Can Ethereum reach $10000?

Can Ethereum Reach $10000
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Ethereum is a digital currency that is known to be the second-largest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. The design, working, and Bitcoin functionality are different from other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Ripple, and Bitcoin. Ethereum followed the footsteps of Bitcoin and is built on blockchain technology, but like every other cryptocurrency has some unique feature, the distinctive feature of Ethereum is smart contracts. The digital tokens of Ethereum are also known as ETH or Ether that enables smart contracts.

Ethereum uses Ethereum Virtual machine to run smart contracts. EVM is a supercomputer designed to work on blockchain and has quite a different structure. Determining or predicting the price of Ethereum is a difficult task. Still, crypto analysts and potential investors believe Ethereum’s price will reach the sky long-term and become the only largest cryptocurrency in the future. As bitcoin is the largest cryptocurrency, many new traders are coming forward to invest in it; if you are one of them, visit the top BitIQ App.

The growth of Ethereum is quite high because it is one of the assets built on blockchain, which adds value to it as speculation and offers fast transactions and features of smart contracts. With the rise in the price of Bitcoin, people have show positivity towards cryptocurrencies, and now people expect that will price of Ethereum will rise like Bitcoin or will cross it. Let us first know about Ethereum and its working.

Ethereum, and it’s working

A programmer named Vitalik Buterin was motivated by the invention of Satoshi Nakamoto, who invented Bitcoin. Vitalik decided to develop a new payment system or technology by using new financial technology that serves many other people’s great purposes. Ethereum is built on blockchain, and blockchain runs a computer code that is designed specially to serve the feature of smart contracts. Smart contracts use decentralized apps, also shortly known as dApps. Smart contracts are developed to prove ownership of digital coins.

The development of Ethereum was funded by a sale of a great number of people, which resulted in approximately 72 million pre-mined coins that long-term holders acquired. Later the Ethereum’s blockchain was divided into two different blockchains that developed a new version of Ethereum, also known as Ethereum Classic.

Potential of Ethereum

Ethereum is one of the fascinating technologies developed with the interest of entrepreneurs in different industries. Entrepreneurs often believe that the Ethereum market will reach $1 trillion shortly because of the rise in decentralized finance. Ethereum offers faster transactions, and there is no need to mine Ether because these are pre-mined, which has benefitted people with faster and cheaper transactions. Crypto analysts believe that there is a strong potential in ETH, and it will become the top cryptocurrency shortly.

Can Ethereum Reach $10000 2

History of Ethereum Prices

There are no restrictions on the supply of Ethereum, and it can be created, unlike Bitcoin. Ether’s market price is around $1325 down from the value of Ether that is going to be in 2021. Ethereum had only developed a few years ago, and therefore there isn’t a big price history of Ethereum, which is one reason why it is easy to retrace the ups and downs in the price of Ethereum.

But in reality, the market price of bitcoin is going upwards. Therefore, the forecast of Ethereum is also improving, which raises the question that Ethereum’s value will be similar to Bitcoin? Will Ethereum be able to reach $10000?

Crypto analysts and price predictors often depict that Ethereum’s value will not only reach $10000, but it will break all the previous records and will set a new record in 2021.

Price prediction of Ethereum in 2021, 2022 and 2023

The value of Ethereum has already set a new record in 2021, but for Ethereum, the sky is the limit, and therefore it is believed that its price will increase more. When Ethereum already sets a new record, people now predict that its price will double its previous value. The height of the previous increase aims to rise around 1300% from the breakout point, and it is expected that the Ethereum price will be more than $25000 per ETH.

The Ethereum market must be observed like investors by considering the price patterns and behavior of the Ethereum market. Ethereum has already doubled its price than the previous one, and now it is expected that it will be like Bitcoin and will increase more than triple its price.

Is Ethereum a great cryptocurrency to invest in?

No one can deny that Ethereum is a growing cryptocurrency, and at this point, it is also the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. Undoubtedly, Ethereum has introduced some great features that help change the world, and the main feature that is at the top is smart contracts. Crypto analysts believe that Ethereum will reach greater heights and make people astonishing by its growth in this highly competitive world where many cryptocurrencies have already been developed.

Currently, the trading price of Ethereum is around $1325, and it is believed that bitcoin will provide maximum gains to its investors by breaking all its previous records. Ethereum is a great asset that provides the advantage to traders of swings in price for the short and long term. It is expected that the potential high in the price of Ethereum in the years 2024 to 2025 will be around $70,000 per ETH.

There are no such promises that cryptocurrencies make to their users because their price is completely based on demand and supply it. Ethereum has great support from the crypto development industry, and it has been understood to date that Ethereum does make a good investment opportunity if its price is predicted accurately.

The market cap of Ethereum is around $132.5 billion, but it is still the one-fifth size of bitcoin. With more user acceptance and other factors, it will grow and will provide a better investment opportunity to its users.


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