Interesting Cyber Security Webinars

Interesting Cyber Security Webinars 1
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Nowadays, all business forms and organizations were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why organizers think of some different ways to hold some security conferences online. Some event planners decided to reschedule their online conferences. Some of them chose to postpone the conferences until next year, and some decided not to have conferences at all.

As they look forward, different organizers must decide whether they will hold virtual or face-to-face conferences in 2021. The majority of them would rather choose attending webinars online for more convenience.

If you also opted to attend cyber security webinars, then you can have a wide range of knowledge on application security, data, security, access and identity management, and information security. These webinars will help you to be well-informed about the latest security trends and evolving threats in the market. With the different discussions that you may know in security webinars, you will surely learn the best practices for you to become more effective.

If you want to attend some cybersecurity webinars that would be good for you and your organizations, please find the best topics or conferences useful to personal or company security. Here are 4 interesting cybersecurity webinars that you may attend:

1. Managing Security and Risk in a Microsoft 365 Environment

Attending this webinar would provide a great understanding of the security gaps in Microsoft 365. You will also know the different possible risks associated with the homogenous Microsoft 365 environment. With the concepts and new lessons to be discussed in this webinar, you may be able to learn the procedures on how to sustain continuity in the middle of an outage or cyber-attack. This webinar will introduce the best approaches and practices for backup, maintaining compliance, and protecting some critical data.

Interesting Cyber Security Webinars 2

2. The Evolution of Zero Trust: Past, Present, and Future

It incorporates strong security capabilities in line with the SASE model. This is a term devised by Gartner in describing the network management and security convergence inside one platform. With this product that subscribes to a new innovative concept, industries and companies of all sizes can be well cloud confident.

If you want to learn more about this topic, then you may visit Perimeter 81 and check whether the topics offered by the company are suitable for you or not. Upon visiting their site, you’ll know their company background. They have more experts who can give you the information you need about cybersecurity. So, why don’t you consider attending this webinar from them?

The topic for this webinar is more understanding of the fundamental concepts behind Zero Trust. The knowledge that you can get from this lesson would help you secure your organization’s network in these present days. With the new normal trend and a remote working model, the perimeter is always there, and Zero Trust adaptation could be considered important since it is independent.

3. Transforming Secure Access: It is Not Your Legacy VPN

Since this COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption and remote work, these trends consistently prevailed as a modern workforce transformed intensely over the past years. Despite this, many organizations still utilize 30-year old hardware legacy like VPNs to link to resources from outside of the office.

For how many decades, those in charge of the organization’s networks are completely focused on defining perimeters. They also set up a strong line of defense to combat some possible threats.

4. Cybersecurity Webinars: Mastering the Basics of Cybersecurity

So, probably you’re asking yourself about the importance of this webinar to your organization. Well, the whole session will give you a clear understanding of the basics of cybersecurity. With the lessons to be learned in this webinar, you will learn the different threats in the environment.

Thus, providing some recommendations and possible solutions to elevate the personal security of your company. In this webinar, expert resource speakers will share their ideas with everyone to better understand the participants’ fundamentals in cybersecurity.

Interesting Cyber Security Webinars 3

The Importance of Cybersecurity Conferences and Webinars

Cybersecurity is indeed important since it encompasses everything which pertains to protecting your sensitive data like PHI or Protected Health Information, PII or Personally Identifiable Information, intellectual property, personal information, and systems in industry information from damage and theft attempted by adversaries and criminals.

The risk-on cybersecurity is increasing due to the global connectivity and utilization of some cloud services such as Amazon Web Services in storing personal information and sensitive data. With a poor-quality configuration of some cloud services and increasingly cultured cybercriminals, your organization may experience a greater risk of data breach or cyber-attack.

You cannot just solely depend on the antivirus software or simple firewalls to have security measures. In fact, business leaders don’t leave their information security to cybersecurity professionals.


Since cyber threats may come at any business organization level, it is essential to educate yourself and your staff about simple social engineering scams such as phishing and the likes. You should always be aware of the different cybersecurity attacks, such as ransomware attacks and other malware designed to steal or copy your personal data and intellectual property.

Many security incidents affect businesses of any size and often lead to permanent reputational damage to the involved companies. So, it would help if you always were careful about providing personal data that would cause a breach of your security online. It is a good idea to learn more about how you can develop strategies and ways so that you will be more secured, especially when doing online transactions.

With the different interesting cybersecurity webinars that you can find online, you can now have the idea of how to protect yourself and your organization from an untoward incident like cyberattacks or the likes. Feel free to attend these webinars, giving you more benefits for your future days in business.


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