Tips To Save On TV Streaming Services in 2022

Tips To Save On Tv Streaming Services In 2022
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Save On TV Streaming Services

If you’re like most households across the country, then you have a subscription to a streaming service or two. This is an option that’s taken off in recent months and years as more people try to save money by cutting the cable cords and disconnecting from the satellite. However, if you have multiple services, then you might find that the money that you have to spend each month to maintain your subscription can be comparable to what you paid for cable or satellite services. Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can save on what you pay while still getting the content that you want throughout the year.


When you look at the details of the streaming service that you have, you’ll probably discover that there are different prices based on whether or not you want ads and the type of resolution that you desire. If you want HD content, then you’ll likely have to pay more each month for the service. A way to cut back a little on what you pay is to drop down to a package that doesn’t have HD content or to get IPTV. Here is how to download so player on firestick. You might not get the same clarity as before, but you’ll save money.

Keep the Ads

Although they can be quite annoying, a way to save money on streaming services is to keep the ads. Think of this as watching commercials as you would with cable or satellite. There are some services that offer free subscriptions if you choose to keep the ads.

Live TV

One of the extra features that you’ll discover with streaming services is live TV. This is beneficial to have if you like keeping up with the latest news or if there’s a show that you want to watch as soon as it comes on TV. It’s also beneficial if you like watching sports as soon as they happen. However, if you don’t mind a delay, then consider ditching live TV as this can drastically decrease the amount that you pay each month. You could get an antenna so that you can watch a few local channels as well if you want to keep this option while dropping the price that you pay for TV streaming.


If you use multiple services or if there are multiple channels that you like to watch, then consider purchasing a bundle from Dish Infinity. As you add more channels or services, then you’ll usually save more money. Disney is one of the better options to consider as it owns ESPN+, Disney+, and Hulu. This means that you’re going to get most of the sports that you like and a variety of movies and TV shows for all ages. A similar option is Apple TV+ as it offers CBS and Showtime as well. If you like Spanish channels with bundle plans, there are Dish Latino TV packages as well. You’ll usually be able to find a bundle for almost any content that you enjoy watching without spending a high amount of money.

Discounts for Students

Discounts For Students

Whether you’re a student and trying to save money while in school or you have kids at home who enjoy watching their favorite content, you’ll be pleased to know that there are several streaming services that offer student discounts. You might have to search for the information that’s available, but an example would be Hulu. The service is available for $2 for students. HBO and YouTube Premium have offered similar discounts with other services looking into ways to offer lower prices for college students and families with children in school as well.


Look at the various carriers that are available to see if there are any deals on streaming services, such as AT&T or Verizon. Some carriers will enter into agreements with companies so that they can offer customers internet and phone services as well as ways to watch at least movies or TV shows. AT&T often partners with HBO so that you can get the content for free if you sign up for an unlimited plan with the carrier. Look at the prices for upgrading your plan as well as upgrading your phone if you can get a service for free so that you’re not losing money.

Free Trials

The beauty of streaming services is that you’re not locked into a contract. This means that you can cancel at any time. When you subscribe, you’re going to be able to utilize the service for at least a month, so as soon as you subscribe, you want to cancel the service so that you aren’t automatically charged the next month. You can do this with a few services so that you can watch various types of content in order for everyone in your family to be happy.

Free trials typically last from one week to two weeks, so you want to try to coordinate the shows and movies that you want to see with the trial. This allows you to watch what you’ve been waiting on without spending the money for the monthly fee. If you’re not able to binge your favorite content, then this might not be an option to consider.

Bill Trackers

There are several bill trackers like Truebill that allow you to enter everything that you need to pay each month so that you get an alert when it’s due. You’ll be able to see how many subscriptions you have and how much you’re spending each month so that you can better determine which ones you might want to keep and which ones you can get rid of to save money, especially if multiple services offer similar content.

Credit Cards

If you have credit cards, then you know that you can usually earn points or get cashback when you make purchases. Some credit cards offer access to streaming services or give you rewards if you’re connected to a service. American Express and Wells Fargo are two companies that offer these rewards but keep in mind that you might need to get the upgraded card option in order to get the maximum benefit. You also need to look at cancellation fees and if you’ll get any rewards if you go with the basic streaming service instead of the upgraded package.

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