Does The China Bitcoin Ban Increase Profit For Miners Elsewhere?

Does The China Bitcoin Ban Increase Profit For Miners Elsewhere?
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Bitcoin was invented by an utterly anonymous identity named as Satoshi Nakamoto, all the more name of bitcoin inventor was revealed in the white paper of bitcoin. Bitcoin is a computerized coinage subjected to a peer-to-peer network of nodes; these nodes are the computer system with a copy of the blockchain, a public distributed ledger.

Bitcoin network recently confronted a rough patch as the announcement of Chinese government authorities of bitcoin ban crashed the entire marketplace, including other altcoins such as Ethereum and Binance.
The bitcoin ban correspondingly included a bitcoin mining ban, and you might be wondering what bitcoin is mining. Bitcoin mining is the progression of availing bitcoin as a block reward for verifying the Bitcoin complex transactions and processing the information regarding transactions to the blockchain.

China was claimed as the home of bitcoin mining. However, the bitcoin mining ban in China has correspondingly turned the entire industry upside down. The prominent query is that did bitcoin mining ban profited miners elsewhere or not. Beneath mentioned is an utter portion demonstrating the solution to this query; let’s have a look.

How Bitcoin Mining Ban in China Did Impact Global Bitcoin Mining Chain?

Bitcoin mining is the progression of finding new bitcoin units. However, the progression is merely accomplished if the miners solve a complicated math puzzle rendered by the bitcoin algorithm in the very first place. If you want to know more about bitcoins, then check how to convert bitcoin into cash.

Bitcoin mining profitability fascinated every possible individual to indulge in the bitcoin mining route. But, in a nutshell, there is an exceeding extent of chaos in the bitcoin mining industry; the bitcoin mining ban in China has created a lot of space in the global bitcoin mining chain. Lastly, bitcoin mining has been a lot easier due to the bitcoin mining halt in china; let’s check out the crucial reasons.

56% of hash rate declined

Hash rate is the extent of calculations performed by the bitcoin mining rig in one second. The Hash rate of a robust bitcoin mining rig is measured in tetra hash, and the bitcoin mining rig is potential enough to solve 1000 math equations in one second. Therefore, Bitcoin mining profitability is dependent upon the hash rate capability of your bitcoin mining rig.

Crypto enthusiasts are familiar with the fact that china contributed more than 65% of the hash rate to the entire bitcoin mining chain. Subsequent to the bitcoin mining ban in China, there is a drop of more than 54% in the hash rate. As per the robust sources, it is the first time in the history of bitcoin that bitcoin mining bans an explicit region that affected 50% of the global bitcoin mining chain.

Decline In Hash Rate Adjusts The Difficulty Of Bitcoin Mining!

As mentioned ahead, bitcoin mining requisite a complicated math puzzle to be solved. The complication of that explicit math puzzle rendered by the bitcoin algorithm is primarily dependent upon the number of bitcoin miners operating on a specific puzzle. Lastly, it is directly proportional to the bitcoin miner’s number.

Declines in hash rate have correspondingly adjusted the complexity of bitcoin mining to an exceeding extent. The hash rate has declined by more than 50%, and the complication of math puzzles have also declined by almost 50%.

Does The China Bitcoin Ban Increase Profit For Miners Elsewhere?

How Much Have China’s Bitcoin Miners Lost?


The announcement of a cryptocurrency ban in china occurred on the 18th of May; subsequent to the announcement of the cryptocurrency crackdown, there are almost 18000 bitcoins mined. The average value of these bitcoin units is more than $600 million.

As mentioned ahead, china contributes more than 50% in the global bitcoin mining chain, the estimated income of bitcoin miners in china in three weeks might have been 300 million USD, and if you deduct the expenses of bitcoin mining, the average revenue Chinese miners lost due to the cryptocurrency crackdown in China is 176 million USD.

Cryptocurrency Crackdown Was Not Meant For The Bitcoin Miners!

Cryptocurrency crackdown was majored to aim for the financial stability of the country. The prominent reason behind announcing the cryptocurrency crackdown was the exceedingly volatile nature of bitcoin alongside a parabolic growth in bitcoin investors. In order to ban every progression subjected to the cryptocurrencies, the jointed committee of china had to ban bitcoin mining as well.

You might be familiar with the fact that bitcoin miners in China are migrating to another region in order to sustain bitcoin mining. The progression demonstrates that the ease of bitcoin mining will not sustain for a much more extended period. All the more, there are few bitcoin miners and mining pools in china who are just waiting for the reversal of decision subsequent 100th anniversary of the Chinese communist party.

Geoff Morphy Statement!

Geoff Murphy is the current president of bitcoin farms, a bitcoin mining pool. He stated that

Bitcoin miners from his pool are able to mine much more bitcoin units without even inkling the computing resources and power resources.

Did It Actually Benefit Miners From Diversified Region?

Yes, the bitcoin mining ban in China has benefitted miners elsewhere. The fact might amaze you that solo miners are mining bitcoin units to an exceeding extent subsequent to the bitcoin mining ban. A bitcoin miner is given 10 minutes in order to verify the transactions and progress the information regarding transactions in the blockchain, and the time limit is fixed no matter how many miners are operating on that explicit math puzzle.

All the more, bitcoin mining is now probable with low-end computing devices such as there is less competition in bitcoin mining. However, still, in order to carry out a profitable bitcoin mining venture, you are necessitated to own a robust bitcoin mining rig and a bitcoin mining programmer.

The utmost potential bitcoin mining rig is named application-specific integrated circuits. The value of a standard bitcoin mining rig is $1500. However, the price of bitcoin mining rigs varies from $100 to $10000. All the more, these mining rigs are exceedingly compatible with the securing hash algorithm 256. Bitcoin mining rigs consume an exceeding extent of electricity but are equipped with a commendable potential in contrast to the graphic processing units.

This is how the bitcoin mining ban in china benefitted bitcoin miners elsewhere.

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