6 Reasons Why You Should Still Be Doing Email Marketing

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Whoever said “email is dead” must not be doing email marketing right. There’s no denying that the average inbox is overflowing, but that doesn’t mean your brand should write off email. In fact, the environment of email over-saturation may help your marketing campaigns stand out even more. Discover six key reasons why email marketing still reigns supreme and learn how to amplify your next campaign strategy.

  1. Email is the Most Efficient, Cost-Effective Ways to Reach Your Customers

If you pitch one more advertising campaign, your accounting contacts might scream. Plus, when you consider costs per click, your return on investment may not be high enough to fight for. However, email marketing remains one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to reach your most engaged audiences.

A delivered email represents just fractions of pennies invested, and much of the work that makes campaigns effective is strategy. Top performance marketing agency Hawke specializes in customized data-driven solutions, including email. To improve email marketing efforts, they develop segmentation to filter out disengaged users and refine which ones to invest in further. Email isn’t one-and-done, it can help influence your entire marketing funnel.

  1. Automation and Triggers Help Customers Throttle Engagement

Email can feel like a hands-on tactic, but automation and triggers can do the heavy lifting for you. Design a campaign or customer journey for your messaging, building in steps where recipient engagement moves the journey forward.

The more engagement your recipient has, like opening the email or clicking on a link, the further they go. Set timers in your automation to check in on triggers, ensuring your customer is getting timely messages. By using automation and triggers, the customer determines their journey, and you can analyze what works best.

  1. Brands Get Customer Feedback in Real Time

You typically have to wait weeks or even months to see how a large-scale advertising campaign plays out. While they still have their place, there’s nothing like the feedback you get from an email campaign. Within minutes, you can see how well an email is performing and identify what’s working and what isn’t. This is even more useful in the e-commerce space, where quick conversions are key.

Most emails exhaust their relevancy within a day or two, meaning you can analyze and apply what’s effective fast. Duplicate a winning strategy or update existing ones with the latest, most relevant feedback via email engagement. Bonus — use questions or mini quizzes to get quick-take responses and boost engagement in your messaging. While this feedback is gathered through a convenient sample, it can influence future work and more comprehensive research.

  1. Email Marketing is a Proving Ground for the New and Novel

Do you have some new products in development and need to do some market research? Email may be your new best friend. Introduce new concepts to your most loyal customers to get feedback or extend unique offers. Their engagement level can add the layer of data your product development needs.

At a more granular level, use A/B testing to stress test messaging, calls to action, and pique curiosity. The winner of your email test ensures the best message goes out and may influence your next major campaign. Refine, test, and refresh strategies, bouncing ideas off select customer segments and personas.

  1. Get Hyper Relevant With Personalized Customer Journeys

Email marketing and your customer relationship management or CRM system are the perfect pair to craft hyper-relevant customer journeys. Think of it as customer life cycle planning that takes customer actions over time and creates a unique, customized path.

Personalized Email Experience

Boost conversions by layering search, cookies data, and social engagement within your CRM. Nudge repeat purchases or new product discovery based on abandoned carts or timed email reminders for life’s essentials. When you do, you’ll deliver relevant emails that help your customers, resulting in conversions and long-term loyalty.

  1. Reinforce Customer Relationships Between Purchases

What goes on between purchases matters just as much, if not more, than what precedes it. Nurture customer relationships with email relevant to their purchases with a special touch. Offer tips for how best to use their products or suggest product pairings to maximize their completed purchase. This may take the form of a listicle featuring products you sell alongside other value-adds.

Pair this strategy with seasonality for an extra effective and relevant reach-out. For example, kids clothing company Primary sends emails full of tips on how to create fun, low-waste Halloween costumes with their clothes. Use timeliness to inspire reasons to email your customers, keeping you top of mind between buying reasons. When it’s time to shop, your brand will be their go-to source thanks to your nurture campaigns.

Strategic Email Marketing Strengthens Your Brand and Your Customer Relationships

Don’t skimp on your email marketing strategy, invest in it. Leverage your owned data about your customers, their buying habits, and what previous messages have done well to drive results. Your customized insights and strategic campaigns will strengthen your customer relationships, earn their loyalty, and grow your brand. Take a fresh look at your email marketing program and use these tips and techniques to maximize your campaigns.

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