Best PC games every Gen Z should play in 2021

Best PC games every Gen Z should play in 2021
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All work and no play turns Jack into a dull boy! You must have heard this saying in your childhood and even in your adulthood if you are not much inclined towards playing outside. In today’s busy lifestyle, stealing some moments off for leisure is highly important. This is where PC gaming comes into play. However, they are often quite expensive if you don’t use coupons and discount offers like Wish coupons that are offering as much as 30% off on PC games.

In this article, we will be discussing the best PC games that every Gen Z person should play in 2021.

  • Call of Duty

Your dad might have played it, you might have played it and your child will definitely play it. Call of Duty is hands down one of the most favorite PC and Video games across the world and popular among a variety of different age groups. Call of Duty has launched 10 iterations up until now. It is a first-person view shooting game. It has been said that Call of Duty comes close to live in simulating the infantry and combined arms warfare with each and every iteration that it produces.

Call of Duty allows players to go through World War II through a series of scenarios or fight human opponents in multiplayer mode. Modern Warfare was the finest game of 2007 and helped the franchise preserve its position at the top of the wargaming world, according to both gamers and critics. Call of Duty iterations are available for $49.99 after a discount of 18% on the list price from Amazon.

Call Of Duty


  • Valorant

This game has recently received a lot of traction in social media when several YouTubers streamed it online. Since 2012, CS: GO has reigned supreme as the apex of competitive FPS games, with shooting mechanics that prioritize technical talent, a weapon economy that forces continuous strategic reshuffles, and flawlessly balanced maps. Valiant does all of this while also incorporating a cast of heroes, each with their own set of passive, active, and ultimate skills. A few of those skills, like smokescreens, flashes, and grenades, have CS: GO analogs, but there’s a subtlety to how each Agent’s kit functions that guarantee each match is unique. It should be noted that Valorant is completely free to download and play. However, players are free to purchase points for in-game purchases starting from $9.99 for 50 VP and players can go as high as 600 VP for $49.99.


  • Half-Life: Alyx

There are ample chances that you haven’t heard of this game at all. It should be noted that it is the only VR game on this list and is quite popular among PC gamers. Although the scale is undoubtedly less than that of the main Half-Life games, missions in Alyx typically take place in a single building, and the degree of interactivity available to you much exceeds that of the Gravity Gun. Whether it’s in showy moments like playing baseball with enemy explosives on a wooden beam, or just brushing debris off shelves in quest of more ammo, it’s all part of the game. The game normally costs about $60 and is currently available for $40 on Steam. However, we guarantee that the game is definitely worth the price it is currently being offered at.

Half Life Alyx

  • Red-Dead Redemption 2

While we are talking about the best PC games, it would be wrong if we don’t talk about Rockstar games. You’ll play as tough criminal Arthur Morgan, a member of the ruthless and dwindling Van der Linde gang, in Rockstar’s follow-up to one of the best western games of all time. Red Dead Redemption 2 throws you into a hazardous world where outlaws are on the verge of extinction, crushed beneath the weight of peace and justice as you ride through the brutal fictitious US terrain. In addition, the game sends you on a slow decline of morals versus survival. The Red Dead Redemption 2 is available for $35.99 on Amazon which should be added to every PC gamers’ collection if it hasn’t.

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege hasn’t always gone as planned. Before its current run of relative stability, Ubisoft Montreal’s precise shooter had a tumultuous start. Siege is currently probably one of the greatest FPS games on PC after more than a year of updates, the addition of numerous new operators and levels, and a deliberate thorough clean called Operation Health. It requires a while to comprehend this – Siege’s learning curve is intimidatingly steep. However, the time invested is little minuscule in comparison to the joy you’ll experience when you win your first clutch or score an ace in this gripping 5v5 shooter. Sure, there are some broad parallels to be drawn with other games. The Rainbow Six Siege game is available for absolutely free at the Epic Games launcher store for the next 15 days. Normally it is available for $20 but why pay money for something which can be availed for absolutely free.

Rainbow Six Siege

  • Project Cars 2

Driving simulators have always emphasized the difficulty of hurling a car around a track at high speeds rather than the fun of doing so. ‘Realistic handling’ has evolved to signify ‘unrealistically gripless and uncontrollable handling’ throughout the years. Project Cars 2 is presently leading the group of new big-name driving games that are aiming to solve this. The Project Cars 2 is available at a price of $8.99 after a major discount from Steam that everyone must check out.

Project Cars 2


In this article, it was stated that all the best PC games available in 2021 are listed here. PC games provide the necessary escape from busy lives. However, some of them are quite expensive and some of them are often not available in the region. Due to this reason, it is imperative that customers explore various coupon affiliating websites for example Wish coupons. If you want to receive the best deals on your shopping, do check out the coupon codes and discount offers available.

Thank you for reading!