ProtectMyID Review 2021: Everything you need to know.

Protectmyid Review
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As more and more people find their way onto the internet and the various social media websites accessible with a few clicks of the mouse, much of the world is unwittingly revealing unprotected personal information that it could be used against. Online identity theft. According to a study published this month by Experian-backed ProtectMyID, 75% of respondents over 45 used an online social network.

However, it has been found that more than half of them do not adequately protect the excessive amounts of personal information they post on websites from the public – and from cyber criminals with online identities who may be searching for personal information. Commit identity fraud.

The study found that 14% of the adults surveyed had their home address on their online profile. Simultaneously, almost half of those surveyed revealed a family or relationship, valuable information for cybercriminals. However, the survey also found that 35% of adults had not made any adjustments to network websites’ security settings to prevent online identity theft.

All of this is thanks to a service popularly known as ProtectMyID, developed and provided by Experian, the multinational consumer credit reporting company, which also offers its customers a range of theft prevention services. Identity.

A general overview of ProtectMyID

ProtectMyID is an identity theft protection service available to AAA members and supported by Experian Services. ProtectMyID does not require any advanced knowledge of computer security or software design. You can use the services easily and access all information.

While you can use antivirus solutions and additional security layers on your computer, keeping your credentials and data safe from cybercriminals may not be enough. While your data is protected from cyberattacks with AV solutions, you never know if a third-party compromises your credentials. Unfortunately, our data is often found on the black market and exposed to cybercriminals.

In this case, you must be protected from these brutal attempts to use your identity and credentials and prove that these actions were carried out without your consent. ProtectMyID uses advanced analysis and monitoring of your information that may appear suspicious. In essence, this is an essential service for anyone involved in financial transactions.

All in all, ProtectMyID is a warning and monitoring system that can help you and prevent unwanted and harmful data breaches.

They also offer some popular identity theft protection services, including Dark Web, SSN, and credit monitoring to keep your personal information safe. You also have identity theft insurance for up to $ 1 million. ProtectMyID has three plans and different features that allow you to monitor your personal information easily and alert you to suspicious activity 24/7.

Key features of ProtectMyID

ProtectMyID Key features

Additional features such as Identity Theft Monitor & Alerts and Child Identity Protection are essential in the meantime when tens of thousands of identity theft cases occur daily. The personal support and advice from highly qualified specialists is also a great advantage.

This ProtectMyID review discusses all of the available plans and answers some key questions users want to know, plus the identity theft protection service’s pros and cons.

Is ProtectMyID a Scam?

As this is and is operated by a premier consumer credit bureau, it is safe to say that the service is not a scam. Your information is safe with Experian, and with their range of services, you can be sure that the company will not compromise your identity.

Is ProtectMyID worth it?

For just $ 15.95, it’s worth it. If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel your subscription for a full refund if you choose ProtectMyID?

Strengths of the ProtectMyID coverage:

  • There are three major surveillance alerts: Internet scan, address change alert, and credit alert.
  • The Lost Wallet feature protects you if you lose your wallet with your credit card, medical card, and/or debit cards.
  • It can cover children under the ProtectMyID plan.
  • They offer million-dollar product insurance to pay off funds that aren’t covered by financial and credit card companies.
  • A copy of the Experian credit report is free.

How does ProtectMyID work?

ProtectMyID offers a multitude of services with which you can keep your private data safe and reliable.

ProtectMyID how does it work?


Credit Monitoring – ProtectMyID works directly with Experian to carefully monitor any changes in your credit report. These changes are often the first indication that your identity has been compromised. This includes any request for information about your balance, whether it is to check your creditworthiness or apply for a credit card.

Monitoring Public Records – They also monitor public records and report personal information changes that could indicate fraud.

Identity Watch – Whether someone tries to apply for a credit card with your name on, inquire about specific accounts, or change their address, a notification will be sent to the mainframe, and you will be notified. It also includes uses or changes to the date of birth and phone number.

Alert System – ProtectMyID will send alerts immediately when activity is detected on your account. It doesn’t matter whether you compromise your personal information or use your credit card. An anti-fraud specialist becomes available immediately after the alert. ProtectMyID also sends an all-clear every month if there has been no activity.

Preventative Measures

Educational Materials – ProtectMyID offers many different methods to educate you about protecting yourself and your information from identity thieves. There are plenty of articles and blog posts out there, including useful information on popular internet scams and how to ensure that all of your private information is safe and secure. This aspect isn’t strictly necessary for an identity theft program, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


Dealing with Identity Theft – If your identity is stolen, you automatically have access to a ProtectMyID anti-fraud agent to help you resolve identity theft effectively and correctly around the clock. All anti-fraud agents are trained and certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. This means that they are all familiar with the creditors in restoring your credit.

Lost Wallet Protection – If your wallet or purse is lost or stolen, ProtectMyID allows you to quickly cancel all credit and debit cards to protect your funds from identity thieves. ProtectMyID offers up to $ 1 million of product insurance for reimbursement if banks and credit card companies are not responsible for it.

What are the significant features of ProtectMyID, and why is this identity theft protection service so highly regarded as one of the best in the identity theft industry will be listed here?

List of ProtectMyID features

Identity Theft Insurance

If you use ProtectMyID, identity theft insurance typically costs $ 25 to $ 50 per year. These fees are included in the plan you choose. Hence, once the crime has been committed and you take care of your document’s restoration, you do not pay any additional cost for this guarantee.

ProtectMyID identity theft protection

For example, if you have a Plus plan, you have identity theft coverage of up to $ 500,000. If you have a Premium plan, you can get identity theft coverage of up to $ 1 million.

Before accepting the terms of the offer, you should review all limits and cost recovery. For example, long-distance calls, legal fees, childcare costs, notary fees, lost wages, and copies of your credit reports can be insured. At the same time, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners suggests finding:

  • What are the limits of the insurance policy?
  • Which costs are deductible?
  • If the legal work has been approved in advance by the insurer;
  • What are the fees and limits for coverage?

On the other hand, when the identity protection services contract is signed, the insurer and company can help you recover.

Lost wallet assistance.

At least once in our life, we ​​lose our wallet or become a victim of theft. Usually, we all have our cards and IDs or driver’s licenses in our wallets, which has serious consequences. The count takes a few minutes for those whose aim is to sell your information on the internet or use your credit cards.

Of course, the collection process and the police reports take time. Knowing that we can all forget what we have in our wallets, it also becomes a real task to describe what has been lost accurately. In this case, Wallet Loss Help becomes an option that can save you time and money.

With all the important information stored in a secure ProtectMyID dashboard, it will take a moment to make all the necessary calls to your bank and provide the specialists with all the information they need. The convenience of the lost wallet help is evident compared to the stressful and terrifying journey home to retrieve all of the documents you keep on your shelf.

You can also take advantage of Experian specialists’ support, who will be happy to help you with the next steps.

Dark web monitoring

You may know what the dark web is, but as a reminder, dark web or darknet websites are hidden from indexed web search engines and can be accessed using certain software and networks. These websites do not track visitors’ location or IP address, and the users do not have any hosting information. It gives users the ability to share files with high encryption.

This is the last place you want to find information about yourself. User information, social numbers, or other identifying information can often be sold or traded on the darknet. Because the Darknet is difficult to use, these crimes can remain unsolved.

An Experian ProtectMyID account allows you to run a dark web scan of most encrypted data and see if your information is available. ProtectMyID searches for SSNs, emails, passports and medical IDs, bank account numbers, driver’s licenses, retail/membership, and credit/debit cards.

How exactly and which resources can ProtectMyID analyze? All you need to do is set up your Experian account and go to the Experian Dark Web Surveillance section. You will receive notifications by email and in your inbox. Your information is searched on websites, blogs, bulletin boards, peer-to-peer sharing networks, social media feeds, web services, servers, and file transfers.

Child Identity Protection

This feature can help prevent or tell if someone is using your child’s social security number in fraudulent transactions. You can easily access this feature when you log into your Experian account and add your child’s information. You can then analyze the social security number violations and view the report on the secure website.

At the same time, this special feature provides you the opportunity to freeze your child’s credit reports. This means that no new accounts will be created using their credentials, and no action can be taken on their behalf. This will not affect your child’s creditworthiness in the future but assures you that their personal information will not be compromised or breached. Loan freezing is similar to the loan foreclosure functions. They prevent potential lenders from accessing your credit reports and prevent fraudsters from opening new accounts on your behalf.

Besides, disclosing your child’s information via the Darknet or the Landers is extremely dangerous. It can lead to undesirable consequences, ranging from unexpected demands from debt collection agencies to their overall security. It is always good to ensure that our child is protected from the attention they do not need from an early age.

Experian CreditLock

This feature is included with your Experian subscription and does not incur any additional costs. You can lock your credit report with one click and prevent unauthorized credit activity with real-time alerts if someone tries to apply for credit with your credentials while the credit report is locked.

Note that if you suspend your credit report, banks and lenders who check your credit report for a credit or loan application and companies who check your credit report to open new rentals will not have access to it. Homes, new utilities, or cellular services.

On the other hand, your credit report is accessible to:

  • Your potential employer or insurance company during the application process;
  • Companies with selected credit cards offer, and you can unsubscribe from the list.
  • Information about the collection agencies acting on behalf of the companies you may owe;
  • Companies that have a credit relationship with you.

When you use a credit lock feature, you ensure that your credit report is not compromised by fraudulent attempts to open a credit using your credentials. You can always unlock your file if you are sure that your data has not been compromised or is in the credit or financial market.

Identity theft monitoring and alerts

Identity theft monitoring and alerts are essential features of your ProtectMyID service offering. This feature can help prevent your credentials from being corrupted when thieves get your information. You may want to use this feature before you see anything suspicious, for example:

  • Your credit card was declined for no reason.
  • You see unresolved transactions or withdrawals from your bank account.
  • As a user, you get to receive notifications from the company whenever your account security has been breached.
  • Get information from the IRS that you are not familiar with.
  • You are sure that your data may be corrupted.

You can monitor and alert a ProtectMyID for 90 days with identity theft. Companies need to re-examine and verify loan applications without affecting your overall creditworthiness. The process takes longer when you apply for credit.

At the same time, you can create an advanced fraud notification. However, it must fill out an application form and include copies of the identity theft report you completed with law enforcement agencies. Extended fraud notifications run for 7 years and force companies to remove you from their pre-screened credit offers marketing lists.

Credit Monitoring & Alerts

Credit Monitoring and Alerts is a business that allows you to monitor your credit records. You will receive notification of every action that has been taken on your account so that you are aware of any fraudulent attempts to open funds on your behalf. Activities that can trigger these alerts include:

  • Opening new accounts – credit cards or loans;
  • “Difficult” loan applications – when financial institutions conduct credit checks after submitting credit card or loan applications;
  • New public documents – including, but not limited to, court decisions or bankruptcy information;
  • Changes of address;
  • Accounts sent to collections – when there is a risk of unpaid debt.

ProtectMyID allows you to customize notifications to avoid overloading your inbox with updates and using a credit lock feature to protect your credit report best.

At the same time, the credit monitoring and warning function does not cover the following cases:

  • Improve your credit rating;
  • Fraud alerts and credit freezes;
  • Report the fraud to the authorities;
  • Avoids phishing emails.

Credit scores monitoring

ProtectMyID gives you additional credit monitoring capabilities when this activity is overwhelming. The best specialists and the system will help you prepare the credit report and manage your credit history.

This feature allows you to calculate your credit score based on the information on your credit report. You can also see what factors affect the FICO score, including your payment history, amount of debt, length of credit history, credit mix, and the new loan size.

ProtectMyID credit score monitoring

At the same time, Experian helps you improve your credit score’s quality with the Experian Boost feature, along with credit for utility bills and your phone, resulting in positive payments on your Experian credit report. Additionally. You also get a credit match tool to compare credit card rates, fees, and rewards to find a card solution that’s right for you.

This feature is a handy bonus for you as it allows you to easily understand your credit score history and see if your score needs improvement. Creditworthiness is vital for banks, credit card companies, and car dealers to get your creditworthiness approved. Knowing where your score is, makes it easy to rule out rejections or unfavorable conditions from offers.

Customer service

ProtectMyID offers you support Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., which doesn’t sound as exciting as it should be. However, we need to understand that some agencies and authorities also adhere to specific schedules. You can contact the team at the toll-free number provided on the website or write an email. Customer service representatives will help you with all of your questions, from setting up your account to directing specific requests to relevant departments.

ProtectMyID customer support service

The support assistance is also conveniently set up so that you do not have to contact the agent if you forget your password – you can easily do it yourself. In other cases, you can be sure that your problem will be resolved as soon as possible, with no unwanted delays or unclear solutions offered.

ProtectMyID identity theft protection service packages and pricing plan comparison

IdentityWorks Plus

IdentityWorks Plus is seen as a useful aid in the basic protection of your data. This plan gives you all the essential features of the ProtectMyID services and costs you $ 9.99 per month. IdentityWorks Plus also gives you identity theft coverage of up to $ 500,000. However, this plan does not include a credit report. Also, Plan supports you with the help of specialists from the USA.

ProtectMyID package plans

IdentityWorks Premium

This plan is considered advanced and is most beneficial when you want complete control over your data. It will cost you $ 19.99 per month, and you are eligible for identity theft insurance of up to $ 1 million. Additionally, IdentityWorks Premium gives you quarterly credit reports from the three partner agencies and gives you several additional features missing from the Basic Plus plan. These features include bank account and credit card notifications, identity verification notifications, payday loan monitoring, court records and reservations, sex offender registration, and social media monitoring.

Family Identity Protection

Family Identity Protection Plan with 1 adult and up to 10 children.

Plus: This plan gives you all the basic functionality you need to monitor and receive notifications for you and your kids for the price of $ 14.99 per month. No difference was seen between the Family Plus plan and the Individual Plus plan from ProtectMyID. You have identity theft coverage up to $ 500,000 without being offered a credit report at the end of the month.

Premium: You pay $ 24.99 per month for this plan and get all of the individual premium plan’s additional features. The insurance limit can also reach $ 1 million.

Family plan with 2 adults and up to 10 children.

Plus: this plan is perfect for large families and is offered at no additional cost, which gives you $ 19.99 back per month. You can also get up to $ 500,000 in identity theft coverage. Also, Plan does not provide you or your partner with credit reports.

Premium: It costs you $ 29.99 per month and gives you identity theft coverage of up to $ 1 million. The Premium plan gives you all the advanced features like other plans at no additional cost for members. At the same time, you will receive quarterly credit reports from the 3 partner offices. Also, it offers all the monitoring and warning functions of the Individual Premium plan.

ProtectMyID Pros

  • Immediate notifications by email or SMS – you will be notified immediately if the situation changes.
  • High-quality analysis for data breaches and other information – ProtectMyID provides you with accurate information about possible data breaches.
  • Child Identity Theft Protection – Reduces the chance that cybercriminals will use your child’s SSN for fraud purposes.
  • The change of address can be monitored – suspicious changes are notified.
  • Provides teaching materials – Experian has a variety of articles and tips on the Internet and information security.

ProtectMyID Cons

  • Limitation of the number of cards to be monitored.
  • Mixed reviews from guests about the overall service.
  • Family follow-up plans not available.
  • Must be updated to monitor all three credit bureaus.


Is ProtectMyID good for me?

ProtectMyID is a unique and impressive service that provides you total control over your bills, information, and other aspects. You can use many features to keep your data safe and secure without worrying about losing it or forgetting important things if you lost your wallet or someone stole it. We consider lost wallet protection to be one of the best tools to ensure our information’s integrity even when such an awkward situation arises.

Pricing is also the least of your problems as Experian’s ProtectMyID brings you top-notch service at a fair price in the market. There are no additional fees for using the advanced features, and you can choose which tools to use.


Thank you for reading!