Flutter App Development Cost: 4 Major Factors That Affect It

Flutter App Development Cost 4 Major Factors That Affect It
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Are you wondering what the cost to develop a Flutter app is? Well, you are on the right page. To begin with, mobile applications are fast gaining popularity and acceptance over the years as they have the ability to make our everyday lives and activities more comfortable and convenient. As the demand for these applications increase, the usage of cross-platform frameworks also rises significantly. One of these frameworks is Flutter. According to Statista, Flutter holds second place in the list of ten most popular cross-platform frameworks of 2020. In this article, we will discuss Flutter app development cost and the factors affecting it.

What is Flutter?

Initially launched by Google in 2017, Flutter is an open-source UI Software development kit (SDK) that enhances the easy creation of hybrid apps. Within a few years of its launch, Flutter has evolved as one of the most reliable and admirable frameworks among developers to build cross-platform mobile applications. This is because it can develop applications for android Linux, Mac, and IOS using a single codebase – reducing time consumption and app development costs compared to other in-high-demand frameworks like React Native. Due to its easy usability and many other fantastic features, many big companies use Flutter for their software development purposes. Examples of apps built with Flutter include the Google Ads app, Hamilton, Reflectly, the New York Times, Xianyu by Alibaba, and others – you can find a more extensive list here.

What Are the Benefits of Flutter?

Before we address the question, “how much does it cost to create a flutter app?” Here are some benefits that Flutter offers when used for app development.

  • Fast and Efficient Development

Flutter has a unique ‘hot reload’ function which allows developers to see the effect of the changes they make in the code immediately with no need to restart the app each time. This enables developers to experiment more, make quick changes, and fix bugs quickly while seeing the results right away. This feature speeds up the development process and saves more time, effort, and resources than frameworks such as React Native and Xamarin.

Plus, Flutter provides an extensive collection of ready-to-use and customizable widgets, making creating unique layouts and designs possible without complexities – significantly cutting down on time and stress.

  • Compatibility

Widgets are components of your app and not the specific platform; thus, it becomes easy for your apps to function effectively on different operating system versions and platforms without compatibility issues. This significantly reduces the time spent on testing.

  • Large Community Support.

Flutter was developed by Google – a giant in the tech industry. Therefore, Flutter developers receive consistent support from Google in terms of frequent updates and problem fixes. Due to its fast-growing popularity, Flutter has over 80K stars on Git and large communities on various platforms. This makes it easy for Flutter developers to share knowledge and find answers to any rising issues.

  • High Performance

The need for a JavaScript bridge for reactive views is a major performance problem faced by common cross-platform frameworks. Flutter is a viable solution to this issue as it is the only mobile SDK that doesn’t need a JavaScript or webview bridge to communicate with any platform. This contributes to excellent performance and fast app startup times.

4 Major Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost

4 Major Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Cost

With the many fantastic benefits that come with using Flutter for mobile app developments, it would undoubtedly be the top choice for many companies in need of software development services – resulting in high demand for Flutter developers. Thus, the question is, “how much does flutter app development cost?” Flutter is relatively financially efficient than React Native as it helps in reducing the overall cost of app development without compromising on performance. Here is a breakdown of some factors that determine the cost of Flutter app development.

  • The complexity of App’s Features

An application can have varying level of complexities and different vital features which determines the cost of development. While a basic app with simple features may not cost much and be completed on a low budget, applications that require high-end complex features and integration of third-party tools may take more time for development and testing – resulting in higher development costs.

  • Application Design

The UI development of an application is essential for a flawless user experience. Therefore, an app’s design must focus on creating a smooth and friendly interface for the User’s convenience and satisfaction. While Flutter provides customizable widgets that make it easy to build layout and designs, complex applications that require top-quality designs and animations may result in higher development costs.

  • Location of Developer

The location of the app developer is another critical factor that affects the cost of developing flutter apps. This is because Flutter developer hourly rates vary from one country to another. For instance, developers in North America have higher hourly rates compared to developers in Australia and Europe. Developers in countries such as India and Ukraine charge way lower prices and without affecting the quality of the Flutter app development. The cost only gets lower based on the region and availability of developers.

This comes in handy when you’re outsourcing your flutter app development project, as you can easily get qualified developers for lower rates in some regions.

As a developer with the question “how much should I charge to make a flutter app?” check this article to see the salary guide for Flutter app developers.

  • Maintenance and Support

No mobile app development is entirely completed at any time. Some changes need to be made to an application based on feedback from users. This involves keeping your audience and attracting new users by getting your app updated with the latest trend and making sure it runs efficiently. These changes and updates are thus an essential part of a Flutter app development project – having a significant effect on its overall cost.

Wrapping Up

Flutter app development cost can vary according to the factors discussed in this article and many other things; therefore, it is difficult to get an exact estimate. However, when looking to embark on a Flutter app project, you must find a trustworthy development company to use your budget wisely and save money and time.

Thank you for reading!