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How To Sell Cars in GTA 5

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Are you looking for a guide that explains how to sell cars in GTA 5? Very well, you found it! In this article, we are going to provide you with all the instructions to succeed in your intent. This is nothing particularly long or complex: the operations to be carried out to reach the set goal are simple and quick, so make yourself comfortable and take a look at the next lines. Let’s go!

If you’ve come across this guide it’s because you started playing GTA 5 Online and now, after thinking about it, you’re thinking about selling some cars you own. Great news, you are in the right place! In the following paragraphs, we will give you a hand to understand together how to sell cars on GTA 5 in the fastest and easiest way.

After reading, you will be able to understand cars you can resell, and we will also discover cars that are worth more within the game. Take five minutes of free time to uncover all the secrets behind one of the most profitable businesses in the game. Here are all our tips.

Preliminary information to know

Car trading is one of the best activities to earn money within the Rockstar Games game. In fact, there are many rewards that it guarantees: for this reason many users decide to use it when they need a few rustling dollars.

In just a few hours of play, you could easily run into hundreds of thousands of dollars, as some vehicles can go as high as $20,000 bucks. One of the reasons recommended that you start this activity is to take advantage of it right away, even if you are at the very beginning: the ability to resell cars is immediately unlocked in GTA Online (in Story mode it is not possible to resell cars).

That said, we can go and see in detail how to sell cars on GTA 5 quickly and easily. Here are the instructions you need to rely on.

Steps on how to sell cars in GTA 5 Online

Find the Los Santos Customs Center

Sell Cars Gta 5 Los Santos Cutoms Centre

First, take any car, even parked one, and take it to Los Santos Customs center. When you reach the garage, the shutter will rise: enter and select the item “Sell ​​vehicle”. You can resell all cars and non-player character (NPC) cars worth less than $50,000, except those obtained through cheats, mods, or vehicles taken from Warstock Cache and Carry that require delivery from Pegasus.

Generally, “borrowing” luxury cars are not convenient, since you may not be able to resell them. In addition to this, you have to take into account other elements, such as the state of the car (do not make possible accidents along the way).

Reselling cars guarantees an excellent income: the maximum value for a single car is about 13 thousand dollars, while the basic vehicles can also earn $2000. Here are the five highest-value cars that can be sold in-game: Vapid Peyote ($ 12,940), Albany Buccaneers ($ 9,875 ), Lamped Felon GT ($ 9,500), Declass Tornado ($ 9,040), and Lamped Felon ($ 9,000).

Limits and requirements for reselling  cars on GTA

The cars listed are certainly not the only ones, on the contrary: keep in mind that those five cars are the most difficult to find on the game map. That said, you might want to try and grab any machines that seem well built to you. Once found, take them to Los Santos Customs.

Sell Cars=in Gta 5 1

However, car resale has a major limitation: you can only bring one car from Los Santos Customs per game day, which is approximately 48 minutes in the real world. Not only that: you must also take into account the police, who may still notice that you are stealing a car. So be very careful and check that there are no patrols nearby while you are carrying out the theft.

Another piece of advice is to take shelter from other players: they could try to rob you! So a good solution might be to deposit money every time you have resold a car. Go to one of the many ATM points in the game and get rid of the cash.

How To Sell Cars in GTA 5 Offline

Log into your GTA account

To sell cars on the GTA 5 game, you must first complete some customs procedures, and keep in mind that you can only sell one vehicle per day and in a maximum time of 48 minutes. Finally, it should also be added that the operation can be done both in multiplayer and single-mode.

Having said that, to start the game offline, you must log in with the credentials obtained during registration and then proceed as described in the following steps of this guide.

Choose your character

Once you have accessed the game which coincides with the opening of a control panel, you must first press the Options button on the joystick if it is a console of the type PS4 and later versions or the Esc key on the keyboard if the game runs with a PC.

Next, you need to open the menu that allows you to choose the character you intend to use to sell the car at the best price. Once this is done, you have to enter the Los Santos customs page to complete the paperwork necessary to release the vehicle. At this point, to complete the operation, all that remains is to proceed as described in the final step of this guide.

Sell ​​the selected car

The final step to sell cars in GTA 5 offline at the best prices is to enter the targeted garage and steal the car that most interests you in terms of quality and price. Once identified, click on the Sell item twice, the first to open the transaction and the second to confirm it.

At this point, if the time available has not exceeded the fateful 48 minutes, the selected car will be sold at the indicated price. Now the consideration paid by the buyer will appear on the game account, and which will further enrich the portfolio so that you can invest in other activities that the GTA 5 game is able to offer.

The vehicles have been sorted by the selling price, then by the name if it is the same. Vehicles not listed in the table, such as those in the ” Super ” category, cannot be sold.

Sell Cars Gta 5 2

Click on a vehicle name to view a front-side photo. For any other images and places to find them in both single-player and multiplayer, consult our vehicle guide.

Important information

Important note: prices may vary with the release of various official patches.

Make and Model Selling Price Type
Albany – Buccaneer $2800 Muscle
Albany – Manana $800 Sport Classic
Albany – Emperor $800 Sedan
Albany – Primo $900 Sedan
Albany – Cavalcade $7000 SUV
Albany – Washington $1500 Sedan
Benefactor – Serrano $6000 SUV
Benefactor – Schafter $6500 Sedan
Benefactor – Dubsta $7000 SUV
Benefactor – Schwartzer $8000 Sport
BF – Surfer $500 Van
BF – Injection $1600 Off-Road
Bollokan – Prairie $2500 Coupes
Bravado – Gauntlet $3200 Muscle
Bravado – Gresley $2900 SUV
Bravado – Buffalo $3500 Sport
Bravado – Duneloader $1500 Off-Road
Bravado – Bison $3000 Van
Bravado – Rumpo $1300 Van
Bravado – Youga $1600 Van
Canis – Seminole $3000 SUV
Canis – Mesa $3000 SUV
Chariot – Romero Hearse $4500 Sedan
Cheval – Fugitive $2400 Sedan
Cheval – Picador $900 Muscle
Cheval – Surge $3800 Sedan
Declasse – Granger $3500 SUV
Declasse – Vigero $2100 Muscle
Declasse – Asea $1200 Sedan
Declasse – Premier $1000 Sedan
Declasse – Sabre Turbo $1500 Muscle
Declasse – Rancher XL $900 Off-Road
Declasse – Tornado $3000 Sport Classic
Declasse – Voodoo $500 Muscle
Dinka – Blista $1600 Compact
Dundreary – Landstalker $5800 SUV
Dundreary – Regina $800 Sedan
Emperor – Habanero $4200 SUV
Fathom – FQ 2 $5000 SUV
Gallivanter – Baller $9000 SUV
Imponte – Ruiner $1000 Muscle
Imponte – Phoenix $2000 Muscle
Karin – Rebel $700 Off-Road
Karin – Dilettante $2500 Compact
Karin – Futo $900 Sport
Karin – Sultan $1200 Sport
Karin – Intruder $1600 Sedan
Karin – BeeJay XL $2700 SUV
Karin – Asterope $2600 Sedan
Lampadati – Felon $9000 Coupes
Lampadati – Felon GT $9500 Coupes
Maibatsu – Sanchez $700 Motorcycle
Maibatsu – Penumbra $2400 Sport
Mammoth – Patriot $5000 SUV
Nagasaki – Blazer $800 Off-Road
Obey – Rocoto $8500 SUV
Obey – Tailgater $5500 Sedan
Ocelot – Jackal $6000 Coupes
Ocelot – F620 $8000 Coupes
Pegassi – Ruffian $1000 Motorcycle
Pegassi – Faggio $500 Motorcycle
Principe – Nemesis $1200 Motorcycle
Schyster – Fusilade $3600 Sport
Shitzu – PCJ-600 $900 Motorcycle
Shitzu – Vader $900 Motorcycle
Ubermacht – Oracle XS $8200 Coupes
Ubermacht – Zion $6200 Coupes
Ubermacht – Oracle $8000 Coupes
Ubermacht – Sentinel XS $6000 Sport
Ubermacht – Zion Cabrio $6500 Coupes
Ubermacht – Sentinel $9500 Coupes
Vapid – Sandking SWB $4500 Off-Road
Vapid – Sandking XL $4500 Off-Road
Vapid – Radius $3200 SUV
Vapid – Sadler $3500 Utility
Vapid – Stanier $1000 Sedan
Vapid – Peyote $1200 Sport Classic
Vapid – Speedo $1500 Van
Vapid – Dominator $3500 Muscle
Vapid – Minivan $3000 Van
Vapid – Bobcat XL $2300 Van
Vulcar – Ingot $900 Sedan
Weeny – Issi $1800 Compact
Western – Bagger $1600 Motorcycle
Western – Daemon $2000 Motorcycle
Zirconium – Stratum $1000 Sedan

Sell Cars in GTA 5

You should now have a complete and comprehensive overview of how to sell cars on GTA V. We just have to wish you good luck and above all have fun. Until next time!

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How To Sell Cars in GTA 5 FAQs

Can you sell cars in GTA 5 offline?

No, unfortunately, you can’t do it offline.

What is the fastest car in GTA 5?

Ocelot Pariah. This car can offer a speed of 136mph in GTA online.

What it the rarest car in GTA?

Lost Slamvan the rarest car in GTA, It is strange because this car not the fastest nor the most beautiful car

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