How to build an app for google play in 2021?

How To Build An App For Google Play In 2021
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    If you don’t know how to build an app and desire to launch it into the Google app store, then this article is really helpful. Sometimes, at the time of launching your first app something unreliable happens, don’t worry – consult “Planet Wide City”, to enjoy the professional service.

    What is a mobile app?

    A mobile application is a program that runs on smartphones or tablets. Smartphone and tablet users download apps from developer sites or stores. The most demanded stores are App Store and Google Play. The audience installs the apps from the app stores without paying a single penny.

    Step-by-step guideline

    Righteously, building a new Android app is a complicated process, but if you have some credit in your pocket, then the process is not complex anymore. In this article, we tell you the process you must carry out to create a Google Android app and publish your first app on the play store without any hassle. Meanwhile, this step-by-step guide is helpful for those who are stuck with the question of how to build an app?

    1. Firstly, create an account as “Developer”:

    Play Store Create Developer Account

    The first step to build a Google app is to create a “Developer account.” The overall process is not complicated; you can create this account by signing up through your current Google Account.

    However, the sign-up process is straightforward, but it required a one-time registration fee that is $25. Once you pay the amount, the next step is to thoroughly review your sign-up process and accept the agreement of developer distribution. (the payment will proceed through debit and credit card).

    The sign-up process has some basic information like the developer name; in fact, you can add more details if you want to. Remember, the application process will take 48hours to register.

    1. Link your Merchant Account:

    If you plan to sell the app or want to publish a paid app, it is essential to create a Merchant account. How can you create it? Follow these steps:

    • Sign-up your play console account
    • Click on the option of “Download Report.”
    • Choose the option ‘Set up a merchant account now.’
    • Fill in all your business details.

    Once you complete the above steps, it will automatically link up to your developer account. Through a merchant account, it’s easy to handle monthly payout and manage your app sales; also, you can check the sales report and analyze it thoroughly.

    1. Build an app:

    Build An App (2)

    Those who don’t know how to build an app will acknowledge the process. Here you need to follow these steps:

    • In the menu, Navigate the option of “All applications.”
    • Select on create an application
    • Choose the default language of your app through the drop-down menu
    • Type your app title (that comes in the app display)
    • Choose the option “create.”

    Note: you must enter the title of your app because it will show on Google Play once you publish your app. However, there is an opportunity to change the app title at any time.

    1. Prepare the listing of the App store:

    It is essential to prepare the store listing before you go for the publishing process. These details will show up in your user’s google play app listing. In fact, you can save the store listing in the draft and publish it at any time.

    Several categories are included in the listing process:

    • Product details
    • Categorization
    • Languages & Translations
    • Contact Details
    • Graphic assets
    • Privacy Policy
    1. Generate the APK to an App Release:

    Now you are ready to upload your app, but first, you need to convert your app into an APK version. Somehow, the APK (Android Package Kit) is helpful for the Android operating system at the time to install the app.

    Google offers different ways to upload your APK version file. First, you need to build an app release before the move to uploading the file. How to create a release? Choose the app to create in three-step then from the left side of your menu, click on “App release.”

    Here at this point, you can choose the type of release you wish to upload your app version. It’s your choice to choose the closed test, internal test, production release, or an open test. Choose the option “Create release” once you have picked an option.

    Before publishing the app, must submit the following information:

    • APK to add
    • Release name
    • Describe your release
    1. Provide a content rating:

    This is necessary to give a valid content rating; if you didn’t provide this, your app would be marked as unrated. Meanwhile, those apps listed as unrated will be removed from the Google App store.

    So, fill out the content rating questions to rate your app. Ensure all the information you enter is correct because the result of misrepresentation of your app content is removed from store or app suspension.

    1. Set up the price and distribution:

    Determine your first app monetization strategy before you move to the last step. Once you acknowledge the process of making money, set your app as free or paid.

    A user is liable to change the app from paid to the free version, but it cannot change from the free to the paid version. Set the prices; if you choose the paid version, also choose the price in the accepted range.

    1. Publish your app:

    In the final process, review all the above processes and proceed for rollout. It would help if you double-checked the content rating, store listing, and pricing section. Once you’re satisfied that you fill out all the details, choose the desired release, and, in the end, review it.

    Click on “Review” to check your app and if you missed out on any process, correct it instantly. Finally, publish your app.

    Wrapping up

    When you have completed all the required sections, you can finally submit the application for Google review. If everything is fine, it should be visible for the next 24 hours, although Google is doing a more thorough review lately. Hopefully, the above content is helpful for those who are stuck with the point of how to build an app, but if you want professional help then consult “Planet Wide City”.

    Thank you for reading!