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How To Show Your Ping In Fortnite in 2021?

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Fortnite was a widely popular game back in 2018 but as of recently has begun to stagnate a bit, some of that stagnation may be due to certain streamers including Ninja threatening to leave the game due to certain lag related issues which have caused players to die when they may not have died originally! These streamers leaving may be one of the reasons that Fortnite’s total revenue in 2018 was almost $2.4 Billion dollars while in 2021, the total revenue decreased substantially being just$1.8 Billion dollars.

Another possible reason for Fortnite’s considerable revenue decline is the lack of new content and the constant delays for some key features like cars.

Cars have been promised for quite some time but constant delays have made many players looking for a new game to play. This significant drop in revenue has caught Epic Games’ eye which has led to the release of not only Season 3 but also long-awaited features to finally be added to the game, this is done in an attempt to get players to either return to the game of Fortnite or to continue playing Fortnite.

Why Ninja is Upset with Fortnite

Ninja is a big voice in the Fortnite community that has been saying consistently how the map and the game are starting to get stale for many players who are accustomed to Epic Games previous release schedule for its new content.

Many players, Ninja included, are waiting for the release of Season 3 and with the release of Season 3 back in June of this year.

Some players have returned to the game but some undoubtedly moved on to other games such as Valorant and other upcoming games that have been gaining more and more popularity.

What is Ping?

Ping is a measurement of how long it takes your computer to receive the date from a specific server which is located somewhere on the internet.

For gamers, the lower the ping is the better it is for your game, while High Ping is very bad for high action games as the higher the Ping could lead to you missing the when the enemy peaks their head around the corner of the building.

The higher the Ping is the more likely is that the players will lag considerably.

Showing Your Ping in Fortnite

One key point to note is that players can only check their ping from the pre-match lobby or once the player is actually in the game itself. Through five simple steps, players can have a plethora of network data shown.

Setting Screen in Fortnite
Setting Screen in Fortnite
  • Clicking the three lines in the upper right-hand corner will have the games menu shown to the player. These three lines are very noticeable and easy to click as the blue background. And white lines can draw your eyes to the button.
  • Once in the game menu settings. Players will need to click on the Game UI tab to offer a plethora of options. Options ranging from showing the player health to the Minimap to even showing the Vehicle controls.
  • Players will need to scroll all the way down the Game UI tab to get to the correct HUD options. The option you want to pick will be the fifth one up from the bottom of all the settings in the game.
  • The Player will need to switch the ‘Net Debug Stats’ options to on. As its default is to be set to off. After changing the setting to true the side of the screen will give the player a brief description of what the setting does. This states that this setting changes the HUF element visibility in the game itself.
  • Applying the changes and closing the menu will then showcase the Ping and the Network download, and upload speeds. Allowing players to easily see a large amount of data without taking their eyes off the game.

Fortnite in 2021

After applying the changes to Fortnite, the information will be available in the top left of the player’s screen allowing. For easy viewing and keeps the data available at a moment’s notice.

One fantastic point to this data is that if the text to too large for your screen. The player can easily change the text size by going to the HUD menu. And change the HUD scale from the top of the list.

Since changing the text size is easy, Players should easily have this enabled on their screen.

Ping, Data Speeds, and Packet Information In game in Fortnite
Ping, Data Speeds, and Packet Information In game in Fortnite

This data doesn’t just show the current ping of the player’s computer. But also the download/upload speeds along with the downloading. And uploading packets being sent and the percent of the packets lost during this gameplay session.

Since games, in general, require a low ping due to needing to adequately communicate with the server at high speed to ensure that the enemy and player data remain synced.

Ping and overall network speed are both significantly important factors for every online game. But games like Fortnite that are high action games especially need the low ping. And high overall network speed to ensure the other ninety-nine players stay in perfect sync. And lag as little as possible.

Why A Player Would Need The Ping In Fortnite Information Available

Players that have commonly have high ping commonly likes to look at what their current ping is to ensure that any lag that they may experience is due to the internet speed instead of the computer system that they may be used to play the game.

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How To Show Your Ping In Fortnite in 2021? FAQs

What is a good Fortnite ping?

0–30 Ping is the best connection

Is 200 ping playable LoL?

No, it’s not. Need to fix it if you wanna play comfortably.

Is 0 ping possible?

No, it is impossible because we have the laws of physics. It can’t travel faster than the speed of light

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