5 Best Keyloggers for Monitoring Your Children’s Social Media Activities 2

5 Best Keyloggers for Monitoring Your Children’s Social Media Activities

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Let’s start with settling the question of legality – the very question that hinders many concerned parents’ decision to spy on their children. Keyloggers can indeed reflect a major breach of privacy, but many legal jurisdictions allow parents to monitor their kids to keep them safe – where ever they’re. Parents can and should spy on their kids to protect them from the not-so-hidden dangers of the online world.

Smartphones are need of the time and expose your kid to the higher of life’s harsh realities. So, how do you make sure with whom your kid is chatting on social media platforms or what they are browsing on the internet – given that they can easily delete the sent or received messages. This is where keylogger software comes into play that allows parents to completely monitor every single activity of their pre-teens and teens on smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. A smartphone keylogger tracks every text typed on the target device and creates detailed reports for you to have an eye on your kid’s online activities.

Let us discuss the 5 most powerful and versatile keyloggers available online today.

mSpy – #1 Smartphone Keyloggers Software

mSpy is indubitably the best keylogger application for parents to monitor their kids. It offers some of the most advanced and unique spying features that make it convenient for concerned parents to know what their young ones are typing on their phones.

Teens will be teens. Whenever they do something outlandish, they try to hide it, but with the mSpy app, you can track their internet use and online activities. Some of the remarkable features that make mySpy the leader of monitoring apps include:

  • Easy to install and analyze – it provides complete analytics in the most intuitive form.
  • Stealth mode – it can’t be detected on the target device
  • Complete monitoring of text messages, emails, and communication on social media platforms.
  • Compatibility with both iOS and Android devices (among the very few)
  • Geofencing
  • Call details and contact lists
  • GPS location
  • Restrict and block unwanted contacts, URLs, and harmful apps.
  • Provides information in real-time, i.e., updates every five minutes regardless of the location.

All these features enable parents to have sophisticated monitoring of their children. You can buy either a basic mSpy subscription plan costing $99.99 a year or a premium package that costs $199.99 a year. MSpy also has the option of a 7-day free trial.


Spyrix: Powerful Smartphone Keyloggers

On the list of top keyloggers, Spyrix always comes next to mSpy. This keylogger software is also cloud-based and provides real-time monitoring of every single keyboard stroke on the target device – making it a good option for children’s control. The best thing about Spyrix is its free version that provides some monitoring features – but its pro-version costs $69 a year per device.

Some useful features of Spyrix Pro include screenshots capturing, WEB camera surveillance ($80), remote monitoring, Microphone Voice Surveillance ($80), etc.

But despite developers’ claim that Spyrix is undetectable, it is often flagged by antivirus software – making it not the first-choice of parental control spying application.

Kidlogger: Useful keylogger Software

Kidlogger, as the name suggests, is another high-ranked parental control application that is compatible with Android and Windows PCs. It provides complete details of communication on the targeted device, including:

  • Which apps and websites your kid uses,
  • whom he/she communicates with
  • time-spent on using the targeted device
  • record voices on Windows
  • phone tracking
  • Wi-Fi coordinates
  • texts typed on the targeted device

It comes in a free version, but most features are unlocked by buying professional Kidlogger software costing $89 a year. Also, this software doesn’t allow you to block websites and apps, limit internet usage, and often compromise stealth tech.

Refog: Another Stalwart Keylogger Software

Refog keylogger, the other software on the list, is inexpensive and easy-to-use. It also offers a long list of useful monitoring features such as launched programs and apps, visited websites, sent and received messages, screenshots of what’s on the screen, and many more. Its pro version costs $60 a year.

But users experience incorrect notifications or alerts, and also, this software often uses bad words or slang – through by mistake.

Ardamax Smartphone Keylogger

This small and simple to use software costing $49 a year allows users to monitor and capture kids’ activities. It particularly proves useful in webcam recording, keystroke logging, microphone recording, tracking browser searches, email logs delivery, and chat monitoring.

However, this software can’t be used for sophisticated monitoring as it doesn’t include any advanced built-in reports.

Final Remarks

Children are curious beings who love to explore the internet, which isn’t a bad thing, but unsupervised browsing and social media usage can put them in trouble. So, a powerful and efficient keylogger application is vital to access and track their activities.

Considering the price and features of the above-mentioned tools. MSpy stands apart and remains your first choice to ensure your kids are safe Everywhere. Every time.

Bonus video: keyloggers: How children engage with the internet | Sonia Livingstone | TEDxExeter

5 Best Keyloggers for Monitoring Your Children’s Social Media Activities FAQs

How many types of keyloggers exist

Just 2 types of keyloggers exist:
1. Software keyloggers
2. Hardware keyloggers

Can an iPhone have a keylogger?

Yes, just as any device globally, but the iPhone is very protected because IOS is locked OC. The only way to install keyloggers is by hacking it.

How much do keyloggers cost?

Cheapest version – $79.95.
Expensive version – $399.95.

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