10 Most Valuable Blockchain Companies in the world

10 Most Valuable Blockchain Companies In The World
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Here you will find the list of the most valuable blockchain companies in the world. Being an investor or owner of cryptocurrencies, the means of Blockchain could use the only bitcoin for you. It is nothing to worry about because it is something that has been a common mindset of people. The main reason behind it is that bitcoin is primarily related to Blockchain technology. To understand, you need to know that the backbone of bitcoin is formed entirely by Blockchain because it offers bitcoin its anonymity and transaction security.

These are the two most important things which make bitcoin the most popular cryptocurrency across the globe. Without these two things, bitcoin could have been the least popular or the second most popular cryptocurrency in the world after Ethereum. Furthermore, you should know that bitcoin is just a cryptocurrency that became popular because of Blockchain, but Blockchain is a vast concept. It works in cryptocurrencies and other industries that use Blockchain in their daily routine.

Valuable Blockchain Companies

The emergence of Blockchain led to the emergence of high security and safety. Nowadays, many business firms are using it to secure their data and personal information. When Blockchain did not exist, it was straightforward to breach the rate of any company. However, when companies knew about Blockchain technology, they started to employed and got incredible results. There are different methods like encryption and tokenization through which you can store your information in Blockchain technology.

If you are a company holder, you must understand the aspect of Blockchain technology. If you are just curious about bitcoins and Blockchain technology, you should know that companies operate through Blockchain. Blockchain technology is vast, and many precious companies in the world work by Blockchain.

Many tech firms made predictions about Blockchain technology in the future. For example, a very well-known company named PwC believes that bitcoin can add up to $1.76 trillion to the global gross domestic product by 2030. It is not a small amount of money.

By such predictions, you can easily understand how incredible Blockchain technology is. To get a clear understanding of the powers of Blockchain, you need to know about the ten most valuable Blockchain companies across the globe in 2021.

Valuable Blockchain Companies


You need to understand that it is not only cryptocurrency firms that have become popular with the help of Blockchain technology. Companies in other sectors have gathered a large amount of fame and money in recent times with the help of Blockchain. Congress is one of the most popular and precious companies across the globe that have thrived due to Blockchain technology. It is a platform that facilitates retail trade as well as is very professional. It does not only provide you with a trading platform but also offers other revenue streams. The net worth of this company is $8 billion, which makes it the second most valuable Blockchain company in the world. Before investing in bitcoin, you have to visit here Crypto Revolt for better insight.


Bitcoin mining is also one of the most important methods, with the help of which many companies got recognization across the globe. This company offers bitcoin mining services to many other small firms. It managed to get a net worth of $12 billion because it sells bitcoin mining hardware. It can provide the other companies with operating mining tools and also mining farms. Due to the amount of net worth, it is the first and most valuable Blockchain company globally.


Robin hood was not the company that initially provided you service of cryptocurrency trading. It was a company that offered you a Platform for trading stocks. However, it began to realize that cryptocurrencies are thriving across the globe, and therefore it can also provide the same services. As a result, it started offering cryptocurrency trading services in 2018 completely free of cost. It is one of the mainstream applications all around the world, and it has an estimated net worth of $7 billion which makes it the third most popular and valuable Blockchain company across the world.


If you are a trader, you must know that XRP is the third-largest cryptocurrency in the world, and the company responsible for it is Ripple. It has an estimated net worth of $5 billion, making it the fourth-most valuable Blockchain company across the globe. The essential services provided by the companies are payments and settlements. Its net worth in September 2018 stood at $4.7 billion, and it was separate from the XRP’s market value.


The Circle is also one of the most valuable Blockchain companies globally as it has an estimated net worth of $3 billion. It has created the USD coin and also a top-rated stable coin. It reached $3 billion in 2018, and it started by providing consumers with crypto services.


It is a company that started its business by providing crypto exchange services to consumers. Then, the company expanded by adding on some other trading platforms, and it went through several remains as well. It has total funding of $13 million, and it stands at $4 billion, which makes it one of the most valuable Blockchain companies in the world.


EOS is a coin by the block.one company, and it is the seventh-largest cryptocurrency which is a tough competition to the ethereum. The net worth of this company stands at $3 billion, which makes it one of the most valuable Blockchain companies in the world. As it is the creator of the OS, the cryptocurrency, it is expanding every day, which is also very high speed. Most of the assets held by this company are liquid as well as government bonds.


Leveraged trading is prevalent among investors nowadays, and BitMEX is a company that provides this service. Furthermore, it is a company that offers cryptocurrency exchange that deals in perpetual contracts. Therefore, it is indirectly related to leverage trading, and its valuation was $3.6 billion in July 2018.


Binance tops the list according to the trading volume when it comes to the largest cryptocurrency exchange globally. Apart from providing cryptocurrency exchange services, it also deals in some other services. For example, it also provides its consumers with its cryptocurrency and its chain for storing personal information. Its net worth values are at $2 billion, but the actual net worth can be even higher than that.

Canaan creative

The mining hardware sales of Canaan creative are just behind the Bitmain. It is one of the most valuable blocks in companies across the globe because it has an estimated net worth of between $2 billion $3 billion. It is a mining tool selling company, and as the Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are thriving, its business goes the same way.

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