activities. These event alerts include business summits, food programs, concerts, movie premieres, art and literature exhibitions, and promotional conferences.

While it sends out updates about the neighborhood, it offers organization features as well. Users can share events socially, mark them on their personal calendars, book tickets and keep a pulse of weekly updates. It has a 4.3 rating on the App store and 3.3 on Google Play, with over 100,000 downloads.

Wrapping Up…

What’s better? All of these apps are free, and some of them even offer an ad-free experience. These will help you never miss a beat while you are in a colorful, culturally diverse space like Dubai, with a fast-paced day and super active nightlife.

There are a lot of other activities that can be done depending upon the requirements – just know what they are and you will be able to find what you are looking for.

Thank you for reading!