How to get your friend stuck on a pole

How to get your friend stuck on a pole

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How to get your friend stuck on a pole. Here you will find detailed, but a simple guide about a new challenge.  This is fun but too dangerous. Many social media apps have arrested our lives in many folds nowadays. Latest trends and tricks being followed on such apps are so surrounded us that it is becoming one of the most socially active evidence to take participation in all such activities. From many challenges of making videos like the Ki- Ki challenge, transformation videos, brush challenge, dance-off changelings, duet challenge, couple love challenge or that also enlist the photography challenges as well. How to get your friend stuck on a pole is one such of the bucket.

How to get your friend stuck on a pole fast and easy

Get Your Friend Stuck On A Pole

This challenge is nothing but understands people trying to twist free after crossing their legs around a pole – and it’s much tough and harder than it looks. How to get your friend stuck on a pole prank initiates when someone bestrides a lamppost in a cross-legged position. They are then lowered to the ground by any colleague or friend and any companion and must climb up again.

This challenge is something which has recently reappeared on social media and any different social apps, which basically includes straddling a pole and sitting down in a cross-legged position. There is a list of many similar other videos show quite many and same attempts to make it out of the cross-legged position, with most failing to make it till the last second to win it.

To pull off the how to stuck your friend on a pole prank successfully with utmost perfection and no mistakes, simply try to convince your vulnerable and trustworthy buddy to straddle a lamppost, and then charm him down gently with his legs crossed. And that is how you are going to be doing it. Stand back at a distance and get your cameras or phones or video shoot apparatus out, and relax in the glory and joy of seeing him being deeply and utterly stuck.

In other words, being stuck on a Lamppost prank has become viral because of the fact that it is extremely vulnerable and it is a super joy to be having some thrilling and fun time out of this busy world to get with your friends and peers.  That prank is basically started as by coaxing your peer to wrap his legs around a lamppost and have them sit down cross-legged down or by his side. Unless in the condition when you might have massive upper body strength, it will be impossible or extremely difficult to lift yourself up high enough to keep your unlock your legs.

How do people get stuck on a pole

Unknown and unrenowned to many of the people this is actually a WW2 restraining technique. It uses is generally known as the Grape Vine manoeuvre, and it is used to restrain and sometimes to torture prisoners as well.

If a person is going to be doing this prank to any of your friends, don’t leave him alone because he might die from it. Utmost care during any prank either this or any other in the world could be done for fun but surely it requires to be very careful during the session of the whole prank as fun of some time could turn in to havoc and chaos of lifetime.

According to WW2 military manual guidance, after 10 to 15 minutes in this position physiological significances proves that you will start getting cramps in your legs. The pain becomes unbearable and so much intense and the natural physiological reaction would be to let go of your hands to relieve the pain.

Letting go of your hands will result in nothing but will cause you to fall backwards. This unnatural and uncomfortable position will exert pressure on your ribcage forcing your breathing patterns to be restricted. Eventually, that will result in you in pass out and also can cause your lungs to collapse if you are not pulled out in time leading to your death.

To set free someone in this position, two persons are necessarily required, one on either side strictly. Taking the hold of his legs and lifting him up the tree or pole and then unlocking his legs is the way this work can be done.

Final Words

How To Get Your Friend Stuck On A Pole Fast

A similar case to study is this that a bucket of water perched above a door, an office stapler sat in a mound of jelly, or a cling film pulled taut over a toilet bowl are other few of the best pranks really are always the simplest. At least good than the latter discussed.

Many of the video shoot which proves that all you need for a great practical joke is a lamppost and one slightly gullible mate. It is ultimately a very nice thing to be followed when you are around in a group of many friends and peers but due importance, no negligence should be given to any particular area while having such fun.


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