How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else In 2020

How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else In 2021

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Facebook is the pioneer of social media as it is today. How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else?  How much information are you sharing? Learn how to view your Facebook as someone else. In the last decade, and seemingly from thin air, the concept of social media appeared with meteoric growth, spreading over the world with the velocity of, well, a pandemic.

Our human minds had no idea how to process the impact of this Pandora’s Box of opportunity. 

Now, with such social domination throughout our daily lives, how many of us have taken a moment to consider the impression we put out online? As Facebook is the pioneer of social media as we know it today, let’s take a deep dive into how to view your Facebook profile as someone else, and the advantages of doing so. 

Steps To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

View Your Facebook Profile

Your first task is to follow a couple of simple instructions to initiate the public view of your personal Facebook profile – i.e. how your profile will appear to a non-connection. 

Desktop/Search Engine

  1. Click on your name to arrive on your Timeline or profile page.
  2. On the bottom corner of your cover photo, you will see various buttons and three little dots.
  3. Click the dots and choose ‘View As’. 
  4. This will allow you to view your Facebook profile as someone else looking at your page.


  1. Press the burger icon at the bottom of the app.
  2. chooses your profile’.
  3. Click the three dots below your profile name.
  4. Click ‘View as’.
  5. This will take you to an impression of your profile as it currently looks to someone you don’t know (…or who isn’t a friend on Facebook). 


  1. Reach your profile by clicking your profile picture next to ‘Add a Post’.
  2. Or, click the burger icon and click ‘View your profile’.
  3. Under your Facebook name, you will see ‘View As’. Click this. 

The results might shock you. On one hand, the realization might hit that, in the past, you’ve been something of an oversharer – with long-forgotten statuses depicting the daily turmoil of your first-ever breakup brandishing the top of your timeline.

Alternatively, maybe it’s pictures of your messy 25th birthday six years ago coming back to slap you in the face and remind you why you never drink tequila. 

Then again, maybe you have dutifully applied appropriate security settings and employed Facebook’s stringent privacy features to ensure such examples of public embarrassments are buried deep behind the barriers of a private profile. New friends, acquaintances, and bosses will approach your profile and recognize you as the responsible, fun-loving individual you show that you are. 

See The Level Of Privacy You Share With Your Facebook Friends

Facbook Profile

Alternatively, maybe you are concerned with how your friends on Facebook view your profile. In which case, take these steps to view your Facebook persona;

  1. On the desktop, click the Privacy Shortcut button at the top of your screen (a padlock and burger icon). In the Facebook app, click the three dots under your name.
  2. Click View Privacy Shortcuts.
  3. Click ‘Review a few important privacy settings’ under Privacy to see the current level of privacy each is set to (Public, Friends, Only Me, or Limited Profile). 
  4. Here you can see how much information you are sharing at varying degrees. 

See The Level Of Privacy You Share With Your Facebook Friends

Who viewed my Facebook profile?

There is not function, either via Facebook or by third-party apps, that allow you to see who has viewed your profile. For this reason, it is suggested you maintain a tight ship when it comes to your privacy as you literally never know who’s looking…

How can I see private Facebook pictures without being someone’s friend?

If you would like to see a certain person’s private pictures, first, send them a friend request. Follow it up with a message. Through their response, you are able to visit their Facebook profile page and see their private photos.

If you are trying to view a person’s private photos on Facebook in a way they are unable to detect it is you, there are a number of methods you can take.

For example, the concept of ‘catfishing’, or downloading certain Chrome extensions. But the most organic and less creepy way to view someone’s private photos is simply by adding them as a friend.

Can I hide old pictures from everyone on Facebook?

As we mentioned above, there will be moments of regret when Facebook kindly reveals moments in your past that you had long forgotten you posted (looking at the On This Day tool…). If there is a photo you would like to shield from the eyes of the public through deletion or to hide from certain friends, do this with the instruction below. 

For albums;

  1. Go to the album you wish to amend.
  2. Click the three dots at the top of the screen. 
  3. Edit the privacy of the album by adjusting who can view it (Public, Friends, Friends, Except…, and Only Me).

For photos

Facbook Profile Picture

  1. Once you are logged in to Facebook, click “Photos” to see a list of your photos.
  2. Click the “Photos” tab to view a list of all of your photos.
  3. Open the photo you wish to hide.
  4. Click “Edit” to view editing options.
  5. Click the “Audience Selector” button.
  6. Adjust the settings as above to your privacy preference.

Alternatively, it may be friends who have kindly tagged and posted certain recent pictures of you that you don’t wish to be seen.

In this case;

  1. Go to your Facebook Timeline.
  2. Go to pictures on your Timeline you wish to be hidden from your friends. Click on the three dots.
  3. Click ‘Hide from Timeline’.

Why You Should View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else

The above examples examine the very easy ways that past Facebook faux-pas tend to sift through the net when you neglect to check your online impression.

It isn’t just new holiday acquaintances or friends-of-friends looking to connect who approach your profile. It’s a potential new boss, a mother-in-law, or, worse, complete strangers. Keep your data safe! For those who haven’t taken on the necessary task to view their Facebook profile as someone else, well, there’s no time like the present.  

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How To View Your Facebook Profile As Someone Else In 2021 FAQs

Who can see my Facebook timeline?

In standard mode, all users can see your timeline but you can edit people who can see it at any time.

How can I see Facebook profile visitors not friends?

You can’t do it officially.

Is your profile picture always public?

Yes, it is and can’t be hidden.

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